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Red NCC Advance railway signal train lantern, approx 33 cm high

An Alderson & Gyde railway signal lantern, with three panes of glass to the front enclosing a kerosene burner. Height 42 cm

VR, Home Signal Arm, red front with white vertical stripe, white back with black vertical stripe, 142 cm, c1920s. Some chipping but still good condition

VR, Distant Signal Arm, red front with white v-shaped stripe, white back with black v-shaped stripe, 142 cm, c1920s. Some chipping but still good condition

Two old N.Z. Railway's Signs, enamel 'Warden' and painted wood 'Emergency' signal

Hornby No. 2 signal cabin 1932-34 in excellent near mint boxed condition. Has lift up roof panel and cut away area in front for Hornby control system. Has had interior light fitted without disturbing original appearance. In buff lift off lid with yellow la

Signal light, green, box 21 x 18 x 19 cm, with 30 cm concave shade.

Victorian signal Indicator with iron core magnet, standard type with arm indicating stop, Wrong or Caution/clear. Red metal box 24 x 13 x 10 cm, with glass window to front

N.S.W. Signal lever labels, all standard small size, (14 x 6 cm; one still attached to metal backing plate, overall 23 x 7 x 8 cm). Noted: 'Shunt Dn or up goods to Botany ', 'Up Third home Main or Sub. To Mortuary'. (the latter could either be from near Sy

N.S.W. Signal Indicator marked 'Lever No. 6'. Wooden box with glass front showing a signal representation in silvered metal with a small, moveable distant arm; opens to show electrical fittings behind the display. 24 x 13 x 9.5 cm. Display has a few paint

NSW signal finials: 2 x 84 cm high with circular base; 1 x 77 cm high with square base. All painted grey. Also: small white finial, 19 cm high, good condition. (4)

NSW signal arms: home/Starter, Wrong Road Shunt, Shunt Ahead. All overall 22 x 68 cm, Shunt ahead has large 'S' (40.5 x 26 cm) screwed on, a little chipping but good condition. (3)

Two early signal Lanterns, including orange NSW Transport Department, and green. Both with rotating stop go facility. Height 31 cm & 20 cm