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A 19th century Belgian Colt Brevete pistol, brass fittings and square back trigger guard, six shot percussion cap, ram rod absent, engraved detail to cylinder, 1849 Wells Fargo model. No firearms licence required. Length 27 cm

Colt percussion revolver with replaced cylinder, otherwise complete, 19th century. (G or H Licence Required) PTA

An Italian replica Colt New Army Model revolver, .44 calibre, polished steel with brass trigger guard, with grips, numbered to butt 114649

An Armi San Marco replica colt, 1847 black powder revolver, walnut grips, brass trigger guard and fitting, engraved six shot cylinder, Dragoon Colts, cal. 44, boxed complete with powder flask and bullet mould. S/M8054. 'B' endorsed 'Firearms Licence Requir

A rare and important pair of French breech loading pin fire gold plated French Navy model Revolvers by Lefaucheux, each stamped E. LeFaucheux Brte Sdgd, a Paris, with consecutive serial numbers LF110441 and LF110442, circa 1858 with triggers, hammers, ramr

A cased colt pocket 1860 army percussion 6-shot revolver with cleaning tools and percussion caps

Colt Combat Elite pistol .45 ACP stainless steel and blue frame. Pachmayn grips 1970s. C licence required.

Colt 'Frontier' model 1878 .45 calibre Eley London Address. 50% blue remaining, wooden grips. Internal mechanic fault, not diagnosed. Low serial number, first year of production. Serial number 830.

Colt 'Thunderer' model 1877 .41 calibre 4 1/2' barrel. Lovely 100% all nickel finish with mother of pearl grips. Serial number 99850

Colt 'Thunderer' model 1877.41 calibre 2 1/2' barrel. 75% of original finish remaining. Blued cylinder, nickel frame, wooden checkered grips. Good mechanical order. Serial number 49619

Colt 'Thunderer' model 1877 .41 calibre 3 1/2' barrel. 75% of original finish remaining. Hard rubber grips. Good mechanical order. Serial number 44860.

Colt Peacemaker 1st Generation Colt, 1896. 5 1/2 inch barrel.45 long Colt calibre. Hard rubber grips. Very little blueing remaining, bright steel finish. Worn but good condition. Serial number198908. C licence required.