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More correctly known as longcase clocks, these are clocks with a hooded pendulum, housed in a tall enclosed case, about seven feet high.

Introduced during the latter part of the 17th century, the longcase clock has remained popular to the present day.

As a general rule, the designs of the clock cases followed the stylistic developments of the past three centuries. Late 17th and early 18th century clocks inspired the cabinetmaker to extraordinary heights in the art of marquetry inlay, very often in the complex and intricate 'seaweed' patterns.

Other clocks were lacquered and decorated with gilded chinoiseries. Chippendale's designs followed the prevailing flowing lines of the Rococo, with quantities of scroll work, frets, pagodas, urns and rams' heads. Those of the Neoclassical period showed a return to simpler, straighter lines, often enhanced with panels of well-figured inlay, lines of stringing, swan-neck pediments and brass finials.

The finest clocks were often veneered in walnut or mahogany, but many country clocks made from honest oak have survived. more...
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Antique French long case clock, carved oak trunk and hood, has pendulum, 233 cm high

A late 19th century French miniature long case clock, 60 cm high

A French provincial comtoise longcase clock, 19th century, signed J. Denis, Vayres, 236 cm high, 49.5 cm wide, 21 cm deep

A French provincial long case clock, 19th century, with dial marked Clisson a Parthenay, from Northern France, the pine cased clock with a banjo shaped body, having a feather painted walnut finish to the exterior and an elaborate pressed and coloured tin d

An unusual French provincial carved oak longcase clock, Normandy region, late 18th century, 202 cm high. Provenance: Property of a Gentleman, New South Wales

Antique French comtoise long case clock, the case painted in faux wood grain with sprays of flowers, approx 230 cm high, 50 cm wide

French long case grandfather clock, with weight driven striking movement and ornately surrounded dial with date indicator, 245 cm high

Antique French comtoise longcase clock, painted pine trunk and hood, approx 230 cm high, 38 cm wide, 27 cm deep

Antique French comtoise longcase clock, painted pine trunk and hood, approx 230 cm high, 38 cm wide, 27 cm deep

A French miniature grandfather clock enamelled dial, Roman numerals, with carved foliate panels to body, 50 cm high

French Empire style mahogany longcase clock and movement, approx 217 cm high, 48 cm wide, 28 cm deep

Antique French comtoise longcase clock, 245 cm high

Antique French Normandy longcase clock, has key, pendulum and weights, approx 240 cm high

Impressive vintage French long case clock, three train movement, approx 230 cm high

Antique early 19th century French provincial longcase clock, trunk in walnut and cherry wood, 241 cm high

French Empire style mahogany long case clock, fitted with Empire style bronze mounts

Antique French 19th century long case clock with inlaid trunk and drum form hood, 243 cm high

Vintage French Dutch style two train long case clock, approx height 213 cm

Good French vintage Louis XV longcase clock, walnut case, 224 cm high

A French provincial comtoise elm long case clock 18th century the Roman numeral dial with hammered brass surround depicting a farmer ploughing the field, the case set with a glazed lenticle standing on plinth base. Height 206 cm

A 19th century French comtoise fruitwood longcase clock, with eight day movement striking on a bell, a circular white enamel Roman dial with a brass surround stamped with leaves, with an overhanging cornice, arched square glass door above a trunk door on b

A mahogany regulator clock, French, pinwheel escapement, weight driven, reverse painted dial, Breguet-style hands, Roman numerals, centre seconds sweep, the arched case with moulded cornice, canted hood corners, glazed trunk door with gold leaf decoration,

A 19th century French comptoise long case clock, the original provincial French painted case, the enamel dial with concentric date hand, pressed brass surround and decorative pendulum, the weight driven movement running for eight days. Height 226 cm