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SHARE CERTIFICATES, c1904-72 range including The Euratha Gold Mine, Lancefield (WA) Gold Mine, Cuthbert'. s Misima Gold mine

c1878-80s share certificates, noted Suburban Bus & Tram Company (3);The Imperial Banking Company, The Mercantile Bank of Australia, R.Goldsborough & Company, Permewan Wright and Company, Melbourne National Property Land & Investment Co, The Australian Fina

The Bank of Adelaide', 3 share certificates to Eliza Mary Andrews of Norwood;W.H.Bartley & G.W.Hawkes;Hillary Boucant of Adelaide, all dated 1872.

The Melbourne & Suburban Railway Company', 11 share certificates to John Hastie of Melbourne, August 1860;plus certificate transferring these shares to George Henry Hough of Burrumbeet in Dec.1860. Very attractive and scarce.

'The Melbourne & Suburban Railway Company', 6 share certificates to David Scallan of Melbourne, November 1859. Very attractive and scarce.

'St.Kilda & Brighton Railway Company', 8 share certificates, dated 1859.

i) map: Western Australia and van-Diemen's Island. Containing the settlements of swan river and King George sound from recent surveys sent to the Colonial office. the other section of the map depicting 'Van-Diemen Island', published London 1833 by Baldwin

Balmain Steam Ferry Company shares certificate in double sided frame, dated 1888, 30 cm x 35 cm (frame approx)

c1890-1979 share certificates, mostly Australian, noted Chaffey Bros, Limited - The Australian Irrigation Colonies; The London Bank of Australia Limited (2); Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of Canada (7).

Terry's West End Brewery Limited, 3 share certificates to E. L. Zox of Melbourne, dated 1881-83.

Chinese bank notes & two 2014 proof 1 Yuan, banknotes: 2 x 10 Yuan early series, 3 x foreign exchange certificates, 2 Hong Kong

Five New Zealand gold banknotes 5, 10, 20, 50 and hundred dollar notes. Comes with certificate of authenticity.

Princess Theatre: 1879 share certificate 'The Princess Theatre Company Limited', signed on reverse by J.C.Williamson. Very attractive and scarce.

Australian Share Certificates, c1948-98 collection, from approximately 72 companies Inspection will reward. (c300 items)

Antique share certificate. 'The Barcelona Traction, Light and Power Company Limited'

Princess Theatre: 1879 share certificate 'The Princess Theatre Company Limited', signed on reverse by J.C.Williamson. Very attractive and scarce

'St. George & Band of Hope United Company, Registered, Sebastopol Hill, Ballarat', share certificate to W.B.R. Gledhill of Ballarat, May 1871; 'Dutchman's Tin Lode Mining Company' (NSW), share certificate to Jane Higgs of Penzance, England, July 1883; 'The

'Arrah-Na-Pogue Freehold Gold Mining Co., Registered, Ballarat', share certificate to J.M.Middleton of Melbourne, June 1866; 'Llanberris Quartz Mining Co., Registered, Ballarat', share certificate to John Bole of Ballarat, 1867; 'The Upper Jordan Joint Sto

'The Melbourne and Avoca Gold Mining Company Registered', 4 share certificates and 4 Bonus Shares certificates, most to Andrew Haddon of Melbourne, 1871-72. (8 items)

'Suburban Bus and Tram Car Company', 12 share certificates to J.T.Arnold of Melbourne, July 1870. (12 items)

'Wellesley Quartz Gold Mining Company, Registered, Mount Egerton', 14 share certificates to J.Thomas of Ballarat, 1869. (14 items)

'Llanberris Quartz Mining Co., Registered, Ballarat', 10 share certificates to John Bole of Ballarat, 1866-69. (10 items)

'Peru Company Registered, Smythesdale Race Course', 11 share certificates to J.K.Davis of Piggoreet (Victoria), April 1865

'The New Independent Gold Mining Co., Registered, Eureka Lead, Ballarat', 6 share certificates to William Lewis of Ballarat, April 1865. (6 items)

'Monitor Gold Mining Co., Registered, Western Creek', 26 share certificates to James K.Davis of Springdallah (near Ballarat), April 1865. (26 items)

'Grand Trunk Lead Gold Mining Co., Springdallah', 6 share certificates to John Sanderson of Springdallah (near Ballarat), January 1865. (6 items)

'The Pre-Emptive Right Gold Mining Company, Phoenix Lead, Smythesdale', 29 share certificates to J.K.Davies of Springdallah (near Ballarat), December 1864. (29 items)

'St. Kilda and Brighton Railway Company', 6 share certificates to George Henry Hough (2) and Henry Austin (4) of Melbourne, dated 1859. (6 items)

'The Melbourne and Suburban Railway Company', two share certificates to David Scanlan of Melbourne, November 1859. Very attractive and scarce. (2 items)

Mining Share certificate: Glenfine Estate gold Mining Company, no Liability. No.2711. 6th November 1907

Mining Share certificate;, the West Clunes Alluvial gold Mining Company, no Liability. No.70. 20th March 1900

Mining Share certificate: Nuggetty Gully quartz and Alluvial G.M.Co., no Liability, Hyde Park Creswick. No.328. 9th October 1893

Mining Share certificates: 'Fenby's Reward Gold Mine, No Liability, Mount Elliott, Corryong..', issued 1896-97 to Andrew Haddow (7) and Arnold S. Burbidge (4). (11)

Mining Share certificates: 'Great Southern Mount Lyell Mining Syndicate, No Liability, Mount Lyell Tasmania..Issued to James Haddow of North Melbourne November 1897'; together with 'Renison Bell North Mining Co., No Liability, North Mount Dundas Tasmania A

Mining Share certificates: 'Forbes Consols Gold Mining Company, No Liability, Maindample..', Shares issued to J.Prince Cameron in April and May 1899. (6)

Mining Share certificates: 'New Star of Tasmania Gold Mining Syndicate, No Liability, Denison Tasmania..Issued to A.Haddow 8th Day of May 1900'. (2)

Mining Share certificates: 'Gladstone Company, No Liability, Upper Buckland, Victoria', 5 sequential share certificates (303-308) to N.Haddow, September 1889. (5)