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Hilger & Watts Theodolite, no 72392 with fitted mahogany box, outer leather case and tripod

Antique bronze Theodolite with accessories in fitted mahogany box, with tripod

Theodolite by Cooke, Troughton & Simms no 17929, with original fitted wooden case, outer heavy leather case and tripod

Cooke Troughton & Simms Theodolite, with wooden case and accessories

Theodolite by Stanley of London called 'The Eltham' model housed in 19th century glass dome. A precision instrument in excellent working condition. Together with a 14 foot telescopic staff plus a 100 foot standard steel tape measure by E.R.Watts of London

An English Altitude Theodolite, William Wilton, Cornwall, circa 1830, circular plate with extended arms to carry open sights, in the centre is a silvered compass, underneath a glazed case, flanked by two spirit levels and a scale divided into quadrants of

Vintage Cooke, Thoughton and Simms theodolite with cover, approx 15 cm high, 25 cm long

A Theodolite by 'T.Cooke Sons, York, England No.57. 1887', housed in a dovetailed cedar box with distributors paper label 'Herga Co.' of Brisbane. Late 19th century. Box 29 cm high, 36 cm wide, 22 cm deep

A steel cased Theodolite mid 20th century believed to be British made, although reputedly captured from the Yokosuka naval base circa 1945, with a gun metal case, mounted on an adjustable steel base, 43 x 21.5 cm

Troughton & Simms Theodolite on a timber tripod stand. Condition good, some tarnishing & age related wear. Height 186 cm

A boxed theodolite by A.G Barker and Associates, Melbourne. 47 cm long (the case)

A vintage 'E. R. Watts & Son' theodolite and a timber tripod

A wild (Heerbrugg) T1A-E double Center Theodolite 1960's this unit provides an upright image, come with case, transport case and a wild GST20 tripod

Cooke, Troughton & Simms Ltd. Boxed Theodolite. Box approx 38 cm high, 24 cm wide, 21 cm deep

An early 20th century Cooke, Troughton & Simms Ltd underground miner's theodolite, ebonised brass frame, white circular scale, extra fittings to the fitted mahogany case with original stitched leather outer cover. The case size 43 cm x 26 cm x 21 cm

A mahogany cased theodolite by E.R. Watts & Sons, London, partially black lacquered brass construction, the table support with silvered Vernier scales and with silvered dial marked with manufacturer's name, the case holds addtional eye pieces, some absent

T. H. Rosenberg, Berlin, theodolite no. 1812, brass, japanned and steel

B J Hall, London, extra portable theodolite no. 202 1918 on compass plate, brass and japanned

Large Troughton & Simms transit theodolite, all brass and japanned

Large Cooke Troughton & Simms theodolite no. 19186, japanned brass with brass mounted tripod and fitted in two mahogany boxes

Gargory Birmingham Surveyors brass Theodolite. Wooden box, with protractor. Weight 25 cm

Antique brass theodolite by Adie of London with wooden tripod the catalogue photograph shows the vendors great uncle standing beside the instrument, working in the field near Utiku

Stanley theodolite surveyors tool c1895 in fitted mahogany box with paper label. 19th century patina. Good condition

A theodolite and wooden stand, the body in grey enamel finish, the wooden collapsible stand with steel mounts, within the original leather case

A fine brass Victorian surveyors theodolite with silvered compass and a vernier scale by Troughton & Sims in a glass and oak framed case. Height 40 cm. Length 37 cm

A Troughton & Simms, London, brass theodolite with original mahogany fitted case, leather outer case and complete with tripod stand

Antique Theodolite Director no 5 MK1, in original fitted wooden case, with broad arrow indicating it has been adopted for military use. Most likely World War I artillery use

Troughton and Simms of London, theodolite in original fitted mahogany box

Surveyor's Theodolite, made by H.E.Holst, Kobenhaven, in original wooden case, sold by Norman H.Seward, Melbourne. Together with tripod stand

A late 19th-early 20th century boxed brass theodolite, signed Cary, strand, London. Additional lens and tripod

An early 19th century brass Adam's Transit, theodolite, signed 'Adam's, London', with telescope, bubble levels and compass, mounted on a wood base. Brass tarnished. Height 41.5 cm

A, theodolite with an adjustable compass table, horizontal silver Vernier scale. Height 33 cm

A, theodolite in a leather case; 24 cm long, 16 cm high

A brass, theodolite by Hildebrand, Frieiberg, Germany, No. 11029, the telescope with pinhole sight, silvered dial and two spirit levels, on a screw adjusted tripod base 30.5 cm high

A mahogany cased bronze theodolite marked Troughton and Simms London

A mahogany cased bronze theodolite marked T Cook & Sons Ltd No. 9209

A mahogany cased bronze theodolite marked made by S Swain for Kilpatrick and Co

A mahogany cased German theodolite marked T H Rosenberg and John Lummert Berlin