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Pippin Drysdale, (b. 1943), the edge series I '99, II porcelain vase, conical shape, glazed exterior with line pattern in shades of blue and golden brown, the interior with bright orange glaze, inscribed signature to base. Height 32 cm. Provenance: Corpora

Pippin Drysdale b.1943. Untitled. Ceramic dish, signature to base, dated 1984, 34 x 38 cm

Pippin Drysdale b.1943, 'Tanami Traces'. Ceramic vessel, signature to base, 28 x 27 cm

Pippin Drysdale, Eastern goldfields series I porcelain vessel, 1996, variated pink and purple glaze, signed and dated to base. Height 17 cm. Diameter 7.5 cm

Pippin Drysdale stoneware vase 'Goldfield Series' 1996, signature to base. Height 16 cm. Diameter 17 cm

Pippin Drysdale porcelain vessel, mottled gloss, green-blue glaze. Height 17.5 cm. Diameter 21 cm

Pippin Drysdale open porcelain plate, 'Tanami Traces' series V 2007, mapping code Kkk. Height 10 cm. Diameter 52 cm

A Pippin Drysdale 'Tanami Traces', series VI, vase signed on base. Height 37 cm

A Pippin Drysdale 'Tanami Traces', series I, vase signed and dated 03, on base. Height 31 cm

A Pippin Drysdale 'Tanami Traces' vase series V, signed and dated on reverse, 2007. Height 28.5 cm

A Pippin Drysdale 'Tanami Traces' ceramic bowl series VI, signed and dated 2009 on base. Height 20 cm

Pippin Drysdale (b, 1943) porcelain vessel, 'Tanami Trails', series IV, 2005 Having an orange exterior depicting a hilly landscape with an orange to red interior, signed on base

Pippin Drysdale (b, 1943) porcelain vessel, 'Tanami Trails', series II, 2003 Having a grey green exterior and a purple interior, signed on base Height: 33 cm; Diameter: 18.5 cm, the inspiration for the artist to create the Tanami series was a plane trip ac