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Shinshinto Wakizashi sword the blade unsigned, ubu blade, with a long kissaki. the blade is in worn old polish, showing fine scratches but no rust, no stains or flaws. the hamon is gunome pattern & has deep turn back temper at the point. the forging gr

A British Army Veterinary Corp. officer's sword and scabbard, etched blade marked 'Timewell, Sackville St., London', at the ricasso, the pierced brass guard with crown cipher, sharkskin and wire bound grip, attached associated ribbon and potape

A Current issue Matadors Killing sword, blade length 81 cm

A late Victorian Scottish basket Hilted broad sword with scabbard, blade length 74 cm

An Ethiopian sword with long curved etched blade made in UK, then made up grip - has old repair, blade length 78 cm

An Arabic sword Nimcha with silver coins in pommel dated 1777, blade length 78 cm

An Odd guard Less sword from Zanzibar, blade length 49.5 cm

A Victorian Masonic sword with scabbard, blade length 71.8 cm

A light weight Colichemarde sword mid 17th century, plain tapered blade of the type between rapiers and small swords, blade length 81 cm

A heavy Indian Khanda Hilted Firang, fighting Mans sword, blade length 77 cm

A special Order sword by Wilkinson Excalitur Conclave June 2nd 1924, blade length 71 cm

A Chinese court sword with scabbard, blade length 41.5 cm

A UK civil war, multi Fullered long blade sword, circa 1650, blade length 98 cm

A Duelling Rapier sword mid Victorian, blade length 84 cm

A Chinese boxer Rebellion sword, circa 1800, blade length 70 cm

An 18th Cent. Hungarian short sword blade with Astrological markings, blade length 67 cm

A Russian Shasqua sword multiple markings on pommel / scabbard, blade length 79.5 cm

An Argentine short sword for clearing bush & other jobs. Model 1909 plain blade made in Germany swell tip, steel scabbard, matching numbers D03447, blade length 38 cm

Antique short sword and scabbard, approx 75 cm long

Wakizashi sword with a gilt bronze raised kashira, a sheaf shaped menuki, signed blade, a plain tsuka, all in a shagreen saya. Length of blade 46.5 cm

A Victorian 1831 pattern, General officers Mameluke sword mid to late 19th century, with VR cipher with metal scabbard length 99 cm

A signed Uchigatana Koto sword (1600 or earlier), inscription "Echizen" being a known sword making city

1854 pattern British Grenadier Guards sword Named to Maurice Thrupp Killed in action 1917

A Masonic sword with leather sheath C. 1910, gilt hilt and guillion with pearl shell scale, silver plated blade. Masonic emblems in pommel. Lodge number 18. Length 94.5 cm

A Mameluke sword, marine ivory handle with finely engraved scabbard, early to mid 19th century, 95 cm

An Officer's parade sword, English, 19th century, with acid etched blade and crown cipher, 85 cm

An English Officer's parade sword with acid etched blade and E.R. VII cipher to hand guard, early 20th century, 96 cm

An Austro-Hungarian pioneer short sword with leather scabbard, circa 1889 length 66 cm

A Chinese sword with ornate tortoiseshell and brass scabbard, 19th century, 58 cm long, Provenance: Property of a Gentleman, Melbourne

Scarce late 18th / early 19th century sword with scabbard. Embossed brass mounted ivory grip, curved fullered blade, brass scabbard engraved '18th regiment'

A superb antique presentation sword of the Scottish rifle by Thurkle of London, based on the pattern 1826 rifle officer's sword with post 1895 pattern blade, but of a far higher standard. Beautifully embossed plated steel guard with Queen Victoria crown, s

A collection of weaponry comprising of three rifles and five swords and replica axe

Knights Templar sword, marked M.C. Lilley and Co, Columbus Ohio

Wakizashi sword with a gilt bronze raised kashira, a sheaf shaped menuki, the tsuka covered in samegawa, with a flower decorated fuchi. the tsuba is decorated with three lillies to one side & a wading bird to the other, symbolising honorability. All in

A parade sword, by Wilkinson Gun & Sword Maker, Pall Mall, London with Queen Victoria cipher, folding guard, shargreen grip and scabbard, 105 cm