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A British 1944 SMLE machete paratroopers bayonet. Failed as a bayonet and machete - now scarce small arrow on blade pommel numbered 4565 and complete with composition contoured Mk 2 bayonet grip and correct scabbard, blade length 28.5 cm

A German World War I Demag bayonet, trench dagger blade marked 'Demag and Duisberg', blade length 15 cm

French lebel bayonet with scabbard. White metal grip, approx 65 cm long

British No. 4 bayonet with scabbard, approx 26 cm long

French lebel bayonet with scabbard steel grip, approx 64 cm long

British No. 9 bayonet with scabbard and frog, approx 27 cm long

British No. 4 bayonet with scabbard, approx 25 cm long

French lebel bayonet with scabbard brass grip, approx 64 cm long overall

French lebel bayonet with scabbard steel grip, approx 64 cm long overall.

French lebel bayonet with scabbard. Brass grip, approx 68 cm long overall.

Martini Henry pattern 1887 Mark I bayonet with Fuller flat bolt spring and four rivet hand grip, with original scabbard, 62 cm

Antique French M1874 Gras bayonet, St Etienne 1879, a clean example with a brass pommel and sound wooden grips. T shaped polished steel blade, rare matching numbers on scabbard and hilt P 21287, approx 66 cm long

Antique French gras bayonet and scabbard, matching numbers circa 1870's, approx 66 cm long

Two antique French socket bayonets, approx 53 cm long (2)

GERMAN NAZI RLB LUFTSHUTZ CIVIL DEFENSE BAYONET, steel scabbard, with attached portepee, approx 37 cm L circa 1940

Pair of mid 19th century candlesticks exceptionally well made from socket bayonets and grapeshot, approx 30 cm high

1856 Martini Henry sword bayonet leather grip, metal scabbard

1917 Remington United States bayonet, with scabbard and belt attachment

3 French Bayonets 1866 Chassepo7 with scabbard 1874 Gras Epes with scabbard 1886 LeBd bayonet with scabbard

Commonwealth pattern 1907 bayonet. Chrome plated. Stamped with date and wooden hand plates also marked. Length 57 cm

A World War 2 Lee-Enfield no.1, Mk III, Deactivated 303, rifle with bayonet, dated 1943 with canvas strap, rifle length 113 cm

A Brown Bess socket bayonet by S.Dawes, engraved 'No.43', 55 cm, Provenance: Property originally of Thomas Scott (1800-1855), Mt Morriston Tasmania,

Australian theatre made trench knife with scabbard made from a P1907 bayonet, approx 32 cm long

A World War I Greek Gras Rifle Bayonet 1874 Patern The Gras rifle, introduced in 1874, was a conversion of the Chassepot rifle in order to allow it to take a metallic cartridge. Introduced at the same time, the Gras bayonet was a departure from the design