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Two similar Victorian oak personal scales by W&T Avery Ltd, Birmingham. Height 147 cm

A set of old brass butchers scales, floor standing with weighted base supporting the graduated set of weights below the tall column surmounted with bulls head support to one side with large set of balance scales hanging from its mouth, the beam marked W &

A set of steel and brass scales, by W & T. Avery, Birmingham Boom. Width 25 cm, oak case 30 x 15 x 7 cm, with six weights

A set of early 20th century brass shop scales by W.T. Avery with weights

W. & T. Avery brass and cast iron gold scale double pan scale, 92 x 56 cm, fine condition, complete but without weights

Avery beam balance scale with box inside oak box, original printed label W.T Avery Birmingham, double pan scale which when assembled, screws into box to create a stand. With set of very unusual concave weights (5) from 2dr- 50 grammes, original paperclip h

Avery double pan gold scale, (1863), stamped W. & T. Avery Makers, Melbourne 1863, a table model sized, double pan scale. 54 x 76 cm ornate silver metal, fancy finials, very stylish. In original mahogany and glass case with locking door, size 75 x 54 x 91

Good set of English brass scales, maker W N T Avery Birmingham, and nickel plated weights

An Avery set of 2lb shop balance scales with weights