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Uncut sheet 40 Australian Fraser Evans $20 notes, (paper), mounted in a display screen (90 cm x 77.5 cm) with stand, serial numbers (vertical rows) ABR - ABZ 000014, ACA - ACH 000014, ACJ - ACS 000014, ACT - ADB 000014, ADC - ADL 000014

One hundred Australian one dollar bank notes UNC & consecutive numbers

1915 Gallipoli campaign 10 Shillings Overprinted Banknote Serial number 094995

4 rare one shilling promissory notes from the Britannia Saloon, Aurora tavern, Wellington Each note inscribed Wellington New Zealand 1845, Britannia Saloon, Aurora Tavern: On presentation of five of these notes I promise to pay the Bearer the sum of Five s

Two Commonwealth of Australia 5 pound notes one signed Coombs & Watt the other Coombs & Wilson

Two Commonwealth of Australia Ten Shilling notes 1. Sheehan & McFarlane 2. Coombs & Wilson

Australian banknotes 5 Pounds, 1 pound & 10/- All signed Coombs & Wilson

Two Australian one Pound notes 1. Sheehan & McFarlane, C:1940 2. Coombs & Wilson

Commonwealth of Australia One Pound note together with a Ten Shilling note, both Coombs & Wilson

Album vintage bank notes England New Zealand Japan various world bank notes

Collection international bank notes, To include Iran, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam

Australian bank notes, to include ten shilling note and four one pound. Circulated

Chinese bank notes & two 2014 proof 1 Yuan, banknotes: 2 x 10 Yuan early series, 3 x foreign exchange certificates, 2 Hong Kong

Australia: four uncut $10 bank notes, Fraser/Cole. (4)

Australia: two $5, two $10 1945 (low numbered uncirculated) bank notes. (4)

Australia: ten sets $5 bank notes, initial and final print series. (20)

Australia: three 'First and Last' $10 polymer bank notes. (3)

Australia: three 'First and Last' $10 polymer bank notes. (3)

Australia: four 'First and Last' $10 polymer bank notes. (4)

Eleven Australian $10 bank notes, ten consecutive notes Fraser/Higgins UZB200694-703 plus Fraser/Cole MQB709949. (11)

Collection of Peoples Republic of China banknotes 3 x 50 RMB / YAN notes, 2 x 10 RMB / YUAN notes, 2 x 1 RMB / YUAN notes, all consecutive serial numbers

A collection of Australian pre-decimal notes, comprising three ten shilling notes, four five pound notes and four one pound notes