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Brass binnacle, 28 cm high approx.

A ships binnacle, compass cover - (lacking compass) brass and copper construction height 117 cm

A ship binnacle, 'Sestrel' Henry Browne & Son Ltd, brass and timber. Height 143 cm

Vintage French ships compass binnacle, painted white, 140 cm high

A heavy copper and brass ships binnacle, late 19th/20th century, 27 cm high, 24 cm diameter

Maritime binnacle with compass, by Wagner Auto Pilot, Canada, 24 cm high approx

A vintage brass ship's binnacle with an internal gimbal mounted compass and small electrical side light. No.11085K. Height 25 cm. Depth 25 cm

A brass and timber ship's binnacle, labelled Kelvin Hughes, 144 cm high

A brass and timber ship's binnacle, labelled Nunotani Keiki Seisakusho Ltd, Japan, 136 cm high

A vintage English oak sailing Ship wheel stand tapering cylinder shaped with brass topped compass binnacle fitting and various brass plaques and signs of nautical theme. Height 13 cm

A vintage free standing brass binnacle compass with pedestal column base containing a more recent compass. Height 115 cm

Deck compass in binnacle, with oil lamp side illuminator. Height 23 cm

Binnacle by E. Esdaile & Sons, Sydney circa 1920, copper & brass with attached lamp or candle holder. Compass bowl with fluid & floating card are suspended on gimbal ring. Height 25 cm

A large brass antique ships compass in a binnacle the brass housing with a glass compass viewing glass

A large brass ship's compass and binnacle, the brass housing with a glass compass viewing class flanked by large spheres. Height 59 cm