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Barometer, stick barometer, late 19th century mahogany

A good quality Victorian oak stick barometer. by Greenhow, Chelmsford, intricate carved decoration, with thermometer. Height 110 cm.

A 19th century Pastorelli & Rapkin stick barometer, the brass cylindrical case mounted on oak back, 112 cm high

A vintage marine Mercurial stick barometer by R N Desterro, Lisbon, Portugal. Brass case and gimbal fittings. Length 96 cm

A Victorian mahogany stick barometer, a Victorian mahogany stick barometer with mercury column by J J Ciceri, Mantica and Torres, Edinburgh. Thermometer guage. Height 94 cm

A Georgian mahogany stick barometer, with barometric scales inscribed to the arched face above a plain column with a mahogany urn decoration to the base, height 95 cm

Victorian R McAdam, Dumfries mercury stick barometer. Combination thermometer. Ivory plate to top, mahogany body. Label noting repair 1968. Length 92 cm

A brass cased marine stick barometer, early 20th century. Engraved: 'J.J.B.L.M. 16-22, R. N. Desterro, Lisbon', with brass gimbal mount. Height 95 cm

A George III mahogany stick barometer by J. Hicks of London, the glazed arched top enclosing the barometer with ivory panels detailed in black, conforming barometer below, glass absent and minor attention required, bulbous base. Length 93.5 cm

Fine antique mahogany stick barometer by Zenetti & Agnew, approx 100 cm long

An early English stick barometer in oak case with mercury thermometer & an adjustable vernier. 100 cm. Fully restored.

A Scottish rosewood brass-mounted stick barometer by S. Bon, Dundee, 19th century

A George III Chinoiserie lacquered stick barometer tapering cylindrical body with twist turned panel, gilded floral motif and Chinoiserie scene to base, etched brass dial, 91 cm in long

A Victorian oak cased Admiralty type stick barometer, decorated with Gothic motifs and carving, both the milk glass thermometer and barometer under glass. Height 100 cm

A steel and brass mounted marine stick barometer by Short & Mason, London, with a brass gimble, 93 cm high

A Rosewood stick barometer signed G. Cetta, Sydney, circa 1840, the enclosed tube, ivory plate with single vernier, inset mercury thermometer with Fahrenheit scale, the case with arched top and brass hanging ring, the base with a brass cistern, together wi

A mahogany stick barometer by G. Boettger, Adelaide, the case with a rounded ivorine inscribed plate and scale with vernier and thermometer, the visible mercury tube to the trunk above a covered cistern, 96 cm high

A late Victorian oak cased mercury stick barometer by Camerer Cuss, London, c.1900. Two glass fronted panels for Rise and fall with adjusting scales and a thermometer in Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Height 101 cm

A 19th century English mahogany cased stick barometer signed Bate, London, with a broken swan neck pediment above a silvered register and a bowed rectangular body, (the ivory adjusting knob now missing), 98.5 cm high.

Benzie of Cowes stick barometer. Oak cased with ivorine top ledger with two days indexing. Bears ivory plaque, 'Presented By Lieut. General C. Haring, July 1889.'. Length 92 cm

An oak stick barometer by Kent and Dobbie, Australian, 19th century, with original mercury filled barometer and thermometer to the face, signed Kent and Dobbie, Opticians Melbourne 107 cm high

An oak stick barometer, signed T. Gaunt, Melbourne, 19th century, with original mercury filled barometer and thermometer, the silvered plate signed T. Gaunt, Melbourne 101 cm high

An Edwardian oak barometer /, thermometer, circa 1900, the shaped Crown above a carved eagle with a lower stick thermometer and round barometer in a foliate carved case. Length 103 cm

Ratcliff of London, mahogany stick barometer c1870, for J Hockey, with brass capped terminal. Height 91 cm

A fine oak stick barometer by Elliott Brothers, 449 strand London, 19th century. Height 95 cm

Rosewood stick barometer marked Negretti & Zambra London, the arched and graduated ivory plated incorporated a thermometer, the square section standard terminating below in a demi-hemispherical reservoir cover

Torricelli barometer - Evangelista Torricelli invented the first barometer known as Torricelli's tube

A Georgian stick barometer, enclosed by a glazed rectangular door below a domed top with an open tube to a turned cistern cover

A Regency stick barometer, maker W. Dicksey of London, the silvered scale with venire and thermometer, engraved W Dicksey of London, enclosed by a glazed rectangular door below a broken pediment, the feather and line inlaid stem with open tube to a turned

A Georgian mahogany stick barometer, by J. Barbon, English, early 19th century 96 cm high

A Georgian inlaid mahogany stick barometer by Thomas Lynn, London 100 cm high

19th century stick barometer with Melbourne retailers mark

A Regency mahogany stick barometer, maker Anthony Gatty, Reading, UK, the mahogany case with broken pediment and acorn finial surmount, the glazed door protecting silvered scale with vernier and mercury thermometer, the edges of casing has ebony and boxwoo

19th century mahogany stick barometer with thermometer, ivory dial, 93 cm length, makers: Negretti & Zambra, London

A rosewood stick barometer, English, Widenham, London, exposed tube, ivory plate with single vernier, inset mercury thermometer with Fahrenheit scale, the case with arched top and base