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An old green river skinning knife s/e, blade length 14 cm

A tourist Gambia knife from Syria with scabbard, blade length 17 cm

A Bowie knife with Dominoes grip d e etched tapered blade, blade, length 18.5 cm

An English Bowie knife with antler grip large bowie blade with clipped point by Middleton & Sons, blade length 25.5 cm

An Australian Aircrew Survival knife used by World War II, US & UK Airmen, plain Se blade with small hooked tip alloy slab sided alloy grip in leather scabbard looks unissued, blade length 19.8 cm

A knife of unknown Origins with hollow metal hilt, s.e blade engraved 1854 small extra knife screw into pommel, blade length 12.5 cm

A knife from Afghanistan with ram's head grip, crude iron blade for harvesting ripe poppy pods, extracting crude opium, blade length 7 cm

A World War II English Army survival knife with heavy English S.E. Blade in modified leather scabbard, made by Wilkinson, blade length 18 cm

A Spanish Special Forces fighting knife Bolo shaped saw backed blade, etched blade with crowned Fn in heavy duty World War II leather scabbard, blade length 14 cm

Indonesian knife with a silver and wood scabbard, 19/20th century, length 26 cm

A US M8 Combat knife, carved wooden grip army green scabbard marked "U.S. M8", complete with canvas webbing frog

An Australian hand forged custom made bowie knife with fine damascus steel blade and fiddleback blackwood handle by Alistair Bastian, blade marked Bastian, 50 cm long

A 19th century Bowie knife with coffin handle, blade marked 'M.Price, San Fran. this knife is in the style of John Brown who made the original Bowie knife for Jim Bowie who was killed at the Alamo, Texas. 35 cm long

Big game hunter’;s belt axe / hammer with combination knife and tools incorporated in the grip, approx 24 cm long

Victorian ivory handled pruning knife, in original leather scabbard

Scarce Australian World War II era commando knife with scabbard by East Bros. Made in Australia under contract for the US Government. Cross guard is stamped 'U.S 1944', approx 31 cm long overall

J. A. HENCKELS. SOLINGEN ZWILLINGSWERK Hitler youth knife, the motto Blut und Ehre (blood and Honor!) is present and legible though faded GES.GESCH√úTZT, approx 25 cm long ( fair condition)

Argentinian gaucho knife, by Juca, Tandil, with scabbard 28 cm long

Australian theatre made trench knife with scabbard made from a P1907 bayonet, approx 32 cm long

A large high quality copy Kyber knife rolled back blade, two piece wood grip, complete with leather sheath

German Hitler Youth Knife Transitional RZM and Maker Marked This is a rare 1939 dated transitional style Hitler Youth knife. The blade maker marked while also having the RZM 1939 markings near the handle of the blade

A French World War I Lebel Bayonet France adopted the Lebel repeating rifle in 1886, an epee bayonet designed by Colonel Capdeveille being adopted for the rifle at the same time. The bayonet is an unusual design, for its epee spike (knife bayonets predomin

Early and rare Gaucho knife with scabbard of 19th century date. 370mm overall with 255mm single edged spear pointed blade stamped with a snake, 'cast steel' and ATCL within an oval. The simple hilt of one piece carved horn. Scabbard of leather with

Silver plated engraved knife with damascas type grains to the blade with a foliate engraved scabbard. Condition good, some minor wear. Length 47 cm

Vintage hunting knife in leather pouch, length 37 cm approx (in case)

Bowie knife by John Coe stamped '. I PREFER, SHEFFIELD'., ebony handle with German metal fittings and original embossed leather scabbard, 19th century. 28 cm

United States Ka-Bar combat knife with scabbard. 305mm overall with 175mm parkerised blade stamped 'U.S. Camillus N.Y.' and finely engraved 'ODA- 732. 7th Special Forces GP. (ABN)' and special forces insignia. Steel cross guard and pommel,

Old Burmese knife of good quality. 340mm overall with 200mm slightly down curved single edged blade of hand forged steel. The silver mounted wooden hilt finely inlaid with geometric designs in silver wire.

Old Burmese knife and scabbard of good quality. 360mm overall with 220mm slightly down curved single edged blade of hand forged steel. The hilt and scabbard of silver with fine decoration

19th century very finely carved ivory dagger the grip & sheath carved with numerous figures of village life below tree & clouds, 20.5 cm blade length & 32 cm overall length complete with slotted knife

A late Victorian Scottish dirk, the 24cm. single edge steel blade with narrow fuller and scalloped back edge, the baluster grip well carved with basket weave set with white metal studs, the knot pommel set with a foil backed 'Cairngorm', the black leather

Fairbairn Sykes Commando knife, World War II period with leather scabbard. 29 cm

Bowie knife stamped 'Old Judge', blade engraved 'Sharpe Justice', horn handle with inscription 'A Gift From All Ranks 55 Regt. Of Foot To Capt. R.T.Flexon Master Of The Leopard, July 1855'. 41 cm. This knife is featured in the book 'In Defence Of Lives & P

An antique Burmese ivory handled knife with a timber and Metalwork scabbard, probably 19th to early 20th century, the hand forged knife with a silvered hilt decorated with fine decorative bands and housed in a similarly embellished timber scabbard. Length

Australian World War II era knife by Whittingslow, approx 28 cm overall with 15 cm single edged blade.