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Ernst Leitz Wetzlar microscope numbered 21214, supported by a horseshoe base. The mirror is on a swinging bar, with other various lenses & eyepieces in a fitted casing, with a key, height unextended 36 cm

Spencer buffalo microscope in timber case supported by a horseshoe base & a tubular pillar capped by a joint. The mirror is on a swinging bar, of black finish with brass trim, with other various lenses & eyepieces in a fitted casing, with a key. Co

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar microscope supported by a horseshoe base & a tubular pillar capped by a joint. The mirror is on a swinging bar, of black finish with brass trim, with four various lenses & eyepieces in a fitted casing. Condition: good, minor scr

Bausch & Lomb USA microscope, with box & accessories, model AB1794

A W. Watson & Son, microscope with box c.1920's, English with good mechanical stage, spare lenses, and some accessories microscope, height: 34 cm

Antique Cary-Gould microscope, marked Bithray Royal Exchange London, in original timber case, 13.9 cm wide

Vintage boxed Zeiss microscope German Nr 123113,22 cm high approx.

A 20th century Student microscope, W. Watson & Sons Ltd, London, black lacquered limb and foot, housed in portable wooden case, 34 x 19 cm (losses to lacquer)

A brass drum microscope, Meyer & Co, 19th century, focusing by rack and pinion in original mahogany box with six numbered objectives, and a virtually complete set of accessories, the barrel signed 'Meyer & Co., Opticians, 29 Market St, Mancester', the case

A brass Cary type microscope, 19th century, the rectangular pillar with rack focusing, the barrel tilting within 90 degrees, the whole tilting on compass joint fixed in one corner of the original velvet lined mahogany box with accessories including four bo

A Victorian binocular microscope, W. Watson & Sons, London, lacquered brass and steel construction with rack and pinion adjustment, fitted with two objective lenses, engraved W. Watson & Sons, 313 high Holbourn, London no. 3380 to foot, housed in portable

A Culpeper type microscope, mid to late 18th century, housed in portable wooden case with accessories including four slides with original specimens, the case 33 cm high

A brass Aquatic microscope, late 18th century, the turning column screwing in to the lid of a shark-skin covered box, the stage fitting into the socket at the top of the pillar with the objective holder above, large mirror below, the box 3 x 12 x 11.5 cm

A Victorian microscope slide cabinet, fitted with ivory handled drawers, enclosed by a glazed panel door, brass carrying handle, 31.5 x 26 cm

A monocular microscope, swift & Son, London, on black lacquered limb and foot, cased with accessories, the case 29 x 18.5 cm, (key)

A rare 18th century cased compound and simple microscope, George Adams (c. 1709-1773), London, eight objectives for compound and four simple lenses, together with accessories including ivory slides, cased in mahogany box, 36 x 21.5 x 12.5 cm. Catalogue not

A Victorian brass and steel monocular microscope, 19th century, no maker's marks but case marked '23740', in lacquered brass with a heavy steel horseshoe shaped base, cased in a mahogany box with two eye pieces, tweezers, and a small silk lined box contain

Antique 19th century microscope mounted on box, along with a rosewood slide box, and modern microscope accessories

A vintage W.Watson & Sons Ltd binocular microscope, circa 1955. The high powered binocular in black metal with brass and chrome fittings, upon a wishbone shaped base, retailed through Watson Victor Ltd and enclosed in a mahogany carry case. Box height 40 c

Vintage boxed microscope, microscope approx 15.5 cm high

Microscope. Maker: Lensometer. JR. American optical company

Microscope Kima by W Watson & Co Ltd London no 60188 in carry case

Monocular microscope japanned brass, the carry case stamped 'Scientific equipment, Australian Antarctic Expedition'

An antique boxed microscope, c.1890's; possibly French, with some accessories. Microscope height 22.5 cm

Vintage American 'Bausch & Lomb' microscope, with original carry box