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The kukri is a knife or small sword, with an inward curving blade used by the Nepalese both as a weapon, a tool and in ceremonies. It is the traditional weapon of the Gurkha soldiers. They are usually about 40 cm long, but a sacrificial kukri was sold in Sydney in 2013 that was 73 cm long.
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A World War II English Army Gurkha Kukri plain flared grip marked JNB43 solid leather scabbard unissued, blade length 34 cm

Early Northern Indian Kukri. Incised decoration of elephants & tiger. Likely 19th century.Provenance: Bungan Castle Museum collection. Length 54 cm

Fine old Ghurkha kukri with scabbard. 430mm overall with 310mm very heavy down curved blade of traditional form, continuous tang. Brass mounted hilt with ivory grip scales. Leather covered wooden scabbard with leather suspension loops. A weapon intended fo

Ghurka kukri with scabbard, b lack leather covered scabard, 42 cm total

Choice old Ghurka kukri with scabbard. 41.5 cm overall with 32 cm heavy down curved blade of traditional form with some engraved decoration and an inlaid Nepalese inscription. Ivory hilt. Silver mounted leather covered wooden scabbard with numerous pockets

Choice old Ghurka kukri with scabbard. 42.5 cm overall with 32.5 cm heavy down curved blade of traditional form. Horn hilt with carved beast's head pommel. Silver mounted leather covered wooden scabbard with two en suite companion tools at rear.

A 20th century Gurkha kukri knife, with a small one. Length 44 cm. (2)

Hunting horn, wooden police baton & Kukri knife, early to mid 20th century. Longest 39 cm. (3 items)

A Nepalese Gurkha Kukri 12 inch blade with small chip to point. Pin chiselled foliage to ½ of right hand side of blade under fuller. Traditional hilt with lion head pommel with horn and ivory grip. White pressed metal fittings in traditional pattern, to sc

Modern example of a Kukri knife with two smaller examples and sheath

Two Kukri marked Colig II 1916 in sheaths, 40 cm long & other shorter (2)

Kukri with smaller knives to sheath along with another example (2)

A gurkha Kukri of 'longleaf type' housed in a leather scabbard with two smaller knives, 20th century, 43 cm including scabbard