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An Indian Haladie - three bladed dagger 19th century length 53.5 cm

World War I American trench dagger. Marked: US. Lf & C 1917, blade length 22.5 cm

A Wilkinson trophy dagger celebrating 150 years of WA & the Police Pipe Band, blade length 26.5 cm

A Victorian ladies garter dagger D.E. Plain blade and engraved ivory grip, blade length 11 cm

A Nazi Luftwaffe 1st. Mod dress dagger with scabbard & alloy/leather suspension straps, blade length 31 cm

A Georgian dagger with D.E Wavy blade Ricasso with 1006 184 one piece antler grip, brass cross guard and pommel, blade length 20 cm

A Fairbairn Sykes dagger with one piece brass Hilt unknown Variant Indonesian, blade length 16.6 cm

A Fairbairn Sykes dagger cross guard marked England, blade length 17.5 cm

A Fairbairn Sykes dagger beautifully blued presentation dagger etched Wilkinson blade, blade length 17.5 cm

A Fairbairn Sykes dagger cross guard Venture/Slater, blade length 17.5 cm

An English Fairbairn Sykes dagger cross guard with Nato 95. 1977, blade length 17.5 cm

A World War II Japanese naval officers dress dagger with scabbard, blade length 20 cm

A Nazi Navy officers dress dagger model 1936 in scabbard, blade length 25 cm

An English Georgian Navy boarding dagger tapered plain blade and one piece brass marked 1803, ring pommel, blade length 16 cm

A Nazi officers army dress dagger model 1936, with orange grip in scabbard, blade length 25 cm

A German World War I Demag bayonet, trench dagger blade marked 'Demag and Duisberg', blade length 15 cm

A Nazi SA officers dress dagger complete with carrying straps and scabbard etched on blade 'Every One For Germany' in German, blade length 22 cm

A Nazi SS Gestapo dress dagger together with carrying buckles, straps with scabbard a sleeper with etched blade 'My Honour Is My Loyalty' in German, blade length 22 cm

A German Army Nazi World War II medical dress dagger without a point and has saw teeth with heavy steel scabbard, blade length 27 cm

A Hitler youth dagger with checked grip and inlet red and white swastika, blade worn, ricasso with Rf M/7/27 - 1937 and German makers name and 'Blood & Honour' in German, blade length 14 cm

A Tibetan iron Phurba dagger, 19th/20th century or earlier, the handle with a face of a makahala, the triangular pointed blade with intertwined decoration, 20.7 cm long

Two daggers with tapering double edged blades, Central Asian, 19th century, silver wires on leather straps, with silver metal rings and pendants, dagger L 32 cm

A replica of a Third Reich SS Honour dagger, spear point blade, brass embossed oak leaf fittings, T-back scabbard and grip with eagle to center of grip

An Ottoman tribal silver sheath with dagger, with camel leather back

Burmese silver dagger, 21 cm long approx. (tested)

Imperial Russian World War 1 naval officers dirk dagger, 35 cm long approx

A rare fine ivory handled dagger with silver collar & guard, Burma, 18th/19th century, a rose gold band between silver collar & ivory handle, a distal taper blade to the cutting edge & tip, incised, the wooden sheath bound in silver strapping,

An African ivory dagger, with circular decorations on handle. Provenance: purchased in Mombasa, Kenya, in the mid 20th century.

French Napoleon III hunting dagger, well cast grip, hoof form guards, stitched leather scabard, double fulled blade, polished, total length 56 cm

Indo-Persian double bladed dagger decorated silver kaftkari, circa 19th century, Islamic inscription

A Tibetan Buddhist ritual dagger, the cast brass hilt surmounted by three faces forming a pommel above a hilt with intricate decoration fixed to a spear point tri--form steel blade. Length 24 cm

A World War II German Luftwaffe Second Pattern dress dagger a good example of a 2nd Luftwaffe Dagger marked 17 on the tang, with original portepee and hangers. The bright period upgraded plated blade on this piece looks great. It has a tight fit, sharp tip

Japanese naval officers dagger with scabbard, shagreen decorated grip, 33 cm, overal length

An antique dagger with ivory handle and acid etched blade, early to mid 19th century, possibly German. 23.5 cm

A important and rare Turkish jambia with scabbard of mid to late 17th century date, approx 30 cm overall with 18 cm curved double edged blade of convex section of very finely watered steel. The ricasso with partial gilt koftgari inscriptions on both faces.

19th century very finely carved ivory dagger the grip & sheath carved with numerous figures of village life below tree & clouds, 20.5 cm blade length & 32 cm overall length complete with slotted knife