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Junghans mystery clock, with swing pendulum and face, in white, with Arabic numerals, supported by lady in robes, on pedestal base, height 29 cm

Gilt Meiko 8 day mystery clock, in the form of a maiden, height 30 cm

Late 19th century figural mystery clock, signed to base

A 19th century French mystery clock, with spelter elephant on wooden stand supporting an ornate gilt comptoise clock pendulum. Height 28 cm

An early 20th century Junghams type elephant mystery clock, the bronzed spelter elephant with trunk raised supporting the brass and gilt metal pendulum, the circular dial with Arabic numerals, ribbon bow and floral highlights, adjustable base, working orde

Swiss silver-gilt enamel and mystery clock, a very rare novelty clock by Plojoux, Switzerland, Having a gilt-metal movement, within a horizontal annular enameled silver-gilt dial with mirrored center, surmounted by a carved ivory putto on a gilt metal boat

A French large bronze-patinated spelter, gilt and painted brass striking mystery clock with conical pendulum, circa 1885 modelled as a winged trumpeter, the spherical case with applied chapters, with eight day single barrel time only movement regulated by

A cast metal kangaroo mystery clock, 19th century, with movement by Junghans, in the form of a standing kangaroo upon a metal timber plinth, supporting a gilt bronze clock and integral pendulum from a horseshoe shaped mouthpiece, the clock with Arabic nume

A bronze kangaroo mystery clock, Australia, 19th century, 30 cm high

A patinated brass kangaroo mystery clock, Australian, 19th century, 31 cm high

A large French spelter mystery clock, cherub total height 66 cm

A German spelter figural mystery clock, boy with Oranges 40 cm high

Art Nouveau mystery clock modelled as a classical lady, on a timber base. Height 34 cm

A 19th century bronzed spelter mystery clock with fruit seller figure holding aloft the pendulum clock in gilt metal finish. Ebonised circular wooden stand. Height 39 cm

A 19th century spelter mystery clock a young girl held aloft a sphere with plumb bob pendulum. Laquered base. Height 68 cm

A late Victorian mystery clock in the form of a kangaroo set on a brass base and later timber plinth, 30 x 29 cm

An elephant mystery swinging clock, German, circa 1930, the eight day swing movement within a foliate decorated gilt case supported on the upraised trunk of a spelter elephant 28 cm high

A bronzed brass standing kangaroo mystery clock on wood plinth base, raised paws, the pendulum movement supported from the nose area. Height 28.5 cm

An Edwardian period standing elephant mystery clock on oval wood base, with raised trunk supporting the pendulum movement. Height 27.5 cm

Antique Junghans mystery clock. Spelter figure of Diana. Functioning. Repair to right wrist. Height 30 cm

An Ansonia 'The Huntress' mystery clock, with a spelter classical huntress figure holding aloft a black globe clock with ormolu mounts and smaller globe pendulum. Height 60 cm

An impressive French Art Nouveau 19th century figured mystery clock, the clock with ribbon decoration above an enamelled dial held by two bronzed young women on a marble base with ormolu feet. Height 58 cm

A late 19th century French mystery clock, with spelter lady figure supporting the pendulum and turned wood base. Height 34 cm

A German mystery clock, early 20th century, modelled in spelter as a young woman in diaphanous attire holding aloft a gilt metal timepiece. Height 40 cm

19th century French spelter mystery clock, signed (repair to hand)

A late Victorian period spelter sculptural mystery clock the gilded swinging pendulum movement supported by young man with one arm held out stretched. Height 44 cm signed on the base, working order. Glass cracked.

Mystery action swinging clock with a spelter figure supporting a spherical clock, signed 'Moreau'

Ansonia mystery clock timber cased with octagonal tapered column and square dial. (Needs some repair) 60 cm tall

A black marble and bronze mystery clock, French, bell striking, marble dial, engraved gilt Roman numerals, the plinth with lion mask handles and moulded base, claw feet, surmounted by a figure of a classical female figure holding aloft a glass pendulum

A swinging mystery timepiece, American, Ansonia clock Co, within a brass drum case forming the upper part of a gridiron pendulum with decorative counter-weight and held aloft by a spelter figure of a young girl standing on a plinth

A French late 19th century mystery clock, the figure of Triomphe standing with arms outstretched holding the eight day timepiece in his left hand, the figure signed 'Louis Moreau, Salon De Beaux Arts'. Height 120 cm

A late 19th century mystery clock, with a mythical figure holding the clock whilst standing on the back of a lion, within a glass dome

An early 20th century, American gilt spelter mystery clock, Ansonia the female figure of Triomphe standing on a plinth holding the eight day timepiece in her left hand. Height 70 cm