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Matchbox labels: Australian collection by the manufacturer, on 'Printed' pages in 6 binders, with the major manufacturer's and smaller producer's incl. Pre 1900's labels, as singles, part and full sets. Plus a full bound run of the 'Observer', 1958 - 2012

Two carved stock whip handles, second half 19th century, the longest 44 cm

Three carved wooden seam rubbers, second half 19th century, the tallest 14 cm

A pair of green painted slatted and coopered oak wine bins, 19th century. 90 cm high, 65 cm wide, 71.5 cm long

The Jackie Howe mechanical shears. This engraved Wolseley shearing handpiece was presented to and used for many years by the legendary 'Gun' shearer Jackie Howe (1861 - 1920). Pastoralist and inventor Frederick York Wolseley (1837 - 1899) first patented a