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A standing bronze Buddha, Ayutthaya period, Thailand, 18th century, a fine example of the Ayutthaya style Buddha with a serene face and standing in samabhanga, his right hand in abhayamudra and his left pendent along the left side of his body, floating awa

A large Tibetan gilt bronze and iron nine-prong Nyingma school Vajra, 18-19th century, thunderbolt-sceptre well cast with a central bulbous grip that separates two lotus pedestals supporting a central column inlaid with iron surrounded by eight arched Vajr

A Chinese bronze standing figure of Guanyin, YĆ¼tang Shisou mark, Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), nationalistically cast figure standing on a cloud, turning slightly to the left with hands and forearms held before her, dressed in a flowing robes adorned with silv

A Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze seated green Tara, 18th century, wearing an elaborate crown, sitting in lalitasana on a double-lotus base issuing a lotus flower that supports her right foot, her right hand lowered in varada mudra, her left raised in vitarka mud

A Nepalese bronze figure of Hevajra, circa 17th century, the eight headed (7 principal, one above) deity gazes intently into the face of his sakti as they engage in the graphic manifestation of the union of opposites, his 16 hands holding skull cups filled

A Chinese bronze vase of archaic hu-form shape, the walls decorated with bands of wave patterns, captured ring handles affixed to each side, impressed archaic calligraphic symbols decorate the neck and under the base. Height 32 cm

A Japanese bronze vase, of square section with tapering walls, decorated with a fruiting vine in high relief, the vine forming handles to the shoulder, the leaves and fruit trail over each face of the vase, the neck decorated with stiff leaf pattern, the b

A rare Thai gilt bronze reclining Buddha, Parinirvana, on an elaborate, low stepped plinth, 19th century, the long lean figure dressed in a sanghati, resting peacefully on his right side, his head propped up by his arm with a serene expression on his face,

An Indian bronze dancing goddess, with bare breasts, 19th/20th century, height 38 cm

A gilt bronze and lacquer Thai Buddha, seated on a high tiered throne, 19th/20th century, a young serene face with downcast eyes and elongated curved earlobes, with a tall finial from the tight curls of the usnisa, wearing an off the shoulder robe, height

A young bronze monk, standing with hands Clasped, hollow cast, Tibet, height 18.5 cm

A fine gilt bronze deity, standing in ankle length robes wearing elaborate jewellery, 17-19th century, holding a bowl in the left hand the right hand raised, height 18 cm

A Chinese bronze censer with double lion mask handles on bronze stand, with Ming Xuande mark and probably of the period, the rounded shape with gentle curve toward the flat mouth, a smooth patina with a red tinge, diameter 21 cm

A large Chinese Ming style bronze Buddha, seated on a lotus petal stand, the hands clasped with raised index fingers, a full face centred with a small urna, eyes downcast below his domed usnisa, wearing flowing robes that fall around the upturned feet, the

A gilt bronze seated Buddha, a Xuande mark on the reverse, height . 28.5 cm

A bronze six armed deity, condition: a restoration to the higher right corner, height 15 cm

A gilt bronze Tibetan Tantric figure sitting on an ox, a Qianlong mark on reverse, the bejewelled figure wearing a skull crown with flames, height 25 cm, length, 22 cm

A tall elegant Tibetan bronze seated Buddha on lotus throne, height 42 cm

A fine Japanese bronze seated monk, wearing an Unadorned robe with fine Folds on the back, Meiji period, seated on a rectangular stepped dais and holding a scroll in his left hand, with inscription to back of dais, inscribed after Takeuchi Kyuichi [1857-19

A circular bronze censer on three short legs, impressed mark, Wu Bangzuo, Xuande period, height 17 cm

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Meiji period Japanese bronze Koro the lid with shishi finial, body with shibayama type decoration of bird and blossom on hardwood stand

Chinese bronze censor, with kylin finial, above pierced domed cover and body, raised on three feet, height 19 cm

Good Chinese gilt bronze Buddha, depicted seated on elephant, wearing headdress, serene expression, with hands raised in pose, on lotus base, height 26 cm

Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze figure of Jambhala, depicted with raised sword,standing on attendant on double lotus base, height 9.5 cm

Chinese gilt bronze figure of Avalkiteshvara, depicted with eleven graduated heads, with serene expressions and multiple hands clasping attributes, on lotus and stepped base, with finial behind, height 41 cm

Thai bronze Buddha head, with finial, above curled hair, serene expression and lobed ears, on stand, height 17 cm

Khmer bronze seated Buddha, depicted with head dress, eyes down cast, serene expression, necklace, hands resting in lap, height 31 cm

Khmer bronze standing deity, depicted standing with six arms clasping attributes, with arched panel behind arched plaque, raised on stepped base, with burnt fired clay to underside, h26 cm

Chinese bronze twin handled Ding and cover, of bun form, set with repeating diaper and Taoist motifs to body, flanked by a pair of angled handles on three feet, height 26 cm

Three early Chinese/ Anamese bronze mirrors, of circular form, one decorated with symbols and flowers,one with stylised creatures, the other with characters, a/f, diameter 16.5 cm, 8 cm, 7.5 cm (3)

Chinese bronze censor, of squat bun form, with raised lip, on three cylindrical legs, impressed mark to base, diameter 20 cm

Chinese bronze seal, of square form, with impressed character marks to the top and seal mark to base, 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm

Tibetan gilt bronze Shakyamuni standing with hands held in the abhaya & varada mudra, with gestures of reassurance & bestowel of charity. Dressed in a long robe falling from the shoulders. Base missing. Height 68 cm

Japanese bronze pair of vases each having two elephant head handles, with two raised panels of birds to the body & storks in flight surrounding the neck. Height 31 cm

Japanese bronze jardiniere having applied lion handles with two panels of scholars, stamped to the base. Height 23.5 cm

An impressive large Japanese Meiji bronze censer, the elongated ovoid body with panelled design in relief of exotic birds, the lid surmounted with a sculpted eagle upon a rocky outcrop, its attention drawn to a snake, long scrolling mythical beast head han

An old gilt bronze Bodhisattva, traditional seated pose with crossed legs and hands holding religious objects, upon a lotus throne, turquoise and other small cabochon stone highlights, most gilt finish remains, the high points showing old dark red/brown to

A very tall Chinese-Tibetan bronze Guanyin, a full round face beneath a crown, her right hand raised holding a lotus bud, standing on a waisted lotus plinth above a square shape stool, height 82 cm

A bronze Buddhist female Tantric deity, Tibet, 19th century, naked except for the jewellery and a billowing scarf, her head crowned with a garland of skulls, height 21.5 cm

A standing bronze four armed Vishnu, India, 19th century, wearing a tiara with hair in a high bun, each arm holding, height 32.5 cm