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An English 'Kinora' scope viewer early moving film and accessories, with a large selection of flip book reels. C1900

A cased Bakelite Viewmaster Stereoscope with approx. 16 3D Reels, Reels include scenes of Bath, Devon, London, Florence, Cambridge University, Newmarket, and Honolulu and film captures from Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella, etc.

An American brass artisan Kaleidoscope, later 20th century, made by Corki Weeks, pine Colorado USA, a 'Bew' kaleidoscope with two coloured discs with textured stained glass, a cylindrical brass viewer upon a brass stem to an onyx base, with maker&#

Fine Antique walnut viewer with box of slides, approx 25 cm high, 42 cm long, 25 cm wide

Carpenter & Westley (Regent Street, London): stereoscopic viewer, burr walnut veneered with inset maker's label.

20 cedar mounted lantern slides and viewer, including animated; mechanical kaleidoscope and water wheel slides. Also, 9 smaller cedar slides ( 6.5in. X 3.5in.) of coloured transfer fables. 7 x 4 inches (largest)

Box stereo view cards and viewer, including English fine Art Photographers Publishing Company; rose; H.C. White Company etc. Approx. 70 in total

Walnut table model stereoviewer. Includes photo magnifier. Small amount of damage. Functional

Le Taxiphote, table top stereoscope, French circa 1910. Mahogany case with nickel fi ttings and original ivoreen plaque and key. VG condition

Victorian Stereoscope cards and two Viewers consisting of two hundred cards featuring various scenes from around the world. A metal 'Perfecscope' U.S.A patent Oct 15. 1895 and a timber stereoscope

Underwood & Underwood stereoscope viewer wooden frame with engraved aluminium viewer, circa 1900

Cased early 20th century foldable stereoscope viewer

Victorian foldable stereoscope viewer walnut table top viewer with two ivory finials, central magnifier missing

An Underwood & Underwood stereoscope viewer wooden frame with engraved aluminum viewer, circa 1900

Victorian walnut stereo scopic viewer cards and hand held viewer

Georgian Zograscope the zograscope, or 'Optical diagonal machine', was used mostly in the C18 and first half of the C19 for viewing prints. It has a large shallow convex lens. When the print is viewed through the lens, it seems to enhance the natural persp

Papier Mache Victorian Stereoptigan Viewer, c1860 inlaid with mother of pearl and abalone. in stunning condition. Made by but not marked Brewster. Most were not marked as quality and style was unmistakable

Stereo Graphoscope circa 1900, unidentified polished wood viewer for stereo and single views, condition: 4

Stereo Graphoscope circa 1900, unidentified polished wood stereo viewer, detachable large lens for single views, condition: 4

Ica wooden Stereo Viewer circa 1910, focusing polished wood viewer for 45 x 107mm stereo card and plates, contains one transparency circa 1930, condition: 3

A 19th century walnut achromatic stereoscope by R J Beck

American 1852 Mascher's Stereoscope, ornate gutta percha case holding portrait of a gent (damage to hinges)

Stereo-scope with a set of approx. 100 stereo-scope cards of ww1 battle and trench scenes etc

Le Stereo-Panoramique Leroy No. 11122, France; 6 x 13 cm., metal-body, with a pair of Krauss/Zeiss brass bound Tessar f/6. 3 8 cm. Lenses, made to take either a stereoscopic pair or a single panoramic negative

Mentor Stereo Reflex No. 42489, Goltz & Breutmann, Dresden; 6 x 13 cm., with focusing back, viewing hood, and a pair of Carl Zeiss, Jena Tessar f/4. 5 9 cm. Lenses nos. 541650 and 541644 and inset retailer's label 'Sands, hunter & Co. London',; shutter def

Table-top stereoscope No. 6002, Ica, Germany; 45 x 107mm, with hand-cranked automatic slide changing mechanism and pair of focusing viewing lenses

Japan through the Stereoscope, Underwood & Underwood; comprising seventy-two stereocards in a book form volume

Lantern slide viewer, British; 3. 25 x 3. 25 inch, mahogany body, brass-fittings, black square-cut bellows, and binocular viewing lenses with slide focusing

Stereoscopic viewer, J. W. Cadwell, No. Reading, Mass. wood-body, the viewing lenses pivoting to view both side of a stereocard, two light windows, a pair of side-mountaing rotating handles, internal stereocard holders, the mechanism marked' Pat. Jan. 6. 1

Stereoscopic viewer, American novelty Co., Cincinnati; metal-body, with a pair of viewing lenses with metal hood and finger-trigger stereograph changer

Kinora viewer, Kinora Ltd., London; the mechanism and viewing hood with single lens mounted on a wood base and seven Kinora reels, including numbers: 243, 300, 525, 4240

Otheo Stereo Viewer, E. Leitz, Wetzlar, comprising the plastic light section (lacks viewing lenses section), in maker's box; a 29 x 15 cm. Glass shop counter sign 'Leitz Leica', (2)

Votra stereo viewer, nickelled-body, in maker's box