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Choice Australian military World War II / World War II era slouch hat by Hatcraft Pty. Ltd. Dated 1942, complete with pre war and wartime puggaree and embroidered general officer rank badge.

A British officer's Bicorn in original metal case by Gould of Devonport with brass name plate to J.C.M Boyle Royal Navy, inscribed on hat band 'Boyle Cumberland', together with sales receipt for photography from H.Yeo of Plymouth, circa 1904

A World War II German Police Peaked Cap a Feuerwehr (Fire Department) Official Visor Hat. NCO/EM pattern hat for the Fire Service. Hat top is made of dark blue wool with carmine pink piping with black velvet band with nice zinc police hat eagle with metal

A World War II German Signals/Recon Officers cap an early Army Nachtrichten (Signals) NCO/enlisted visor hat unit marked. This visor hat features lemon yellow crown and capband waffenfarb indicating attachment to a Signals unit. The upper wool body is high

A World War I German Pork Pie Cap German field model 1907-1917 Pork pie hat, red piping for infantry with two cockades the top is the Reichs cockade, (black white and red) whilst the bottom denotes the state that the German unit is drawn from, in this inst

A German Army (Heer) Winter Rabit Fur Hat Army winter pelzmutze. This worn winter hat features front and side fold-down panels covered with plush light coloured rabbit fur. The hat's body is standard field gray wool is in excellent condition. The foldi

An Australia Floppy Hat & a Green Beret, Vietnam era both in good condition with minor wear

Vintage French naval officer's bicorn hat with gilt insignia, Captains cuffs, belt and gilt metal buckle, etc

Australian WORLD WAR I period leather bandolier; slouch hat circa 1943 & 2 peaked caps. (4 items)

French military hat, blue felt and black leather trim with chin strap, cap badge 'Ecole Speciale Militaire' with cock plume in red and white, approx 22 cm high, 25 cm long

German World War II Nazi Panzer peaked hat gilt metal skull & cross Bones, grey with pink piping, label 140, Ob.S Bf. 3948 Felix Renner 2/2 Panzer Div

Australian Slouch hat marked 1956 with gilt metal artillery badge World War II and feather plume, and penned name L.Collins inside

A collection of military regimental badges, buttons, etc, including Royal Irish Constabulary hat badge, various English, Irish, Scottish and Canadian Regiments, circa mid 19th to early 20th century

Soviet army items consisting of a Soviet army armour/artillery EM/NCO service Visor cap used by troops in the 1969-1991 period. Has red piping, olive drab hat with wide black band. Cockade is dominated by an enameled red star and black cap chord. Has maker

Bicorn: Austro-Hungarian late 19th century military hat with feather plume. Made by Moritz Tiller & Co Budapest. Good condition.

Shako Berlin Police leather hat, pre-World War II (Ex Nazi) refurbished for use in 1945 & reissued to the occupying 'Civil Mixed Watchmen Service' (Police), with accompanying official certificate in German & English; East German Border Guard helmet, Cold W

A 19th century black tin pickelhaube style hat box Hobson & Sons. Containing an engineers volunteer helmet with gilt brass badge and spike. NZ regular forces badge replacement. Height 36 cm

A 19th century Royal Navy tin trunk by Gieve, Mathews & Seagrove Ltd. containing a set of elaborate gold metallic thread and silver dress epaulettes with silver anchor and a bicorn beaver felt & moleskin hat. Brass inscription panel J.R. Hughes. Length 47

Rare antique cocked hat, with original tin case, fitted with a brass plaque for Harman & co army & Navy Tailors and Outfitters Calcutta and Rangoon. brass name plaque for H .H Hildebrand Esq.

German Nazi military Police Shako silver Alum' lobster tail hat the origins of the distinctive Shako has been somewhat shrouded with the passing of time with some military historians accrediting the French with its development in the 1780's, based on the d

A very rare Light Infantry 'Shako' probably an officer's hat judging from the gold New Zealand lettering on the helmet plate. It is the 1868 pattern, in navy blue cloth, with the rifle green Light Infantry ball tuft. This would have been worn during the Ma

Police Visor Hats including, Japan Police, West German Federal Border Police, German Officer's Hat, Sylvia Weichseldorfer German Hat, Bamberger German Hat, Sweden Police General Uniform Co. All in very good condition. (6)