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A vintage ornamental bronze cannon. An antique style canon on a gun carriage. Height 20 cm. Length 41 cm. Width 15.5 cm

An Armstrong cast iron cannon, and four wheel carriage, dated 1857, Inscribed to the top plate 'sir James Lorimer A..C.M.G., M.Lc.,1857', and 'Sir W. G. Armstrong M......, 1837', further plate to the side of the cannon embossed'Sir W.G.

Bronze signalling cannon with original timber truck. Condition good, age related wear. Total length 66 cm

Modern casting in bronze of a British military cannon of the 18th century. Approx 66cm overall with bore of approx 5cm. Cast with cipher of G III R. No other markings apparent. Would look great on either a field carriage or naval carriage.

A large and heavy full size cast iron ships cannon and carriage, 19th century, the barrel 127 cm long, the ball aperture 8 cm

A cast iron signalling cannon, late 19th/20th century, the carriage with a brass plate embossed 'Buccaneer Gun Works' and numbered 'B108', length of barrel 52 cm

Miniature cannon, W.R.A. & Co USA (working), 18 cm high, 43 cm long

An early 20th century brass signalling cannon by Galbraith & Sons, New York, USA

Cannon ball holder with broad arrow and George IV and crown impressed mark

Three cast iron canon balls, diameter approximately 16 to 18 cm

Spanish 1/6 scale model of a Napoleon III field cannon (working model), approx. 29 cm x 40 cm

Two brass and iron scale model cannons, late 19th century/ early 20th century, one with a three stage brass barrel, the other with an iron barrel, ringed muzzle and knop cascabels, on an iron mounted stepped wood carriage with brass trucks, the brass barre

A small reproduction bronze cannon muzzle loading with wooden carriage, by Connecticut Valley arms. Length 19 cm

A pair of late 18th century pocket pistols, Queen Anne style with screw off cannon barrels and engraved lock plate. The walnut butt with inlaid silver scroll wire detail. Signed Hadley, London. One missing a flint clamp and screw. Length 21 cm

An early Victorian leather Canon Muzzle cover, black with painted coat of arms. Height 54 cm

Militaria: British Royal artillery brass 9 pd field piece employed at Waterloo. (1815) miniature cannon on board, L/edition 122/156. Original brass plaque reading, 'Built in England to the Scale of 1/10th For Anthony Joseph Keville Esq' and another similar

Rare brass/bronze signal cannon, used to be fired by Noel Cole at moose Lodge, lake Rotoiti each year. He would dress up as General Custer on the anniversary of the battle of little Big horn

Dutch antique style bronze signal cannon mid 20th century cast bronze, mounted on wooden stand cannon length 83 cm

Cannon group c1980 including, cameras; cannon T 90, '-1 black body, 8mm autofocus movie camera. Lenses; zoom lens Fd 35-70mm 1:35-4.5, Fd 28mm 1:2.8, zoom lens Fd 70-210mm 1:4, zoom lens Fd 35-105mm 1:3.5. Tripod, flash unit, light meter, power winder, Sun

Brass model of an Admiralty type cannon, raised on a stepped chromed ebonised plinth base. Length 70 cm

A Cast Iron Winchester Model 98 12, Barrel Signal Canon ex The 'Moana', designed and patented 1901 and used on the 'Moana' for the Auckland to Tauranga yacht race, circa 1907. Note: firing hammer absent

Model of brass naval cannon re-enforced stepped barrel with cannon muzzle; wooden naval carriage with wooden wheels.

Old brass model British naval cannon flared muzzle; stepped barrel; wooden carriage (30.5 cm); wooden wheels and iron furniture; overall length 53 cm

12 Pdr Gunnade (Carronade with Trunnions), circa mid to late 19th century 4.6' Cal, nominal 12 pdr; barrel weight 450 kgs, total weight 600 kgs; 1.2 mts length; cupped muzzle as were the guns from the Carron iron foundry; entire surface pitted but stabilis

Working model of Captain Cook's cannon English 4PDR; 90 cm iron stepped and re-enforced barrel with Georgian cypher; on wooden carriage and wheels with brass fittings; with a compliment of accessories.

Model naval cannon iron stepped barrel; with re-enforcing rings; heavy wooden carriage with iron rimmed wheels.

Model of Sir W. Armstrong harbour defence cannon; 26 cm aged brass barrel dated 1860; on polished brass carriage engraved Sir W.E.Armstrong Newcastle-Tyne; with rope lanyard.

Presentation model cannon 29 cm stepped brass barrel with Victorian coat of arms: dated 1861; wooden carriage atop swivel carriage; silver plaque engraved Presented to the Navy and military club of Victoria by Lt. Col. G.B.Appleton Vice President 1927.

Scale model of Captain Cook's cannon, English 4PDR; 5:1 scale; 37 cm iron stepped barrel with Georgian cypher; black painted finish; on wooden wheeled naval carriage.

French Naval Architecture: 'Le Vaisseau De 74 Canons' by Jean Boudriot in 4 volumes [Paris, 1977]; plus books by Boudriot & Berti, 'La Venus 1782' [Paris, 1980]; 'Le Cerf 1779-1780' [Paris 1981]; 'Le Cygne 1806-1808' [Paris, 1981]. (4 items)

Circa 1930's Model Canon 'Zamzamah.' Made by Indian Ordinance Factory, Lahore. L 18 cm

Small metal and brass model Gatling cannon together with a miniature chrome cannon

19th century brass mounted blunderbuss, the all brass canon barrel fitted with a spring loaded bayonet, horn mounted ram rod, leading to the action fitted, marked with a crowned P and V, a top jaw screw, and striking steel and pan cover, terminating to a w

19th century brass mounted blunderbuss, the all brass canon barrel fitted with a spring loaded bayonet, horn mounted ram rod, leading to the action fitted, marked with a crowned BCf, a top jaw screw, and striking steel and pan cover, terminating to a walnu