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A Chinese bronze scroll weight of Ji gong, the Eccentric Buddhist monk, mid Qing Dynasty, he carries a bottle of wine in his right hand & a fan in his left, he ate meat & drank wine violating Buddhist monastic rule, he has become a folk hero from t

A bronze Tibetan seated monk, inscribed on reverse, Ming Se Ren Bo Qie, 1916-1993, height 33 cm. Provenance: the collection of a retired airline executive

A Tibetan gilt bronze standing Buddha with eleven heads & eight arms, 18th-20th century, the Avalokitsavara heads in three tiers & topped with two single heads, two hands held in prayer the other hands in different mudras, elaborately dressed &

Tibetan bronze gilt Palden Lhamo Lakshmi goddess Protector figure the female guardian spirit of the sacred lake, being of wrathful appearance, drinking a cup of blood from a human skull, riding side saddle on her mule through a sea of blood, surrounded by

Chinese partial gilded bronze statue signed, approx 32 cm high

Pair of nice quality antique Japanese bronze vases, approx 21 cm high (2)

Large Japanese bronze vase, with marks to base, 46 cm high approx.

Pair of Japanese Meiji period fighting cockerels. Pair of gold water gilt cast bronze, signed with a three figure mark for Metalsmith Seiya Chu, Genryusai Seiya workshop, height 29 cm

Chinese bronze Guandi figure. The Chinese God of war, with halberd in hand, in full battle dress ornately decorated with dragons, with seal to the back, height 147 cm

Meiji period bronze Koro (censer). The Japanese 19th century large bronze Koro, standing on four scrolling feet, the base has a writhing dragon in turbulent seas, the body of the censer shows figures from folk narratives, the lid and finial depicts Susano'

Cooking pot, late 19th century, bronze with a very ornate chased decoration, repeating Indian medallion designs & bands, height 33 cm

A standing bronze figure of Guanyin. Early 20th century Chinese, Northern style standing bronze figure of the Bodhisattva Guanyin gesturing in, Abhayamudra., She has an image of the Buddha in her Chignon and an Aureole., She stands on a high double lotus b

Censer. Qing Dynasty Chinese bronze, with four character mark, diameter 12 cm

A well, modelled Burmese bronze torso bust figure, head and shoulders with detailed head dress and cloak., height 14 cm.

A Meiji period large Japanese bronze fire pot, made in the lost wax process, the exterior profusely decorated with foliage and floral decoration with six panels each decorated with various birds and/or animals in relief, the side handles in the form of sty

A Japanese bronze usubata flower vase, unusual small size, decorated with swans in a pond to one side, a carp to the other, on three scrolling feet. Maker's mark to base. 20 cm x 17.5 cm

A Japanese bronze vase, Meiji period, 1868-1912, the baluster vase with a carinate shaped collar, lightly decorated with a frieze of silver inlaid stringing to the upper body, height 18.5 cm

Pair of Tibetan bronze monk's prayer chimes, 7.5 cm diameter

A Japanese bronze vase, with double phoenix handles & an enamel band around the neck, 19th century, height 26 cm

A Burmese seated bronze Buddha, Sincere beautiful face, Humble & plain, completely Unadorned. Provenance: The collection of a retired airline executive, height 20 cm

An Indian bronze deity with Bulging eyes & multiple arms each holding a Symbolic object, carved to the base are lines of Sanskrit, a naga slithering in front, & above another three figures, detailing on the reverse & sanskrit characters, height

A fine Tibetan bronze & gilt seated monk, the Hands in the Gesture of Teaching, his long hair hanging Down his back, the robe & shawl incised on the reverse, & pooling at the front. Provenance: The collection of a retired airline executive, hei

Fine antique large Japanese Meiji Period bronze of a boy fishing, holding a bamboo fishing pole hooked with a silvered bronze fish & all standing on a carved boxwood base, signed to back, approx 86 cm high, 34 cm wide

A fine Tibetan bronze Dorje, circa 14th century, the four-pronged double-Vajra finely cast, with traces of gilt overall, 18 cm long. Provenance: R. & V. Tregaskis. From the Collection of Robert Bleakley, former Chairman of Sotheby's Australia

A Tibetan bronze Kadam Stupa (Chorten), 13th-15th century, the reliquary with a lotus bud finial with an even dark brown-black patina., 20.8 cm high. Reference: see Barbara Lipton, Treasures of Tibetan Art: Collections of the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tib

A rare small gilt-bronze seal/weight, late Ming Dynasty, 16th-17th century, heavily cast in the form of a snarling Buddhist lion wearing a bell, one paw resting on a ball, atop a square recessed platform, each side with a dorje in low relief between Buddhi

A bronze weight-water dropper, late Ming to early Qing Dynasty, 17th century, in the form of a recumbent hound, comfortable but alert, his tail curled up, original patina, 9.5 cm long. Provenance: Estate of John Hilliard, UK, 1997

A rare Chinese polychrome wood sculpture of a Bodhisattva, song Dynasty, 11th century, seated in vajrasana (lotus posture) with the head slightly tilted to one side and the eyes downcast, the hair in curls and trusses around the ushnisha, the right hand or

A Tibetan gilt-bronze and iron ritual Cutter, circa 19th century, 15 cm long. Provenance: Alex Biancardi Collection, Mossgreen, 17/11/2009

A very fine and rare Nepalese bronze parcel-gilt figure of Tara, 9th-10th century, the heavily bejeweled figure standing in tribhanga on a round lotus pedestal with a ring for attachment to a shrine, the right hand in varada mudra, the left in kataka mudra

A Thai bronze figure of Buddha, Sukhothai period, 15th century, seated in vajrasana on a simple raised platform, the hands in vajrasana (bringing the earth to witness), the eyes downcast, the hair in tight curls surmounted by a flaming ushnisha, covered in

A very fine Nepalese gilt-bronze Attendant figure of a Bodhisattva, 14th-15th century, the jewel-encrusted figure standing elegantly on a lotus throne, 18.5 cm high, References, for similar example please see Ulrich Von Shroeder Indo-Tibetan Bronzes, 1981,

A gilt-bronze four-Pronged cup stand, Western Han Dynasty (206BCE-24CE), supported on a horizontal ribbed column and a widely splayed base, made as a support for an 'Ear-cup', probably Hebei province, 11.6 cm high, 15 cm wide. Reference: for an ide

A small Khmer bronze head of Buddha, Angkor Wat, Bayon period, 12th-13th century, very finely cast, the face with a benign smile, his hair combed straight back, long ear lobes, covered in a very good even dark green patina, 8.5 cm high, metal stand

An Indian bronze Hindu standing figure of Ganesh, 16th century or earlier, the four-headed elephant god standing before a flaming nimbus on a lion and a mongoose, supported on a semi-ovoid platform with a floral decorated apron, the head pujared to a gold

A rare Nepalese bronze standing figure of Avalokitesvara, 10th-11th century, finely cast in tribhanga with a sensuous curved body, the hair in a high chignon behind the three-point Crown, a mandorla behind the head, very well patinated, 26.5 cm high. Refer

Pair of antique Chinese Gu bronze square form flared rim vases, cast with ancient symbols, fitted with pierced scrolling bases, Ex Private collection France, approx 43 cm high, 18 cm sq (2)

Antique cast bronze seated Buddha statue, approx 54 cm high, 34 cm wide