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An 18th century Indian copy of a British flintlock musket - ex Thompson Collection unmarked, in poor condition

A musket with percussion cap lock most likely continental, circa 1840s. 124 cm long

An Afghan Jezail Flintlock Musket 18th / 19th century, Flintlock mechanism stamped Wright, 1803, and further insignia metal overlay ornamentation, ramrod present. 154.5 cm total length

A 19th century percussion musket the lock with rampant lion emblem and large brass trigger guard. Brass fittings, ramrod and triangular socket bayonet. Sling and swivels. Length 1,400

A 19th century British tower percussion musket. with brass butt plate, trigger guard and fittings (ramrod missing). Barrel with stamps and proof marks. Length 1,400

An India pattern British army Percussion Musket, complete with ram rod

Windsor Percussion rifled musket, 577 cal: 39 ' barrel:p bore: standard front and rear sights: slide missing from rear sight: lock marked with Royal Cypher Windsor 1856: mellow brass regulation furniture: wear to profiles and markings: silver grey finish a

French pattern 1842-3 band percussion musket, 69 cal, 40.5 ' barrel, plain unmarked lock, iron regulation furniture, slight wear to profiles, dark blackish patina to all metal, good looking stock with a couple of areas of old borer holes, complete with swi

U.S model 1816 Flintlock musket by Pomeroy 69 cal 42 ' barrel secured vy 3 bands, breech marked US 1826, lock marked L Pomeroy US 1826, fitted with a re enforced cock and brass pan, iron regulation furniture, wear to profiles, patchy grey patina to barrel,

U.S model 1837 Musket converted from a flintlock 1816 Musket by Harpers Ferry 69 Cal 42 inch barrel secured by 3 bands, front sight pin missing, Enfield type ladder rear sight fitted, bore: lock marked Harpers Ferry 1837 eagle and Us: iron regulation furni

U.S model 1863 Percussion rifled musket, 48 cal, 38 inch inch barrel, standard front and rear sights leaf missing, lock marked with eagle and U.S Springfield and dated 1865, iron regulation furniture with barrel bands retained by sprints, slight wear to pr

An East India Co. Bess Flintlock musket, 75 caliber, 36 inch barrel, the lock marked 'Moore & Eic', brass regulation furniture, with steel rammer complete with sling and bayonet, good condition

A British flintlock brown Bess musket, 75caliber, 32 inch barrel, the lock marked Bramder 1781 - 1827, Regulation brass furniture, solid sideplate niche comb stock, wood replaced in forend, crisp action, steel rammer

Acar Ruth Charleville style musket, embellished for Militia Presentation, after an early Harpers Ferry production, dated 1818 the barrel fitted with a bayonet, steel ram rod, and later mounting leading to the action surmounted by a top jaw screw, and strik

Tower 19th century 'Black Bess' flintlock musket, the barrel fitted with a bayonet, horn mounted ram rod, leading to the action surmounted by a top jaw screw, and striking steel and pan cover, terminating to a walnut stock. Length 144 cm, overall length 17