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Australian Army officer's peaked cap, Red band, embroidered general staff badge

Australian Army officer's peaked cap, Red band, embroidered general staff badge

Australian Army officer's peaked cap. Red band, embroidered general staff badge, general staff buttons. King's crown.

Australian Army officer's peaked cap. Red band, embroidered badge and button for General officer.

Australian Army officer's peaked cap. Red band, embroidered badge and button for General officer.

Australian Korean War era RAR officer's peaked cap, Colonel mark. Dated 1950.

An early World War II Imperial Japanese Navy cap, material tag sewed to interior of cap, condition: very good condition, has been worn

Australian World War II era officer’s peaked cap complete with blackened badge and buttons, by Chorley of Sydney.

John Edrich's England Touring test cap, navy blue wool, embroidered St.George & dragon on front, endorsed on label 'Edrich' and signed John Edrich, test series, Australia NZ 1970-71'. Fine condition. [John Edrich played 77 Tests 1963-76

A Victorian 96 Regiment of foot General soldiers, cap, with makers mark

A World War II German Police Peaked Cap a Feuerwehr (Fire Department) Official Visor Hat. NCO/EM pattern hat for the Fire Service. Hat top is made of dark blue wool with carmine pink piping with black velvet band with nice zinc police hat eagle with metal

A World War II German Signals/Recon Officers cap an early Army Nachtrichten (Signals) NCO/enlisted visor hat unit marked. This visor hat features lemon yellow crown and capband waffenfarb indicating attachment to a Signals unit. The upper wool body is high

A World War I German Pork Pie Cap German field model 1907-1917 Pork pie hat, red piping for infantry with two cockades the top is the Reichs cockade, (black white and red) whilst the bottom denotes the state that the German unit is drawn from, in this inst

A World War II German Wehrmacht Lieutenant uniform, a beautifully preserved German World War 2 tunic visor cap and jodpurs set from a Heer Leutnant. Other Notes: The only fault with the uniform is that the collar tabs are from a dress uniform and not the u

Richard LaBarr enlistment 28th April 1943, US World War II uniform with medals and badges, Richard LaBarr 8916 (32918916) Silver Star for Gallantry, US Army Paratrooper jump wings, US infantry Collar badges, US sterling World War II Combat infantry badge e

French marine military cap. Black with red detailing. Anchor decoration to front. Height 10 cm

An Australian World War II Pilots leather flying cap marked and dated 'V498 Made in Australia 1942' at the height of the Japanese Thrust

A Japanese IJA army officer's field cap. Collected by Jack Sue on the Kudat Peninsula near Dampirit British north Borneo 1945 in association with Item Lot: 22.

Naval Officer coat, cap & belt, Australian, WORLD WAR II period. (3 items)

Nice German World War I era personal lot of pipe with portrait of owner in his Hussar uniform on porcelain bowl, together with it's extra cap in the form of a pickelhaube, and a 1910 dated 1000 mark banknote.

Three RAAF hats, one side cap World War II dated, two peaked caps (3)

A German 'Nskk' (National Socialist Drivers Corps) arm shield, cap badge and Gorget, framed

French military hat, blue felt and black leather trim with chin strap, cap badge 'Ecole Speciale Militaire' with cock plume in red and white, approx 22 cm high, 25 cm long

Soviet army items consisting of a Soviet army armour/artillery EM/NCO service Visor cap used by troops in the 1969-1991 period. Has red piping, olive drab hat with wide black band. Cockade is dominated by an enameled red star and black cap chord. Has maker

Russian officer's ushanka winter fur cap, army tanker helmet and tunic the fur cap with pull down flaps, in blue and grey. Has metal badge at front, ear flaps and sides are made from lamb's fur dyed regulation in bluish- gray with gray felt top and cotton

Post war German uniforms and other wares consisting of a post war German Luftwaffe EM/NCO Peak cap in blue-grey gaberdine, saddle-shape with yellow/orange piping. Manufacture label inside. Size 64. Made in Koln by Carl Isken, dated November 1976. Complete

World War I British Air Raid Warden's helmet, black finish with stencilled 'W' in white, original condition; Nazi German Navy cap badge showing a battle cruiser in oak wreath crowned by the Nazi eagle and swastika, reverse stamped 'Adolf Bock...Berlin'. VG

World War II German Luftwaffe Summer Officers Visor Cap also used as Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband issue

World War II German Luftwaffe General Officers Peaked Cap complete with gilt insignia

World War II German Enlisted M43 Cap used by the German Wehrmacht and SS

World War II German Artillery Officer's Peak Cap in grey two-tone felt, inside label for 'Pekuro'

World War II German Army Officer's Grenadiers Peaked Cap Panzer grenadiers.

Nazi World War II cloth cap with Luftwaffe rising eagle eagle over swastika patch. Genuine article. Faded. G/VG condition

Australian Corps of Signals: World War II tunic with brass buttons, lapel badges and patches; bandolier and accoutrement; formal dress uniform complete with jacket, trousers, waistcoat, suspenders and shirt (unassociated), and lapel badges; Beret and soft

Swiss Army offcers uniform, artillery Sergeant's grey woollen tunic & matching soft peaked cap with patches and pebble grain Swiss Cross buttons, c.1940's and in excellent condition. (2 items)