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Victorian full length silhouette of a young girl

Antique Georgian Silhouette, reverse painted in colour and all mounted in original frame, Provenance: Ex Leo Schofield Collection, Dysart House approx 35 cm x 40 cm

A framed silhouette of 'HRH the Duchess of Kent, mother of Queen Victoria

John Miers (1758-1821), Pair of framed silhouettes, noted verso Mr and Mrs Richard King, dated 1776, Original paper label for John Miers, note the earliest known works by Miers date from 1781, making these the earliest known works by England's finest s

Bronze plaque silhouette of a Madame de Marigny signed Rivoulon wearing a ribbon in her hair, inscribed indistinctly, deep set & mounted in a timber frame, with a cardboard plaque to verso stating 'This Medallion Is That of Madame De Marigny the Fi

Bronze plaque silhouette of a Gent wearing a miltary coat, aiguillette & epaulettes, deep set & mounted in a timber frame. Condition good, minor wear to the frame. Dimensions 50 x 46.5 cm

A collection of four silhouette miniatures in birdseye maple frames, noted verso, I. Ann Lucas 1770-1836, II. William Lucas 1770-1834, III. Lady Sarah Lennox 1745-1826 (daughter), Duke of Richmond, married General George Napier in 1781, IV. Hon. Henry Edwa

Miniature silhouette of a Georgian gent painted with gilt highlights, set in a black lacquered frame. Condition: good, minor water marks. Dimensions 15 x 12.5 cm

A Regency painted silhouette miniature of a Georgian gent. Original ebonised frame with oak suspension ring. Length 7.5 cm

A Regency painted silhouette miniature of John Montgomery. Original ebonised frame with oak suspension ring. Details on reverse. Length 7.5 cm

Two antique silhouette portrait miniatures being a gentleman and Elizabeth Veset-Fitzgerald (1793-1875), 13 cm x 11 cm approx (frames)

A Georgian pair of silhouette portrait miniatures of James Thompson and Jane Stilwell, oval gilt mounts with black timber frames, inscription to verso 'James Thompson, Mayor of York, married Jane Stilwell, died SP' and 'Jane daughter of Thomas Stilwell of

A Georgian portrait silhouette of gentleman facing to left. on card, oval gilt frame with black timber mount, circa 1820. 8.5 x 7 cm

A Georgian portrait silhouette of a lady facing left on card, signed indistinctly to truncation on face, oval gilt frame with black timber mount, circa 1820. 8.5 x 6.5 cm

A cut paper silhouette of Geoffrey T Stilwell, Nov 1947, framed by R Hook, Hobart, 10 x 7 cm

Antique Georgian silhouette of a young lady in an ebonized frame with an oakleaf and an corn mount, approx 15 cm x 13 cm

A pair of Georgian silhouette profile portrait pictures housed in fine rosewood frames. Frames 16 x 19 cm each

A fine Georgian silhouette miniature, late 18th to early 19th century, the painted profile silhouette of a young man, delicately rendered with wisps of hair across his brow and fine eyelashes, in an oval brass bezel within a rectangular ebonised frame with

Antique framed silhouette of a lady with hand written information and dated 1818 verso, 11.6 cm x 10.6 cm (frame)

A paper cut-out silhouette, Australian, 19th/20th century, 19 x 26 cm

Silhouette portrait picture in timber frame with labels verso 'Dearest George at the age of 10 done at ..(?), 1830/31. J.E.S, Jan 1845'; & a later early 20th century label 'Youngest son of Col. Wm. Sorell Gov. of Tasmania Jan. 1845'. William Sorell became

A Victorian hand executed silhouette portrait by Handrup Honelon 19 cm x 17 cm

Silhouette portrait in birdseye huon pine frame, 22 x 19 cm (exterior dimensions)

Framed antique silhouette young girl label verso B Hall Carver & Gilder Newgate Street Newcastle, measures 7.2 cm x 5.7 cm image

Framed antique silhouette of a gentleman, measures 7.1 cm x 5.6 cm image

John Miers London framed silhouette inscribed verso Ludlow Jonson Bishop of Kellalow 1806, measures 8 cm x 6.5 cm image

Two ivory portrait miniatures and a framed silhouette 19th century including a Georgian womans momento mori portrait with lock of hair to verso, a tiny gentleman's portrait in gilt metal surround and a painted silhouette of a gentleman, the momento mori 5

Antique Georgian silhouette, small framed antique Scottish interest engraving, antique Georgian miniature shadow framed basket of flowers, antique Georgian miniature framed watercolour wood Pigeon and butterfly, (4) in total

An early 19th century Georgian silhouette with painted and gilt highlights, and original black lacquer frame with gilt bezel and oak leaf hanger. Height 16 cm