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A striking cut and polished amethyst quartz geode, tall mountainous form, the single polished cut showing deep vibrant purple amethyst crystal interior, on black lacquered base. The geode measuring 26 cm x 14 cm x 40 cm

Opalescent Ammonite, Sphenodiscus splendens, from Creatceous period, from Fox Hills formation, South Dakota.

Ammonite, fossil from Cretaceous period, from Agadir Region, Morocco.

Starfish & Crinoid Plate, fossils from late Ordovician period, from lower Ktaoua Fm, Mecissi region, Morocco.

Fossilized NZ crab (Tumidocarcinus giganteus) together with related provenance and documentation

A Fossilised Dinosaur egg Cretaceous period 100 mill Years '65 mill BC', Excavated Hubei province china. Provenance: Ex John St Albans collection

A sample of Jurassic period petrified wood from Chinchilla, Queensland

Mookaite, Radiolarian Fossil, Cretaceous, 65 myo, extra large tumbled block with lovely colours, WA, size 23x14 cm.

Jimbacrinus Bostocki Fossil, Crinoid, Permian, 270myo, from Gascoyne, Western Australia.

Chinese Petrified wood stone form. On wooden stand. Height 20 cm. (total)

Marra Mamba Tiger Eye, Microbialite, 270myo, from Mount Brockman, Western Australia, size 15 x 7 cm

Conophton Basalticum - Stromatolite, Cambrian period, 500myo, Antrim basalt, from Katherine, Northern Territory, large slab, 91 x 43 cm. One of only a few specimens to come out of this locality, Stromatolites are one of the earliest forms of life to exist

400 million year old marble sculpture filled with Orthoceras fossils

Natural History: Mineral specimens, crocodile, silver lizard, fossils, sperm whale tooth & corals. (28+ items)

Collection of 40 million year old fossil shark teeth quantity

Collection of 120 million year old ammonite fossils from Madagascar quantity

Ammonite fossil & petrified wood block polished, the ammonite is cut into 2 and polished

Natural history collection including shells, Amethyst mineral specimens, fossil, silver coated shell & turtle. 50+ items

Earrings/pendant set made from 120 million year old ammonite fossils from Madagascar

Large fossil ammonites, Orthoceras, approx 44 cm x 54 cm

Amethyst stone, approx 137 cm high

A fossilised dinosaur egg, most likely to be a Hadrosaur 'Duck Billed' plant eating dinosaurs egg around 65 million years old. The egg was found in Xixia basin, Henan Province, china. Comes with certificate of authenticity from the Stone Company in Colorad

35 Geology samples, mostly minerals & fossils

A small ammonite fossil 15 cm high. Provenance: Estate of the late Ian David Cooper, Victoria.

Two fossilised beetles, together with a glass dome one beetle specimen in two segments, the dome with an ebonised base, 26 cm high. Provenance: Estate of the late Ian David Cooper, Victoria.

Ammonite: impressive Jurassic period (180 million years old) with crystalline structure. Set on a custom built stand stamped J.Antony Redmile. Fossil diameter 17 cm approx. Height 26 cm total. G/VG condition

Large fossil Aminonite Morocco, 30 million years old on stand, approx D:30 cm