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An English Altitude Theodolite, William Wilton, Cornwall, circa 1830, circular plate with extended arms to carry open sights, in the centre is a silvered compass, underneath a glazed case, flanked by two spirit levels and a scale divided into quadrants of

A vintage Stanley brass miners or Clinometer compass. in solid brass with a mirror, spirit level and slit sighting mirror. Diameter 8 cm

B J Hall, London, extra portable theodolite no. 202 1918 on compass plate, brass and japanned

Stanley, London dumpy level on compass base no. 7758 all brass (compass glass damaged)

A fine brass Victorian surveyors theodolite with silvered compass and a vernier scale by Troughton & Sims in a glass and oak framed case. Height 40 cm. Length 37 cm

A late 19th century gilt brass English mining dial with telescopic level and compass by Throughton & Sims, London mounted on a swivel base with turned oak stand. Length 34 cm

An early 19th century brass Adam's Transit, theodolite, signed 'Adam's, London', with telescope, bubble levels and compass, mounted on a wood base. Brass tarnished. Height 41.5 cm

A, theodolite with an adjustable compass table, horizontal silver Vernier scale. Height 33 cm

A brass theodolite, late Victorian, the four brass levelling screws supporting the tripod base surmounted by circular scale with vernier, single bubble level and inset silvered compass, with 'A' frame supporting the telescope, additional eyepiece, wooden c