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A gold and diamond stick pin. The antique pin converting to a shirt stud. 15ct rose gold. Weight 4.83 grams. Boxed.

A gold stick pin, the finely crafted horse in textured and polished finish. 9ct yellow gold. Weight 5.71 grams. Length 6.3 cm.

Victorian gold single cabochon garnet stick pin and other pin of pearl and diamond

Sword stick pin, featuring a floral design enamel handle in 9ct yellow gold, approx. Weight 1.9 grams

An Australian gold and opal cameo stick pin by Frederick Basse, Adelaide, circa 1900, set with a solid boulder opal carved with a profile of Ceres, the Greek goddess of agriculture, marked 'Basse/18C', 18 carat yellow gold, in a fitted velvet box

A gold stick pin, the stick pin of free form design. Yellow gold. Weight 3.94 grams: and and a 9ct yellow gold ring set with a solid jelly opal. Size K. Weight 3.41 grams.

Tie Pin with St.George reverse 1915 gold Sovereign.

12ct gold and diamond stick pin weight: approx 1.1 grams (not marked but tested as 12ct)

A quality diamond set Stickpin, 18ct yellow gold, made as a modern diamond set stickpin featuring a single brilliant cut diamond of approximately 0.23ct, bezel set, flanked by two sprays of gold, connecting to gold pin. Length 7 cms

A yellow diamond stick pin, rub set with a round brilliant cut yellow diamond estimated in the setting as 0.25ct Vs in 18ct gold

9ct gold Tasmania stick pin, total weight: approx 1.5 grams

9ct gold stickpin with green stone Tiki, weight: 2.1 grams

Boxed 9ct gold, solid opal stick pin in Hardy Bros Australia box, opal as inspected

Two 9ct yellow gold stick pins, one stick pin, heart shaped with a pearl and a circular pin with a red paste gemstone. Wt 3.6grams

An antique Victorian greyhound stick pin, modelled as standing and lying dogs. Yellow gold. Length 1.6cm.

Collection of thirty-one diamond, gem-set, enamel, gold and metal stick pins, including: two reverse painted crystals of a fox's head and horse's head, five with enamel and gem encrusted insects, hummingbird, fox heads and British bulldog, six gem-set hors

10ct yellow gold and crystal opal tie pin weight: approx 1.3 grams (back not included in weight)

A gold stick pin with white stone; 9ct gold. Weight 0.7g.

1912 Stockholm Olympics: Participant's Badge (irregular 25 x 37mm) & Stick Pin (sometimes referred to as the flag-bearer's pin). Ex William Alexander, manager of Australasia's (Australia & NZ combined) Athletics team.

15ct yellow gold and turquoise stick pin, approx 2.1 (without protector)

A gold nugget stick pin, freeform nugget, 9ct gold pin. Fitted box. Total weight 4.6g.

An antique diamond stick pin, modelled as an eagle with a ruby set eye and a diamond in its mouth, in 15ct gold

An antique citrine and diamond stick pin, centrally set with an oval cut citrine with rose cut diamond detail, set in 15ct gold

A gold Masonic pin on ribbon, 9ct yellow gold, Masonic with ref no 66, presented as a triple scrolled banner of gold, connecting to a drop length of grosgrain ribbon, fitted with bail suspending a vertical drop sword, dated 1930 to reverse, completed with

An antique diamond marsupial stick pin set with old European and mine cut diamonds and having a garnet set eye, mounted in gold and silver.

9ct Regard stick pin, with 9ct bean stick pin

Egyptian enamel scarab beatle 850 silver tie pin along with another (2)

Three stick pins including a pearl and diamond flower, pearl and a silver and blue paste gemstone pin

A 9ct yellow gold sapphire stick pin, circa 1920, one round sapphire, 1.40ct, bright yellow green in colour. Total weight 1.2grams.

Three stick pins including a gold and diamond pin and two pearl pins

Two gold stick pins; a 15ct horseshoe with riding crop on a 9ct pin, other a 9ct horseshoe set with white stones.

A collection of four antique stick pins. All antique gold set, one featuring a shell motif of gold with a central old cut diamond bezel set, another an open disc form of small old cut diamonds claw set, one a kite formation of tiny seed pearls and finally

An antique diamond and ruby stick pin, modelled as a fox's head, mounted in silver and 15ct gold, boxed

An antique miners stick pin, featuring a pick, shovel and bucket and centred with a gold nugget in 18ct gold, boxed

Three antique stick pins, comprising two 15ct gold pins with bead work decoration, one having pearl and enamel detail, the other having a garnet cut en cabochon, together with a gold cased carved shell cameo pin