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An old and elaborately carved Chinese ivory tusk, the extensive landscape with multiple figures ad buildings, includes temples, figures on horseback, etc. Various elements pinned to the top. Length 60 cm, raised on carved fitted tapered wooden stand.

An old Chinese carved ivory figure of a sage, the bearded gent standing in a formal robe, engraved detail highlighted with blue and blue, red and black ink staining, he wears a coroneted hat, a long gnarled dragon headed staff held in his left hand, a wate

An antique ivory brooch, carved Chinese characters and red dragons.

Large fine Chinese lidded ivory vase / urn, finely carved panels to the body showing figures in outdoor scenes, jewelled decoration with coral, turquoise & lapis, the cover carved with figures on a rocky out crop under a prunus tree, signed to the cove

Rare fine Chinese carved ivory double fish vase with suspension stand, held by carved ivory chains, terminating with double fish suspension loop, the main body well carved in high relief, recessed panels carved in relief with hand painted flowering iris an

A vintage ivory puzzle ball, mid 20th century, a small five layer puzzle ball decorated with flora upon a knopped stand with a stiff leaf base, height 13 cm

A Chinese ivory prayer wheel, probably first half to mid 20th century, in the manner of a Buddhist prayer wheel with a pierced rotating section and a fixed upper drum with relief carved dragon motifs surmounted by an elaborate turned finial, height 21 cm

Set four Chinese carved ivory female figures each in flowing robes holding instrument, basket, fan and scarf, two with coloured engraved decorations to their capes 24 cm heights

Fine signed Japanese Meiji period bronze and ivory figure of a woodsman, he is seated on wood stump holding lunch box and tea bowl with teapot and axe to the side. Torso in bronze with ivory head, lower limbs and lunch box contents, 31 cm height (old repai

Pair carved ivory Emperor & Empress figures with wall mounting mahogany display cabinet, 31 cm height

An ornately carved Indian ivory boat C. 1920, the prow with carved birds body covered Maharaja cabin with standing attendant and twelve paddlers. On rectangular plinth. Length 40 cm.

A Japanese Meiji carved ivory tusk ornament on wooden plinth C. 1910, finely carved with a line of five sparrows in a grape vine. The leaves and vines extremely well and deeply carved in full relief. Length 53 cm including stand.

An old carved ivory and bone pagoda sculpture, the circular base with chained fence and figure at entrance below the 11 graduating hexagonal tiers, each with six suspended bells, tall spire top, housed within a hardwood framed glazed display cabinet. Heigh

A c.1900 Japanese carved ivory tripod lidded censer, the tall lid surmounted with shishi and pup, the four captured ring handles issuing from shishi masks, the ovoid body with deep carved dominant panels including dragons amongst scrolling crowds and mysti

Qing ivory carved eight immortals figure group depicting eight figures around a shrine amidst clouds, signature to the base, on a carved timber stand. Condition good, minor wear consistant with age. Height not including stand 12.2 cm. Weight 325g

Qing ivory carved Chinese figure group modelled as five young men at leisure over a craggy surface. Condition fair, some restoration. Height 7.5 cm. Weight 88g

Edwardian ivory carved Regal Indian Gent seated with on leg crossed, holding a spear, & mounted on a timber base. Condition damage to staff handle & ear. Weight including base 274g. Height including base 14.5 cm

Antique Chinese carved ivory vase, height: approx 17.5 cm NB this item may not be exported.

Antique Chinese carved ivory vase, height: approx 23 cm NB this item may not be exported.

An antique Chinese ivory female figurine, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, the nude standing figure posing as a water carrier, bearing a carved pot with a timber stopper supported upon her shoulder, her long hair partly coiffed in ornate twists and scrolls, sta

An antique Chinese ivory Doctor's lady, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, a demure nude figure standing in a serpentine pose with her right hand behind her head entwined in a loop of long hair, her left hand toying with a loose section of hair, upon an integ

Chinese carved Ivory dragon boat on wooden base, approx 12 cm high, 25 cm L

Large Oriental carved ivory Guan Yin, holding string of beads & branch, signed to back in red, standing on wooden base, approx 36 cm high

Fine Oriental carved ivory figure of a dancer holding a hand drum & stick, nicely decorated dress, on wooden base, approx 25 cm high

A Chinese ivory lidded jar of cylinder shape with coloured decoration of storks and foliage. Height 11.5 cm

Japanese antique carved ivory bird, on a branch, C1920. NB this item may not be exported.

Vintage Oriental carved ivory mask, circa 1920s, in gilt frame, ex Edith Elizabeth Antiques, 6 cm high approx. NB. This item cannot be exported.

Vintage Oriental carved ivory figure, circa 1920s, in gilt frame, ex Edith Elizabeth Antiques, 5.5 cm high approx. NB. This item cannot be exported.

Chinese carved ivory figure group circa 1930, depicting a warrior on horseback, 7.5 cm high. NB. This item cannot be exported.

Vintage Oriental carved ivory face, circa 1920s, in gilt frame, ex Edith Elizabeth Antiques, 9 cm high approx. NB. This item cannot be exported.

A carved ivory Oriental figure of a warrior early 20th century, height: 16 cm (including stand)

A Japanese carved ivory okimono figure early 20th century depicting an old man with boy on shoulders and rabbit lower signed character marks to base, height: 15.5 cm

Japanese ivory and bronze figure of a woman, early 20th century, signed, mounted on a naturalistic wooden base, height 25 cm

Chinese carved ivory tusk, mid-20th century, depicting a village scene, length 35.5 cm

A carved Chinese ivory doctor's model, the reclining nude female figure raised on a rosewood plinth stand. Overall length 14 cm

A carved ivory figure of a Burmese buddhist monk, standing holding a staff, mala beads, sceptre and basket. Raised on stepped wooden plinth base. Overall height 18.5 cm

A carved Chinese ivory figure, of a young man holding a basket of peaches elevated to his shoulder. Raised on rosewood square plinth stand. Overall height 27.5 cm

An fine ivory carving of the Shishi Fukijin on the Takarabune, Meiji period 1868-1912, finely carved, an elaborate vessel in full sail engraved and inked to represent woodgrain, decorated with patterns, motifs and mother-of-pearl studs and a large chicken

A fine large pair of antique Shibayama ivory vases, Meiji period, 1865-1912, Utilising the natural curvature of the tusk, exquisitely decorated in gold, coral, mother-of-pearl and depicting various birds including fowl and auspicious red crested cranes ami