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A pair of sterling silver ancient Roman coin cufflinks, Constans, two ancient Roman coins minted during the reign of Constans depicting the Emperor Constans & a soldier spearing a fallen horseman mounted in silver cufflinks, Wt 16.8 grams

A silver Quandary coin, cast by Kozminsky from original vintage coin. One side depicting Yes and the following animals -elephant,orangutan, parrot, snake, mouse, fish, lizard, tiger, horse, lyrebird, crocodile, bird and squirrel. The other side depicting n

Royal Australian Mint - 2002 Adelaide pound, commerative coin, plus 2002 Melbourne Mint - silver one dollar.

Australian 20 Dollar EIIR Commerative Coin, with 7.4gm silver, 8.37g gold.

Royal Australian Mint - Masterpieces in Silver, Port Phillip Patterns' 2003

1821 Great Britain silver crown coin, Georgius Iiii Dei Gratia Britanniar Rex

Twelve Chinese gold plated coins, from West Han, Tang, song, & Yuan Dynasty, replicated in the dynasty style with a square in the centre of the circular coins [12]

Two Chinese one dollar silver coins, dated 1912 & 1949, a commemorative coin made in 1912, a one dollar coin made in Guizhou Province in 1949, [2]

Commonwealth of Australia five pound note signed Coombs & Watt obverse George VI & coat of arms, reverse commerce scene, signatures H. C. Coombs, Governor, Commonwealth Bank of Australia. G. P. N. Watt, Secretary to the Treasury, serial R97, 148665

A framed display of twelve antiquarian coins including early Roman and Greek, Iranian and English coins. The details of each in typescript affixed to the frame's back. 16 x 11 cm

An antique bracelet, of double curblink design, hung with heart shaped padlock and two shilling charms. Silver.

Gold Coins: Great Britain Half-Sovereigns, Qv 1889 (filled hole) 1893-94, 1896-97, 1899, 1900, 1903, 1911 and 1915, condition varied (agw 1.059 troy oz).

5 x 10 gold Dutch Guilders, 22ct gold, individual weight 6.729gr, total weight 33.65gr

5 x 10 gold Dutch Guilders, 22ct gold, individual weight 6.729gr, total weight 33.65gr

5 x 10 gold Dutch Guilders, 22ct gold, individual weight 6.729gr, total weight 33.65gr

A silver Victorian coin, sterling silver, dated 1887, depicting Queen Victoria in royal blue enamel work with St. George to reverse. 38mm diameter

A Russian gold 4 Ducat coin dated 1905, 22ct yellow gold, dated weight 20.4grams

A German gold commemorative coin pendant/brooch, the pure gold ducat coin commemorating the death of John F Kennedy, 1963, mounted in an 18ct gold frame and suspended from a 14ct gold chain

A Korean cedar coin chest, Hinges, handles and Lock plate in iron, 18th/19th century, the well constructed dense wood raised on low rectangular feet, the front opening with four swallow tail hinges, the impressive iron work original, height 59 cm cm, lengt

A Sydney mint 1887 half Sovreign, fine condition, wt. 3.96g

22 Australian coin Issues. 14 1988 $5; two 1992 RAM $1; and 6 1993 RAM $1.

8 1992 RAM five dollar coins. International year of Space.

A George II silver coin toddy ladle with a timber handle, early to mid 18th century. the compressed cauldron shaped bowl richly decorated in the rococo manner with vines and scrolls, having a George II coin to the bowl, a silver mount with engraved initial

Three Australian pre-decimal bank notes Ten shilling Coombs & Wilson, One pound 1942 Armitage & McFarlane & Five pound Coombs & Wilson