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Spring gun, Provenance Barossa Farm Glenorchy, used for protection against poachers, impressed marks G. Osborne Inventor

A vintage ornamental bronze cannon. An antique style canon on a gun carriage. Height 20 cm. Length 41 cm. Width 15.5 cm

An Edward London 4 bore percussion muzzle loading sporting gun, octagonal breech becoming polygonal then round smooth-bore, 33½ inch barrel marked 'Edwd. London, London Wall, London', acanthus engraved lock, trigger guard and backstrap, figured wal

A cased Alfred Clayton 12 gauge double barrel under-lever hammer gun, 30-inch barrel, browned decoratively twist patterned, engraved to the concave rib: 'A Clayton Southampton'. The signed lock plates and steel fittings engraved en suite with acan

A cased Samuel & Charles Smith double barrel percussion sporting gun for 'Imperial' caps, 29 3/8-inch barrel, browned decoratively twist patterned, engraved to the rib: 'Saml & C. Smith, Princes Street, Leicester Square, London', t

A Chinese Junkett-mount Musketoon, used in junketts in the spice or porcelain trade for protection against pirating. Mounted on either side of the boat, this gun maintains its original mount. A simple but effective design. Weight approx. 35kg, L. 125 cm

Cogswell & Harrison MK III brass flare gun, World War I era with King George V crest, 24 cm wide approx

Gunner's Manual 'Instructions For 5 Inch Breech Loading Armstrong Gun', Circa 1880's with Victorian military forces ink stamp throughout and inscribed Williamstown 24-10-87. Red leather cover with gilt embossed lettering and original red cord binding. Thes

Ancion 19th century double barrel percussion gun the barrels signed 'Ancion', concealed marks ELG (star) M (star) (Crown). Condition good, age related wear. Length 118 cm

A single barrel percussion cap gun stamped 'W. Matthews, Penrith', circa 1840s. 118 cm long

A rare German under & over flintlock cap gun with unusual swivel barrel, stamped 'Gross Mezeritsch', Circa 1840. 107 cm long

Small Lantaka swivel gun, approx 45.5cm overall, about 12 gauge calibre

A cast iron signalling cannon, late 19th/20th century, the carriage with a brass plate embossed 'Buccaneer Gun Works' and numbered 'B108', length of barrel 52 cm

Turkish flint-lock wall gun in the 16th century style with pierced brass work. 155 cm.

A miniature silver gun, the silver gun having engraved decoration and accompanied by a miniature bullet, total length 35mm

Antique camel gun, carved bone stock, brass strapped long barrel (No Licence Required)

Britain's Royal Artillery Gun World War I Pattern field gun (possibly 18 pounder) boxed, cap gun action

Antique single shot percussion shot gun (No Licence Required). Approx 91 cm long

An East Indonesian gun barrel c.17. Provenance: from the collection of Desalwi, Sultan of Bunda 69 cm

German World War II period flare gun, serial (8101. ac 41).

Oil on board gun dog chasing pheasant 38 cm high, 79 cm wide

Leather gun holster & belt marked 'Bidal & Piat. Leather Gun Holster & Belt Marked 'Bidal & Piat Paris'

Percussion hand gun, Fenton London, incomplete

Rustic painted fine cream box along with a long gun case, approx 165 cm long (2)

A Japanese type 97 flare gun, Stamped KFC, barrel length 10 cm long

English double barrel percussion goose gun by W. Moore & Son, with powder flask and box

Two brass and iron scale model cannons, late 19th century/ early 20th century, one with a three stage brass barrel, the other with an iron barrel, ringed muzzle and knop cascabels, on an iron mounted stepped wood carriage with brass trucks, the brass barre

A 12 gauge muzzle loading pistol made from a Hollis & Son shot gun. Mahogany stock. Length 36 cm

Pom Pom (Anti-Aircraft Gun), model with 'Astra. Made in England'. Some age wear and paint loss, generally Good condition

A Simson Suhl side by side Shotgun 12 gauge 12/70 W Nitro 1064 24565. Gun Licences are required for the following rifles

James Purdey 16 bore muzzle loading black powder shotgun, serial No. 2386, London proved Damascus barrels stamped J.P. With platinum plugs and line at breech, the barrels have been struck up ready for rebrowning with loss of address on the rib, the barrels

A fine cased scale model of an Mlr gun and Traversing platform, by R. Low, No. 244, Burrage Road, Plumstead, dated, 1868, the gun and its traversing carriage mounted on a raised decked plinth with modellers plaque and surrounded by a second gun and an arra

A cased fine quality English side by side double barrel Shotgun by P. Webley & Son, serial number 37335, mahogany stock, double triggers, and decorated with fine scrolling foliate engraving, the barrel named P. Webley & Son 78 Shaftsbury Ave, London, the g

12 Pdr Gunnade (Carronade with Trunnions), circa mid to late 19th century 4.6' Cal, nominal 12 pdr; barrel weight 450 kgs, total weight 600 kgs; 1.2 mts length; cupped muzzle as were the guns from the Carron iron foundry; entire surface pitted but stabilis