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A candelabra is a multi-branched candelstick for use on a large table. In addition to the central stem, they may have between two and six branches. Long ago made redundant through electrification, their purpose these days is decorative. They were sometimes made in sets of two or more., although very few sets have survived. Most commonly they were made in silver and silver plate from the mid 17th century, but other materials used were ceramic and pewter. Silver candelabra often had a flame shaped finial that fitted in each candle socket when the candlelabra was not in use. As an aid to cleaning, the ornate arms are often removeable. The plural of candelabra is either candelabra or candelabrum

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A pair of Old Sheffield plate candelabra, with tapering columns on round gadrooned bases rising to urn shaped nozzles with sconces, circa 1840. Height 55 cm.

A pair of George III silver candlesticks in the Adam's manner, with swag decorated urn shaped nozzles, removable drip-pans, raised on tapering columns with conforming swagged capitals supported from square plinth bases with beaded edges. Sheffield 1780 by

A pair of mid-19th century Sheffield Plate candlesticks, the urn shaped finials with removable pans, raised on tapering columns from circular spreading bases, all decorated with elegant scroll mouldings. Height 28 cm

A pair of early 19th century Sheffield plated candlesticks, the urn shaped nozzles with removable drip pans, raised on inverse baluster columns with acanthus mouldings, supported from fluted circular stepped bases with scroll embossing. c.1830. Height 20 c

A late 18th century Sheffield Plate candelabra, with three vase shaped nozzles raised on sinuous arms from a central candlestick, supported on a tapering column from a decoratively moulded circular base. Height 55 cm

A pair of antique Sheffield plate candlesticks, the rounded column with ribbed detail to a large circular base. Height 23 cm, circa 1840.

A pair of Old Sheffield Plate column candlesticks, with tapering columns, urn shaped nozzles with decorative foliate knops and borders, raised on circular domed bases. Height 28 cm

A pair of early 20th century silver candlesticks, with gun barrel columns with ribbon swags and bows, bead edged removable nozzles, raised on spreading square plinth bases with conforming swags and bead edges. Sheffield 1920 by Thomas Bradbury & Sons L

Geo. III Sheffield plated telescopic candlesticks, height 27 cm approx (extended)

Pair Sheffield plate candle sticks, each with provision for two candles on extended arms. Height 60 cm (each)

A pair of early Victorian Sheffield plate candlestick. 24 cm high.

A pair of Victorian Sheffield silver plate candlesticks 19th century, with maker's mark for James Dixon & Sons. The sticks with stiff leaf shaped capitals with removable floriform dishes above reed cluster pillars to stepped square bases with borde

A pair of Edward V silver candlesticks, Sheffield 1905 in Adams style 29 cm high

A pair of Georgian style silver taper sticks, William Charles Fordham & Albert Faulkner / Sheffield /, circa 1952, weighted, each with a slender baluster stem, rising to a flared drip pan, on a shaped square foot, 13.5 cm high

An Antique Sheffield plate three branch candelabra, circa 1820, 62 cm high

A pair of Sheffield plated candelabra, 19th century. 48 cm

A seven branch Old Sheffield plate candelabrum c. 1850, 50 cm high

A pair of Sheffield plated candlesticks, 19th century. 29 cm

A pair of Sheffield plate column candlesticks, 19th century, the Corinthian style columns with removable shaped nozzles with beaded trims having trailing oak leaves and acorns to the column, raised on stepped and beaded bases; unmarked. Height 16.5 cm

An Antique Sheffield plate pair of candlesticks with raised leaf and scroll decoration, circa 1830, 27.5 cm high

An Antique Sheffield plate pair of candlesticks on square base, circa 1800, 16 cm high

A collection of Sheffield plated silverware, comprising a pair of three branch candelabra, two single branch candelabras and one other, 34 cm high, 40 cm wide, 18 cm high. Provenance: The Estate of the Late Annie Coogan

Candlesticks. Early 19th century Sheffield plate English (telescopic)

A pair of George III silver candlesticks, Sheffield 1805, each with tapering reeded standard, drip pans and stepped circular base, makers marks rubbed, weighted, 32 cm high.

A pair of George III silver candlesticks, Smith, Tate and Co. (Nicholson and Hoult), Sheffield, 1814, (2) each chased with acanthus leaf and foliate borders the tapering stem with lobed lower section, raised on circular foot, loaded, detachable sconces, (2

Pair of Sheffield plate telescopic candlesticks maker Robert Smith 1828, height 21.5 cm approx

A George IV period single silver candlestick, ornately embossed with leaves, flowers and scrolls in the French manner. Sheffield 1821. Height 17 cm

Pair of antique Sheffield plate chamber sticks complete with snuffers

A pair of silver column candlesticks, with octagonal tapering columns supporting conforming urn nozzles, raised from octagonal spreading stepped plinth bases. Sheffield 1932 by Hawksworth Eyre & Co. Ltd. Height 31 cm

Pair of Sheffield plated telescopic candlesticks, George III, with spiral threaded telescopic movement, 24 cm high approx

A pair of George II silver candlesticks by Thomas settle, Sheffield 1819. The heavily embossed floral and foliate tapered column on embossed stepped circular spread foot, weighted bases, sconces of a later date, 32 cm height.

A Sheffield silverplate chamberstick by Henry Wilkinson (1825-1845)

A pair of Sheffield silverplate chambersticks with extinguishers (1800-1820)

A pair of William IV silver candlesticks with moulded columns and shaped square bases; S.C.Younge & Co., Sheffield 1830, (pitch filled) height 29 cm

A pair of outstanding 19th century William IV silver 'transitional' seven light candelabras. England. Circa 1835. The Sheffield plate base metal with some electroplated parts. The six rococo style foliate scroll branches, each on a leaf moulded baluster co

Pair Sheffield plate silver telescopic candle sticks. Gadroon decoration and two sconces. Private collection, Sydney. Height 22 cm

Pair of 19th century Old Sheffield plate candlesticks (2)