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Sterling silver mounted elephant ivory tusk c.1940, L: 68cm, approx. 2200gr

Antique Chinese Qing ivory fertility Buddha, (19th century) well carved in reclining pose, laughing with 5 infants upon him, 21 cm wide, on carved wooden stand 23.5 cm wide.

A vintage Oriental carved ivory elephant, mid 20th century, naturalistically carved with ruby style eyes and gilded nails and tusks, height 8.5 cm, width 13 cm

An exceptional large old carved ivory tusk, finely detailed as a goddess, natural curved tusk form, the standing goddess in traditional robes with a floral branch held to her right hand, a further basket of flowers to her left, her coiffured hair adorned w

An impressive 19th century Japanese ivory okimono group, on a wooden base, depicting two lively performers with flowering brocade court robes, one with traditional kotsuzumi drum, unsigned, 22 cm high. Provenance: The collection of Amina & Franco Belgi

A Chinese carved ivory clam shaped shell on wood stand, the interior teeming with all the activities in a rural village, height 10, width 15, depth 8 cm

A large contemporary Chinese carved ivory sculpture of fishermen in a boat, very finely detailed with nets poles and three figures riding the crests of waves on elaborate rosewood wave stand. Has Hong Kong export certificate meeting Cites requirements, dat

A Chinese large carved ivory figure of Putai, he stands with his right hand raised in benevolent pose, supporting a small child in his left hand, traditional robes, character marks to base. Height 22 cm

A fine okimono of a Street vendor, Meiji period (1868-1912), signed Joun, a very finely carved ivory okimono of a seated street vendor, his various utensils lacquered and inlaid, signed by the artist, 'Joun' on a tsuishu lacquer reserve., 13 cm len

An ivory okimono of a banana, late Meiji (1868-1912) or Taisho period (1912-1926), early 20th century, a naturalistic Japanese stained and carved ivory study of a banana, partly peeled and realistically rendered. Meiji/Taisho period, circa 1900-1923, 12 cm

A carved ivory ladies nécessaire, Continental, 19th century

Two Japanese carved ivory okimono, Meiji period, one carved as a sage on a fish, the other as a deity and a dragon, the tallest 17 cm high

Two Japanese ivory okimono, late Meiji Period, one carved as the figure of a sword maker the other as a figure preparing a meal, the tallest 8 cm high

Two Japanese ivory okimono, signed, late Meiji Period, one carved as an instrument maker the other as a figure holding a spear, the tallest 18 cm high

Two continental relief carved ivory portrait miniatures, 19th century, one inscribed 'Friedrich II', the other inscribed 'Schill, each 5 cm diameter

A fine carved Indian ivory goddess figure of Shiva, she holds two floral stems beside her head, her elaborate jewels swirling and falling to her lotus throne. Raised on hardwood stand. Height 10.5 cm

A small finely carved ivory plaque, circular, carved in high relief with a floral spray and with pierced border. Diameter 7.5 cm

An old Chinese carved ivory horse, modelled with one leg raised and in back leaning stance, saddle and strapping attached, jewelled with turquoise and jade beads, in fitted wooden stand. Length 14.5 cm

A c.1900 Chinese carved ivory card case, finely detailed, serpentine rectangular form, restrained panel decoration to the front, carved sides, a religious cross to the back, finely engraved with conforming figures in landscape. 8.3 cm x 4.8 cm

A Chinese carved ivory medicine doll, the standing naked woman with arms raised behind her head, good polish and fine detail. Height 13 cm raised on turned hardwood stand

A Japanese ivory carving of Daikoku, seated on rice bales with his large mallet raised above his head. Old crack and repair. Raised on wooden stand. Overall height 12.5 cm

A Japanese marine ivory carving of a peasant gatherer and child. Their garments engraved with diaper patterns, the child holds a small turtle. Raised on tusk ivory section plinth. Height 15 cm

A Japanese marine ivory carving of Kwannon, the goddess seated upon a high rocky throne attended by two small children. Her and their garments embellished with polished semi-precious 'jewels'. Raised on tusk ivory section plinth. Height 17 cm

Antique Japanese ivory figure group Okimono, Late Meiji peoriod, signed base, 4 cm high

Antique Japanese ivory figure group Okimono, C:1880, 5 cm high

Antique Japanese ivory monkeys & frogs figure, Meiji period, circa 1900s, 10 cm high

Japanese ivory monk & imp figure, C:1900, signed to base, 8 cm high

Antique oriental ivory lidded pot, with ornately carved base and figural top, 17.5 cm wide, 15 cm high a carved wooden stand is included

C1920's Chinese carved dragon ivory picture frame, height 11 cm

A finely carved ivory Kris handle, a 24ct gold stand, Java, Indonesia, 19th century, height 12 cm, gold weight 41 grams

Chinese ivory figure group of the eight immortals, standing on a stepped wooden stand, together with an ivory carving of a woman on carved ivory low pedestal., height 14 cm

A Chinese ivory carving of a dragon, condition, minor losses to tail and one claw., L. 14 cm

Chinese ivory filigree carving, finely carved filigree carving of figures in a landscape with pine trees and pavilions, on an ebonised base., condition, small losses and chips, height 14 cm

A Chinese ivory carving of a woman, with colour, standing in a long robes holding a branch, on a wooden base, condition: losses to top of branch, height 25 cm

Antique finely carved ivory handle figure encased in scrolling cage, silver mount (possible knife handle), 16 cm

Antique signed carved ivory figure female in patterned kimono with silk moths and worms 16.5 cm high (faults)

Antique signed carved ivory figure group group of three grandmother, mother and child 18 cm (faults)

Carved and signed ivory figure of immortal warrior 30 cm high