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Two Tartanware circular powder boxes, Scottich circa 1880, one with an image of a sculpture to the cover the other celebrating the Queens Jubilee one labelled McLean, the other Victoria, 9 cm and 10.5 cm diameter

Pair of French black leather riding boots, approx 50 cm high (2)

Three pairs 'tool' cufflinks, including compass, spirit level, and compass/thermometer

A pair of gentleman's riding boots by Tom Hill of Knightsbridge, complete with boot lasts and spurs, 67 cm high

World War I military compass, with original leather carry case, stamped 1915, London maker: L Kamm & Co

Pair of World War II black leather boots, good sound condition, re soled heals with Continental rubber, 30 cm high

Pair of German World War I / II boots, double stitched leather, with hobnail studded soles, approx 41 cm high

A pair Jungle boots American issue to Z special unit Found in Jack's kit, these American issue boots were the better quality with an expected life span of no more than 3 months in the jungle

Jack Sue's Gaiters. Issued to Z special Unit for jungle wear when appropriate

Jack Sue's field compass with case, TG Co Ltd London; Serial no 45339 1940 MK III. This type of compass was used throughout World War II during the Japanese occupation as well as in the Malaysia conflict. Jack's compass was damaged during an operational pa

Impressive pair of leather luggage boxes of rectangular design with brass capping, and studs, metal carry handles to the sides, applied Regiment badges and numbers 1 & 2 (2)

World War I period type P10 compass from a Lancaster bomber, in original timber box.

World War I German U-boat binoculars, Hamburg naval issue, 80 x 60.

A T.G &Co London Surveyors compass with case together with an hand held inclinometer

Australian World War II dated military compass complete with very nice hand made lanyard

World War II era US military compass complete with it's leather carrying case, together with a World War II US army belt pouch

Lot of officer's brown leather Sam Browne belt with shoulder strap and pair of brown leather leggings.

A World War I army compass believed to Have been used by Sgt. George B. Nagle 1st Machine Cun Company, By 'Sherwood & Co. London no. 54404 1915', chromed brass, inscribed to lid '1st Mgc 546 Sgt G B Nagle France 16.6.16', with a copy of Nagle's war records

An Army issue pocket compass, Verner's pattern, original leather case dated 191.5 cm

World WarII RAAF compass, in timber case, 13 cm wide

World WarII aircraft astro compass, 22 cm high, with timber case

Late 19th century drawing set in presentation box (mahogany). Includes ivory pens, compass set etc

A military trunk, with flaking equipment and directions, 72 cm wide, 36 cm deep, 28 cm high

World War II cased compass. Gimbal mounted in box. Unbranded. Diameter 14 cm. (compass)

Shako: Prussian model 1913 Jager N.C.O hat. Black lacquered leather with pressed sheet metal fittings Made in Berlin. VG condition. (2 items)

A 19th century French Chasseurs (household cavalry) steel breast plate, helmet and sword; the breast plate front and back sections with leather strapping and brass fittings, rivets, chain sections, etc., shaped flange to the base, the steel helmet with tal

A large Victorian black tin Infantry hat box containing a black bear skin headpiece by Hawkes & Co. London. Named for P.V. Williams Royal artillery. Worn by Grenadiers. Hat very worn condition. Height 46 cm

A 19th century black tin British Infantry bicorn hat box containing its beaver felt & moleskin hat. Faults. Length 47 cm

A 19th century black tin bicorn hat box with brass plaque by Hobson & Sons, Haymarket, London and name plate, 'Dr Tennant, A Battery'. Width 48 cm