Learn about Barometer

The barometer is an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure. The pressure indicated can aid in predicting short term weather.

There are two main types of barometer in use, the mercury barometer, which can either be in the form of a "stick" or a "wheel", and the aneroid barometer, a later invention and most commonly available.

Italian Evangelista Torricelli, an associate of Galileo, is generally credited with inventing the mercury barometer in 1643. Galileo suggested to Evangelista Torricelli that he use mercury in his vacuum experiments.

A mercury barometer has a glass tube with a height of at least 84 cm, closed at one end, with an open mercury-filled reservoir at the base. The weight of the mercury creates a vacuum in the top of the tube. Mercury in the tube adjusts until the weight of the mercury column balances the atmospheric force exerted on the reservoir. more...
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A vintage marine Mercurial stick barometer by R N Desterro, Lisbon, Portugal. Brass case and gimbal fittings. Length 96 cm

An Ellery's brass mounted aneroid marine barometer, second half 19th century, 13 cm diameter. Provenance: Property of a Gentleman, New South Wales. From the collection of Keith Ball

A ships metallic barometer stamped 'E. Bourdon and Richards, Patent, Paris. Universal Exhibition, London, 1849'. 23 cm diameter.

A brass cased marine stick barometer, early 20th century. Engraved: 'J.J.B.L.M. 16-22, R. N. Desterro, Lisbon', with brass gimbal mount. Height 95 cm

A steel and brass mounted marine stick barometer by Short & Mason, London, with a brass gimble, 93 cm high

A very rare mahogany cased aneroid barocyclonometer or 'Typhoon barometer'. Schmidt and Ziegler, Remscheid, to a design by Jose Algue, Manila, early 20th century, tbox opening to reveal Faura pattern aneroid barometer with 6 inch circular silvered register

A brass cased marine barometer stamped Nagretti & Zambra London, the kew pattern barometer with sliding bezel movement, gimbal mounted and signed Negretti & Zambra, London, 90 cm long.

A 19th century brass marine barometer, mercury column with brass wall mount gimbal fitting. 'Lisbon'. Height 93 cm

Rare 19th century French 'Marine' automatic combination time piece enamelled ormolu and onyx rotating lantern top with twin clock dials, thermometer and aneroid barometer driven by a separate movement to the bollard base. Height 52 cm