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Japan one yen silver dragon coin year 1922, a large 1 yen written on the front and a dragon and the words Dai Nippon Meiji 38 416 One Yen 900 on the back. the 416 refers to 416 grains and 900 is 90% silver, diameter 3.8 cm 28grams

Hong Kong 1980 gold $1000 coin, Year of the Monkey, UNC, 15.97, 0.917 purity

Two gold Romanian 12 1/2 Lei coins, 22ct yellow gold, both marked Carol I Rege Al Romaniei 1866-1906

A gold German States Lubeck 10 mark coin 1901, 22ct yellow gold, marked Deutsches Reich 1901, the German state Lubeck coin dated 1901

A Roman Empire coin, Marcus Aurelius Caesar 139-161AD, reverse Pietas standing left holding box and extending hand. Bronze 30mm. Wt. 21.2g.

A Roman Empire coin, Crispina wife of Commodus, 177-192 AD, reverse, Salus seated left feeding a snake out of a patera, coiled around an altar, left arm on chair. Bronze 28mm. Wt. 24.7g.

Unusual handmade salt. Assembled with wire work and cast Celtic quarter stater coins possibly impressioned or period. Unmarked approx 4 cm high, 4 cm diameter

Australian mint master-pieces in silver, comprising five dollar coin by Devlin, fifty cent coin by Tracey, one dollar coin by Devlin and two dollar coin by Hahne,

Lot of two coins to include ancient Indo-Greek coin. Greco-Bactrian Tetradrachm philoxenus c. 100-95 BC. Approx 13.2g. 1831 William IV coin. Halfpenny approx 28mm dia. Please note this could be a cast copy.

Royal Australian mint 1984 uncirculated $200 coin, 10gms 22ct gold

A collection of Austrian Ducat gold coins, comprising nine one Ducat and one four Ducat 1915 re-strike gold coins.

Perth Mint 1/20 oz. pure gold collector's coin

1oz 24 carat pure gold Ingot, with 0.11ct Argyle pink diamond Perth mint

1oz platinum Ingot, with 0.11ct Argyle pink diamond Perth mint

Two New Zealand souvenir coins sets, for decimal currency conversion, one of pounds, shillings and pence, 1965, and one of decimal coins, 1967

A pair of sterling silver ancient Roman coin cufflinks, Constans, two ancient Roman coins minted during the reign of Constans depicting the Emperor Constans & a soldier spearing a fallen horseman mounted in silver cufflinks, Wt 16.8 grams

A silver Quandary coin, cast by Kozminsky from original vintage coin. One side depicting Yes and the following animals -elephant,orangutan, parrot, snake, mouse, fish, lizard, tiger, horse, lyrebird, crocodile, bird and squirrel. The other side depicting n

Royal Australian Mint - 2002 Adelaide pound, commerative coin, plus 2002 Melbourne Mint - silver one dollar.

Australian 20 Dollar EIIR Commerative Coin, with 7.4gm silver, 8.37g gold.

Royal Australian Mint - Masterpieces in Silver, Port Phillip Patterns' 2003

1821 Great Britain silver crown coin, Georgius Iiii Dei Gratia Britanniar Rex

Twelve Chinese gold plated coins, from West Han, Tang, song, & Yuan Dynasty, replicated in the dynasty style with a square in the centre of the circular coins [12]

Two Chinese one dollar silver coins, dated 1912 & 1949, a commemorative coin made in 1912, a one dollar coin made in Guizhou Province in 1949, [2]