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Chinese late Qing Dynasty embroidered panel, champagne silk embroidered with figures, eternal knot and flowers with ruyi head border, in tones of blue, purple, green and red, uncut collar and trim meant for 'End of Mourning' robe, 76 cm x 108 cm

Pair of late Qing Dynasty child's rank badges of slight rectangular form, on purple silk, decorated with central figure of phoenix, below two large flowers and red sun to upper left corner, above wave scroll, with Greek key and floral border, in tones

Chinese late Qing Dynasty Pleated skirt, purple pleated silk, with applied blue and pale pink silk panels embroidered with birds and flowers, in tones of purple, blue, green and pink,

Stunning Chinese late Qing Dynasty long black jacket, embroidered with eight hanging lanterns in gold couched thread, featuring two ladies in various scenes, applied collar of continuous ruyi head enclosing flowers and plants, in tones of pink, green, blue

Pair of late Qing Dynasty rank badges, of rectangular form with central pheasant with wings outspread and on one bended leg, cloud scroll and bat sky, red sun upper right wave scrolls below, repeating pattern to border, in gold couched thread on black, lin

A ritual head-dress, Nepal, 20th century, (2), the gilt metal surround with applied medallions depicting Bodhisattvas and Vairocana in the centre extending to looped ear-like pendants, the upper dome surmounted by a half vajra, perspex stand, (2), 49 cm hi

A blue gauze summer 'dragon' robe, Jifu, late 19th century, the deep blue field with nine gold dragons pursuing flaming pearls amongst auspicious emblems, with lishui stripes at the sleeves and hem, the gold-striped sleeve extensions ending in horse-hoof c

A Mandarin's velvet-brimmed winter hat, Jiguan late Qing dynasty, (3), the upturned brim faced with black velvet and the high crown covered in black satin under a tassel of red twisted silk cord, the gilt globular finial associated with the seventh to

Vintage Chinese embroidered silk coat, decorated with floral and dragon embroidery.

A rare and most Handsome Mandarin's court hat, Chaoguan, with original box, Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), circa 1870, the gilded hat spike indicates a fourth rank by the blue Peking glass spike and blue cabochon. The official would wear this hat when wearing h

A Chinese twelve symbol Emperor's semi-formal court robe, Jifu, Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), circa 1850, This robe made for the Emperor, is beautifully decorated with the twelve symbols of Imperial authority, arranged discreetly among a number of other symbol

An important Chinese Imperial Prince's robe, Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), circa 1800-1830, the black silk Autumn dragon robe with Imperial dragons couched in golden thread, with auspicious Buddhist and Daoist symbols, and medallion roundels of dragons on

An impressive Chinese Imperial yellow dragon robe, (Longpao Jifu), Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Daoguang period (c1820), This excellent and rare Manchu nine-dragon robe, has been embroidered with the finest silk and couched gold-wrapped thread on a rich satin

A rare Chinese silk robe for Empress Dowager Cixi, Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), early Guangxu period (1875-1908), the very beautiful robe embroidered on a chestnut silk with peonies in green, lilac and ice blue, decorated with auspicious emblems for good fort

A Chinese Emperor's Surcoat (Gunfu), Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the navy satin with four woven kesi Imperial dragon medallions, fastened at waist level with spherical metal buttons and silk loops, the lining a pale blue silk with a subtle monochrome key

A Chinese red silk Kesi ladies Informal robe, 19th century, decorated with an evenly spaced monochrome pattern of round medallions, enclosing a pair of five-clawed dragons in profile contesting a flaming pearl, set against lotus scrolls. The border at the

Pair of antique framed Chinese badges of rank, c. 1850. These were worn by all those connected with the court. These are male badges of the sixth level, civilian (not military) and depict an egret and a Buddhist knot. The three mountains represent the eart

A framed Japanese silk embroidery picture early 20th century depicting a lion carrying prey, 48 x 79 cm

A framed Japanese silk embroidery picture early 20th century depicting three dogs swimming 45 x 66 cm

A set of four embroidered 'bird and flower' panels, 20th century, the black silk ground of each couched in silver-wrapped threads and coloured silks with a pair of birds, including ducks, cranes and pheasants, among different flowering plants, fram

A court official's summer hat, 19th century, composed of a conical bamboo frame covered in white silk with brocade trim around the rim, surmounted by a red silk tassel, coral finial and green jadeite plume holder, the interior lined in red silk, 34.5 c

A miniature Chinese silk and needlework dragon and phoenix robe, 105 cm high, 86 cm wide

Early Chinese hand embroidered silk two piece tunic. Condition as inspected. Two brass buttons attached. Height 47 cm

A 19th century Tibetan Tangka depicting various scenes of each deity, 75 x 51 cm;

A fine Japanese Embroidery, unsigned, Meiji period, finely articulated in silk thread, depicting a cockerel being accosted by a dog, 62 x 60 cm. Provenance: the collection of a Curator & Collector, New South Wales

Chinese woven circular hat box, with lacquer band of bamboo and metal clasp, Qing Dynasty. Provenance: The collection of a retired airline executive, diameter 32 cm, height 24 cm

Fine Chinese embroidered jacket, in black silk, decorated with roundels of Buddhist precious emblems, surrounded by birds and floral and fruit branches in gold thread, 102 cm x 133 cm

Two Chinese embroidered Alter Runners, finely decorated with Buddhist emblems and birds in purple and orange, a/f, 202 cm x 42 cm

Two Japanese silk embroidered panels with textured Landscapes & Egrets by a Lake, 19th/20th century, the complex foliage of the forest & woodland scenes of these verdure style tapestries are in earthy tones, 100 x 128 cm

A large Jain temple cloth, gouache on cotton, India 19th/20th century, 93 x 55 cm. Provenance: the collection of a former Australian Diplomat

A rare Tibetan ritual Lama's canopy, 17th and 19th century, made from a Chinese silk textile, the central square, (17th century) featuring two dragons in pursuit of the flaming pearl of wisdom, and two large lotus, 180 cm square. Provenance: Alex Biancardi

A pair of Chinese circular embroidered silk panels, each panel decorated with auspicious symbols, 39 cm diameter

A superb Chinese headdress, early 20th century, decorated with numerous floral designs and shaped panels, with kingfisher feathers, tiny pearl, coral and semi-precious stones and gilt borders, each one applied to a velvet backing over meshed fabric, with p

Antique Chinese red wool Tunic gold thread embroidered with temple dragons, florals and exotic birds

Antique Chinese red silk Pleated wrap Around skirt finely embroidered gold thread panel with pale blue silk embroidered borders

A Miao embroidered baby carrier, Guizhou, Southern China, mid to late 20th-century. the decoration consisting of couched-down pieces of floss silk, outlined with stitched and raised borders,, 77 cm long. Provenance: NSW private collection, acquired in Hong

A rare Lama shawl, embroidered silk brocade panel, Tibet, 17th/18th century, made up of several narrow pieces of fabric sewn together, repeating flower motif, blue & brown silk floss on a metalic ground, the underside in blue silk with a painted dedication

An Indian embroidered wall hanging, embellished with pearls, glass & Sequins, using multiple pieces of fabric hand stitched together in all the hues of red, gold couching in a rich tapestry design, length 148, H 105 cm

Chinese silver floral hair pin (stem shortened) with a 8ct gold ended hat pin and a silver hat or hair pin