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Rare set of fifteen antique 19th century French porcelain apothecary jars and covers, various labels, by a Collin of Paris, approx 27.5 cm high (15)

Six antique and vintage French chemist bottles, highest approx 26 cm (6)

Chemist box: antique Homoeopathy set in burr walnut one-drawer box fitted with 30 glass bottles; plus book 'The Stepping-Stone to Homoeopathy and Health, Dr.Ruddock' c1872.

Set of ten Art Deco period French Chemist jars with Bakelite lids (10)

An apothecary jar and stopper etched retail mark for Blogg Bros. Melbourne, baluster, containing coloured water, stopper jammed and hairlines to neck, 56 cm high

Five 19th century apothecary jars. Two without lids. Height 26 cm

Five various apothecary bottles. Four with glass labels. All stoppered. Height 24 cm

French antique amber glass Chemist bottle, approx. height 21 cm

Large green glass chemist bottle, approx. height 48 cm, depth 28 cm

A collection of early 20th century apothecary bottles and chemistry ephemera tallest 28 cm

A collection of 18 early 20th century apothecary bottles tallest 21 cm

A collection of 12 early 20th century apothecary bottles 22 cm high

A collection of 9 antique apothecary jars, comprising of 2 Bristol blue jars with stoppers, 5 ribbed green jars with stoppers, and 2 clear jars with stoppers. Heights 17 cm to 21.5 cm note with original Chemists labels

Selection of various size antique French chemist jars (11)

Rare set of eighteen antique French porcelain chemist jars, by Brondel Dome Paris hand painted decoration and names (18)

A large early 20th century etched glass carboy (bottle vase) 42 cm high

Glass chemist bottle, ashbesters, damaged lid

Antique French Chemist jar 'Acide Citrique' 26 cm high

Antique French Chemist jar 'Hyoscyam Niger' 27 cm high

Antique French porcelain lidded pharmacy jar, titled 'Galbanum', 24.5 cm high

A pair of apothecary jars and lids, each with gilt dome cover, one crested 'Pure Drugs' the other 'Toilet Articles', on a flared black base, each 62 cm high

Rare set of 15 antique 19th century French porcelain apothecary jars and covers, various labels, height 27.5 cm (15) by a Collin of Paris

Rare set of 21 antique French blue glass apothecary bottles, with original painted tin covers, various labels (21) height 28.5 cm

Three convict period apothecary bottles marked with broad arrow (Believed to be standard Issue for Naval Surgeon superintendents on convict transports)

Apothecary bottles x 4, plus 7 interesting chemists bottles, all 19th century. (11 items)

Six old pharmacy jars with glass labels, minor damage to some. 25.5 x 9 cm

A George III mahogany chemist set with the hinged top enclosing seven bottles. Height 13 cmLength 16 cm. Depth 13 cm