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Emile Galle, (1846-1904) was a French designer of glass, furniture and jewellery and leader of the Nancy School in the applied arts. He was undoubtedly the most outstanding of the French glassmakers of the late nineteenth century.

Born in Nancy, the son of the owner of a prosperous glass and faience factory, he studied botany, drawing and landscape painting and from 1862 to 1864, the techniques of glass production at Weimar Art School in Germany. After further travels, study and work he returned to Nancy in 1873, and began to produce fine pottery, jewellery, and furniture in his own glass studio. In 1874 he was given control of the family glass business.

Galle began experimenting with coloured glass, attempting to improve the range of colours without diminishing the transparency of the material. These early experiments culminated in the vivid blue glass, created by means of cobalt oxides, which came to the attention of the discriminating public at the Exposition Universelle in 1878 in Paris, where he received four gold medals.

At the Exposition Universelle of 1889 in Paris his glass art became the icon of the Art Nouveau movement. more...
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An Art Nouveau Galle cameo glass vase, overlay and acid etched design with grasshopper on foliage, signed Galle, 17.5 cm high

A small cameo glass vase, with signature of Galle, post 1904, with posthumous star mark to signature, a globular vase with Art Nouveau styled flowers and strappy forms hand cut in matte purple upon a frosted ground above a small waisted foot, with mark of

A Galle vase, overlaid and acid-etched with landscape decorated burgundy cameo on green ground. Signed Galle. Height 16 cm.

A French Art Noveau Galle cameo glass vase C. 1900, of tapered oval form with mauve and brown fuchsia birds and flowers, raised on grey/lemon ground. Signed in cameo. Height 15 cm.

A scenic cameo vase by Emile Galle (1846-1904), early 20th century, in a characteristic tapering shape to a compressed base and decorated in aubergine and tan cameo colours upon a yellow amber and paler ground, the cameo signature of Galle to the reverse o

A cameo glass vase, marked Galle, Ht. 12 cm

Galle vase with floral scenes in burgundy, on an ochre ground. Condition: good, minor wear to the base. Height 23.5 cm

Large art glass vase, with deer and and back ground mountain scene decoration, marked Galle, H36 cm approx

An Art Nouveau cameo glass twin handled vase by Emile Galle, circa 1875-1910, of squat form, embellished with purple tulips and leaves with looped handles, signed 'Galle' with star on one side, 9.5 cm high

Large art glass vase bird & leaf decoration, marked Galle, 28 cm high approx

A cameo glass vase by Galle, circa 1900, a refined tapering vase with a compressed base overlaid with an acid etched design of waterlilies, lily leaves, sinuous foliage and other blooms in subtle aubergine and smoky blue grey colours on a modulating and mo

Cameo cut glass vase, of ovoid wasted shape decorated with a scrolling floral design, signed Galle. Height 24 cm

Cameo cut glass vase, of baluster form raised on a spreading foot, signed Galle. Height 23 cm

A Galle cameo glass vase, French, circa 1900, signed Gall e, 34.5 cm high

Emile Galle small glass cameo vase decorated with a bucolic scene, signed 'Galle'. Height 13.4 cm

Emile Galle small cameo glass vase decorated with flowers, signed Galle. Height 7 cm

A Galle cameo glass floor vase, circa 1910. Acid etched and wheel engraved with blue flora against an amber ground, 57 cm high

An Emile Galle glass landscape vase, French, circa 1905 signed Galle. 26 cm high

An Emile Galle carved cameo glass cherry-blossom vase, French, circa 1900 moulded signature Galle. 32.5 cm high

An Emile Galle carved floral decorated cameo glass vase, French, circa 1900 signed Galle. 22 cm high

A Emile Galle 'Chrysanthemum' glass vase, French, circa 1900 intaglio mark E. Galle, Nancy, Cristallerie. 31 cm high

An Emile Galle cameo glass landscape vase, French, circa 1905 moulded mark Galle to the body. 35.5 cm high

An Emile Galle cameo glass vase, French, 20th century, signed Galle. 30 cm high

Emile Galle (French 1846-1904) an overlaid and etched glass Plafonnier, circa 1900, of shallow dome form, with orange foliate and floral design, signature in cameo, with original brass mount, restoration to mount, small chip to inside rim, 45 cm diameter

Galle cameo glass vase. Blossom & foliage decoration. Provenance: Private Collection, ACT. Height 18 cm

A small Galle cameo vase, circa 1904-1914 of straight sided tapering form with a single layer light green thistle acid etched design over an ecru frosted ground, bearing the posthumous starred signature of Galle in relief to the body. Height 10 cm

A Galle style cameo glass vase the vase is cameo cut decoration depicting leaves and flowers. Signed 'Galle' in cameo. Height 36.5 cm

A Galle cameo glass middle Eastern vase the vase is cameo cut decoration in a middle Eastern pattern, depicting an exotic castle with bridge crossing, palm trees, foliage and mountain scenes. Signed 'Galle' in cameo. Height 36.5 cm

A Galle cameo glass rose bowl the bowl is cameo cut decoration depicting leaves and flowers. Signed 'Galle' in cameo. Height 10 cm. Length 28 cm. Width 22 cm

A large Galle vase, overlaid and etched with foliate leaves and plums on soft amber ground, signed Galle, 40 cm high

A Galle specimen vase overlaid and etched, decorated with trailing lilies, signed Galle, 25 cm high

A Galle leaf cameo glass cabinet vase with yellow matt base and polished brown overlay autumnal leaves. Signed, circa 1900. Height 8.8 cm

A fine Galle floral cameo glass seule fleur vase of banjo shape with matt orange ground and polished brown floral overlay. Signed, circa 1900. Height 17 cm

Very rare Galle Nancy enamelled textured green glass vase, with applied silver base with trailing flowering vines, private collection France 25 cm high. Silver Minerva mark with maker F. L

An exhibition quality Galle cameo and opalescent glass vase, circa 1920 baluster, with a tubular neck, cameo cut with delphiniums in full bloom in colours of violet, blue and brown on a rich yellow ground, Galle cameo signature to lower side, (small manufa

A large art glass vase, Attributed to Galle, of substantial proportions, the square form smoke glass vase internally decorated with red and white flecking, unsigned, 41 cm high

Galle two colour cameo glass vase, early 20th century, wisteria pattern, cylindrical shape with pinched rim, signed 'Galle' in cameo. Height 30.5 cm