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Holmegaard Gul vase with original stopper, dark green glass, Denmark, c.1960s, 62 cm high, 22 cm wide

Eleven Holmegaard Princess white wine glasses, and 6 similar liqueur glasses

Otto Brauer for Holmegaard glass Sweden two Gulvase vases c.1960's white cased glass and cobalt blue Heights: 25.5 cm & 34.6 cm Oriental

Holmegaard, Large Glass Vase, cobalt blue glass, height 44 cm

Holmegaard, Large Vase, white milk glass, retains decal label, height 44 cm

Otto Braver Gul vase for Holmegaard, Scandanavia, c1960s, 50 cm high, 20 cm deep

Five Holmegaard smokey grey vases, circa 1950-60s, all signed to base, 2 with factory paper labels, 10 cm high (tallest) approx.

Four Holmegaard aqua blue heart shaped vases, circa 1960s, all signed to base, 10 cm high (tallest) approx.

Per L├╝tken and Christer Holmgren (Danish), three Carnaby graduated candlesticks, c. 1968, for Holmegaard, red, yellow and white glass (3), approx. Height 27 cm

Otto Brauer. Three 'Gulvvase' vases. Manufactured by Holmegaard. Denmark c1960s

A collection of five coloured Holmegaard 'Gul' bottle vases. 26 cm to 37 cm high

Otto Brauer (Danish), Two Blue Glass Gulvvase, designed c. 1960, manufactured by Holmegaard Glass Factory (2), height 52 cm, and 45 cm

A group of three 1960's green glass Holmegaard vases 16 cm x 14 cm (two) 13 cm x 11 cm (single)

Per Lutken for Holmegaard glass Denmark 'The Provence bowl', designed circa 1956 green emerald coloured glass. Signed monogram with factory marks to base. Height 13.5 cm; diameter 40 cm

Per Lutken (1916-1998) 'The Drop Vase' for Holmegaard glass, Sweden designed circa 1960's. Signed to base, 'Holmegaard Pl 15471'. Height 25 cm

Per Lutken for Holmegaard 1968, Carnaby vase in red opal cased glass with label attached. Height 16 cm

Danish modern Per Lutken 1962 Holmegaard bowl, blue glass measuring 16.5 cm tall. Etched with artists monogram, 1962 and Holmegaard

Two Gul vases by Otto Brauer, for Holmegaard Denmark tallest 30 cm high

Holmegaard pair of oversized green cased glass decanters one stopper with ground down restoration. Height 45 cm

Otto Brauer two Gulvvases manufactured by Holmegaard, Denmark, one opaque red with white interior (A/F), one opaque yellow with white interior (2)

An Otto Brauer 'Gulvase' floor vase, c.1960's, yellow and white cased glass, manufactured by Kastrup Holmegaard Denmark. Height 43 cm

Three Holmegaard glass vases, one clear dark blue with 'Holmegaard 19 61' incised to base, one clear light blue with 'Holmegaard 18121' incised to base and the other clear yellow glass with 'Holmegaard 19 59' incised to base, each with incised Per Lutken i

Holmegaard Gulvase, purple tinted glass. Height 29 cm

Danish Kastrup - Holmegaard Gulvase, red cased milk glass, original Kastrup label affixed. Height 24 cm

Holmegaard, three glass vases, one opaque red with white interior, one opaque white, one clear blue, blue etched to base 'Holmegaard 19r62'. Red. Height 30 cm, white. Height 25.5 cm, blue. Height 13 cm (3)

Otto Brauer for Holmegaard, gulvase, in turquoise with white internal casing, original label to the base. Height 43 cm

Otto Brauer for Holmegaard, gulvase, a rare oversized example in white colour with clear glass casing, original label to the base. Height 51 cm

Per Lutken for Holmegaard, blue tinted ovoid glass vase, etched marks to the base. Height 27 cm

Michael Bang for Holmegaard, three green glass ovoid vases, of graduated size, each signed with initials.

Per Lutken for Holmegaard, tapering cylindrical vase, in brown tinted cased glass, signed and dated 1962, together with a small glass vase with original Holmegaard label. Length 310 mm and 65 mm

Per Lutken, pair of Menuet vases, both of conical form, grey blown glass, the larger with incised signature and date to base 'Holmegaard 1957' and the smaller with incised signature and date to base 'Holmegaard 1956' (2). Height 8 cm. Height 6.5 cm

Holmegaard Art Glass vase, signed no 290288, 23.5 cm high