Bru Jeune et Cie was a French doll-making company that was founded in 1866 by Leon Casimir Bru, and was sold 1883 to Henri Chevot. The ownership changed several more times in the late 1800s before being again sold, this time to the French dollmaker S.F.B.J. The company was known for producing high-quality dolls with realistic features and expressive faces. The company's dolls were made of porcelain and had glass eyes and real hair wigs.

Bru Jeune et Cie was one of the most successful and reputable doll-making companies of the 19th century. The dolls produced by the company were highly sought after by collectors and were considered to be some of the finest examples of doll-making artistry of the period.

Bru Jeune et Cie dolls were made in a variety of sizes, from tiny bisque dolls to larger dolls that were more...

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Doll reference the Bru book by Theimer

The Bru Book: A Definitive Doll Reference

Doll reference the Bru book by Theimer