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A rare Tibetan ritual Lama's canopy, 17th and 19th century, made from a Chinese silk textile, the central square, (17th century) featuring two dragons in pursuit of the flaming pearl of wisdom, and two large lotus, 180 cm square. Provenance: Alex Biancardi

A pair of Chinese circular embroidered silk panels, each panel decorated with auspicious symbols, 39 cm diameter

A superb Chinese headdress, early 20th century, decorated with numerous floral designs and shaped panels, with kingfisher feathers, tiny pearl, coral and semi-precious stones and gilt borders, each one applied to a velvet backing over meshed fabric, with p

Antique Chinese red wool Tunic gold thread embroidered with temple dragons, florals and exotic birds

Antique Chinese red silk Pleated wrap Around skirt finely embroidered gold thread panel with pale blue silk embroidered borders

A Miao embroidered baby carrier, Guizhou, Southern China, mid to late 20th-century. the decoration consisting of couched-down pieces of floss silk, outlined with stitched and raised borders,, 77 cm long. Provenance: NSW private collection, acquired in Hong

A rare Lama shawl, embroidered silk brocade panel, Tibet, 17th/18th century, made up of several narrow pieces of fabric sewn together, repeating flower motif, blue & brown silk floss on a metalic ground, the underside in blue silk with a painted dedication

An Indian embroidered wall hanging, embellished with pearls, glass & Sequins, using multiple pieces of fabric hand stitched together in all the hues of red, gold couching in a rich tapestry design, length 148, H 105 cm

Chinese silver floral hair pin (stem shortened) with a 8ct gold ended hat pin and a silver hat or hair pin

Chinese embroidered panel baby carrier of blue silk showing a scene of man and woman in traditional costume of jackets collars and skirts fending off a monkey and mule, surrounded by lotus, peony and fungus, Qing Dynasty, early 20th century

Victorian hand embroidered silk shawl, black with pink and red floral embroidery

Manchu Woman’;s red silk skirt made from four sewn panels of which two are lined in light pink silk, falling from a plain pale pink cotton waistband. Embroidered decorations include a crane standing amongst peonies, and a sacred fungus beneath which m

A Chinese small embroidery panel, Qing dynasty, 19th century, depicting a Daoist immortal Tieguai Li holding a double gourd in a garden, 73 x 35.5 cm. Provenance: Acquired from Tsimshatsui, Yesteryear, Hong Kong, 30/3/94

Japanese double-sided brocade woman's Obi, Meiji period, [1868-1912], with a continuous detailed landscape in autumn tones of gold, amber yellow & brown, traditional scene of trees, flowers, bridges & cranes, Length 450 cm Width 30 cm

A rare Japanese brocade Obi with a signature & two lines of calligraphy on the reverse, Meiji period [1868-1912], in shades of grey-green, with a continuous detailed flowing geometric pattern, the verso in blue with the embroidered calligraphy, Length

A good large Japanese silk embroidery tapestry, Meiji period (1868-1912), made by Lida & Co/Takashimaya, depicting peacocks, pheasants in a garden scene., 237 x 182.5 cm. Provenance: Collection of Ken Lawrence Foundation

Three Chinese wool rugs, of rectangular shape, woven in shades of blue and cream, with traditional Chinese motifs (3), approx. 413 x 147 cm. Provenance: Grace family, Villa Igiea, Vaucluse

Framed Chinese Embroidery, on silk, depicting a rooster, 43.5 x 58.5 cm

A set of four gold-ground kesi panels, each woven in colours with birds and flowering trees, including a phoenix and pair of ducks beside fruiting peach and peony trees, a deer and song birds on a blossoming tree beside lingzhi fungus and bamboo, a peacock

Antique 19th century Chinese pleated blue and black banded embroided pleated skirt finely embroidered with pheasants on rocky out crops, butterflies, blossoms, embroidered balanced with woven silk etc,

Antique 19th century Chinese puce embroided and pleated skirt with panels butterflies, bridges, females, blossoming branches, embroidered balanced with woven pattern silk etc

A pair of Chinese embroidered panel, each with opposing dragons in roundels, gold couching on silk, framed and mounted behind glass. Provenance: Imperial Peking collection, 80 x 125 cm

A Chinese embroidered jacket with old blue silk lining, the jacket is a rich purple magenta, re-styled in the 20th century with a high color, size medium-large

A Chinese embroidered sleeve band, Qing dynasty, very fine couching & satin stitch, in mount. Length 60 x 20 cm

An oval 18th century framed silk picture, embroidered with hair (a/f).

A framed embroidered silk watch paper, 'Pray You Be Blest and Never Want a Friend', M Hibbert 1789.

Two early Chinese rank badges. Gold & silver embroidery. Cranes amongst trees decoration. 21 x 25 cm (each)

Early Chinese embroidered silk & Gauze court robe. Embroidered dragon decoration on blue gauze, with silk margins. Likely Qing period. Length 128 cm

Pair of Chinese Pillar style Embroideries, each depicting women in a garden. Embroidery on silk brocade (2). 53 x 11 cm (each)

A Chinese official summer hat with insignia, with box, 33 cm diameter. Provenance: NSW private collection, acquired in Hong Kong in the late 1980s and early 1990s

A vintage hand embroidered Egyptian Arab Textile, circa 1960s, purchased in Egypt late 1960s, in silk upon cotton and boldly embroidered in satin stitch with flowers in compartments with mirrored discs to the centres, enclosed by floral and chevron embroid

A Chinese blue gauze ceremonial dragon robe, 'Jifu', 19th century. Embroidered with nine gold crouched dragons chasing the 'flaming pearl' amongst a dense ground of scrolling clouds, together with other cosmic symbols all against a vivid de

A Chinese embroidered flag/pennant on black silk, 20th century, depicting two dragons in metallic gold thread in flight around a central motif, 56 x 54 cm

An elaboratley embroidered brunch coat, Chinese, 20th Century size Xl