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A Chinese wooden compass, 20th century, 12.5c m diameter

A ships binnacle, compass cover - (lacking compass) brass and copper construction height 117 cm

Vintage French ships compass binnacle, painted white, 140 cm high

An E.R. Watts & Son of London brass compass

Late 19th century American ship's compass by Ritchie of Boston, Mass. (with information)

A ships compass (Type P4) in timber case with Admiralty Compass Observatory Examination stamp, 20th February 1930. 18.5 cm diameter.

An early marine ships compass, by Henry Browne & Son, Barking, London, with 'Sestral' Trademark marked on dial brass and metal mounts; working condition. It is believed that this item was part of a salvage contract conducted by JACK SUE WA SKINDIVERS in th

Jack Sue's standby compass. One of the standby compass types as used by members of Z special Unit during Operation Agas behind Japanese lines in the then British north Borneo in 1945. This compass was used in conjunction with the personal field compass. Di

Captain Cabin map reader compass with magnifying glass

George Wilson London, brass cased gimble compass and side light, approx 24 cm high, 21 cm long

Maritime binnacle with compass, by Wagner Auto Pilot, Canada, 24 cm high approx

A vintage brass ship's binnacle with an internal gimbal mounted compass and small electrical side light. No.11085K. Height 25 cm. Depth 25 cm

Stanley prismatic compass all brass with steel dial (glass damaged)

A brass cased marching compass, 19th century, with pivoted card scale printed with mirrored numerals, the press cover designed to fit to the base. Diameter 10 cm

A ship's hand-held sighting compass in wooden case marked 'Type 06', 22 cm high

Steinhoft German ships compass with instruments, in an oak case, plaque engraved 'Presented to E.J. Smith Captain of RMS Celtic, January 31st 1890'. Dimensions 27 x 27 x 18.5 cm

A vintage English oak sailing Ship wheel stand tapering cylinder shaped with brass topped compass binnacle fitting and various brass plaques and signs of nautical theme. Height 13 cm

A vintage free standing brass binnacle compass with pedestal column base containing a more recent compass. Height 115 cm

Deck compass in binnacle, with oil lamp side illuminator. Height 23 cm

Sperry Gyro-Compass Repeater Mounted on Its Original Pelorus Stand (1919): Large brass pedestal (Pelorus) stand containing Sperry compass repeater. Compass Rose signed: 'Sperry Gyro-Compass Repeater, Patented March 4, 1919, Mark 15, Mod. 0'; Brass pedestal

Binnacle by E. Esdaile & Sons, Sydney circa 1920, copper & brass with attached lamp or candle holder. Compass bowl with fluid & floating card are suspended on gimbal ring. Height 25 cm

A brass cased Carlisle travelling compass, the ovoid brass surround engraved with foliate motifs and measurement increments, with glazed circular cover above the blue steel needle recessed below and direction dial with bird motif, incised Carlisle to edge,

A large brass antique ships compass in a binnacle the brass housing with a glass compass viewing glass

Boxed compass, suspended in integral box with original markings, British navy

A large brass ship's compass and binnacle, the brass housing with a glass compass viewing class flanked by large spheres. Height 59 cm

Two compasses and a Liquid boat compass case Henry Browne & Son Ltd, including a Henry brown & Son aircraft compass and one other compass. (3)

An old Victorian folding sundial and compass in hinged wooden case. Length 7.5 cm