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Edmond Laurent Etling was a retailer of high quality exclusive decorative items in bronze, ceramics and glass through his Paris shop at 29 Rue de Paradis. His company, La Societe Anonyme Edmond Etling, founded in 1909 in Paris commissioned famous sculptors and artists such as Chiparus, Godard, Colinet, Sevin and others to design items for the shop, and these were then manufactured for Etling, bearing his name. The glass objects were made in Paris in glassworks in the Choisy-le-Roi area. As a result of World War II, the shop closed in 1940 and being of Jewish descent, Edmond Etling was shipped to a concentration camp, and died. Production for Etling was thus confined to the Art Deco period between the two world wars. Etling is best known for their pale blue opalescent items, of which plates and bowls are the most common, but they also produced items in grey and frosted glass. Most had a moulded signature "ETLING FRANCE" followed by a model number. In the 1970's Sevres began reproduction of some Etling designs, especially the female nude figurines.
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Etling opalescent figurine of Art Deco harem girl, raised mark, 26.5 cm high

A French opalescent glass bowl by Etling, circa: 1930, the milky white circular dish tinged with yellow having a moulded wispy echinacea style floral design, the three flower cones serving as the feet of the dish, with moulded signature, illustrated in Jud

An Art Deco French opalescent glass bowl by Etling c.1930?s in the sunflower design moulded signature to glass, height: 8.5 cm,. Diameter 30.5 cm

An Etling Iridescent glass salad bowl, made in France, diameter 20 cm

Etling (France) glass vase, with grape & vine pattern, 13.5 cm high approx.

Etling (France) glass vase, with frosted grape vine decoration, factory mark to base, 13.5 cm high approx.

Large French Etling Glass fish vase 1920s, opalescent glass, factory marks to base, 21 cm high approx

Etling frosted glass bowl moulded with three raised floral feet & three flowers. Stamped 'Etling France 146'. Condition, good, minor wear to the base, diameter, 30 cm

Etling frosted glass bowl molded with three raised floral feet & a central floral medallion. Stamped 'Etling 214 France'. condition excellent to good, almost as new. Diameter 23 cm

An Etling opalescent glass bowl, decorated with flowers and leaves in deep relief to the reverse, marked 'Made in France'. Diameter 31.5 cm

Etling opalescent glass bowl decorated with floral motifs, marked 'Etling France 146' on underside. diameter 30 cm

An Etling opalescent glass vase, ovoid form, decorated with long tailed birds in deep relief, with original paper label to base. Height 24 cm

An Etling opalescent glass fruit bowl marked 'Etling, France, 146', circa 1930s. 22 cm diameter

Etling (France) opalescent glass flower pot with raised decoration, maker's mark to base, 16 cm wide

Art Deco French Etling opalescent glass charger 30 cm diameter

Etling Choisey-le-Roi opalescent bowl with raised under sunflower design, stamped 'Etling France 145'. Diameter 30 cm

Art Deco Etling opalescent glass bowl, with raised (to base) flower & leaf design, marked ETLING 210 FRANCE, 30 cm diameter, 6.4 cm high approx

Large Art Deco Etling bowl, with opalescent geometric design, marked 'Etling France' to base, 35 cm diameter approx

A French opalescent glass dish by Etling. The milky white circular dish with a moulded wispy echinacea style floral design, the three flower cones serving as the feet of the dish, with moulded signature, illustrated in Judith Miller's '20th century Glass'

A 1920s French Etling opalescent glass three fish vase, the fish entwined standing upon their tails, mouths open, moulded mark and with paper label 'Made in France'. Height 21.2 cm

An Art Deco Etling glass vase, c.1930's, manufactured France. Clear and opalescent glass, depicting roses and foliage, moulded marked 'Etling France' to base. Height 24 cm

A fine Art Deco draped nude mascot by Etling, French circa 1933 in blue/white opalescent glass, the female figure holding her dress out with her head held to one side, mounted on a circular foot, created by Lucile Sevin, 20.5 cm high moulded 'Etling France

Etling glass Art Deco dish with tortoise shell pattern, impressed 'Etling France'. Diameter 34.5 cm

French Art Deco opalescent glass bowl c.1930's, by Etling Paris, signed diameter 20 cm

A French Art Deco opalescent figural sculpture, of a semi clad young woman carrying a lamb. Signed Etling France 142. Height 26 cm

Etling glass plate moulded with flowers and leaves, impressed Etling France 46. Diameter 30 cm

Etling glass Art Deco plate stamped Etling France 293. Depth 30 cm

An Etling Art Deco glass vase, diamond shaped, moulded with semi-draped maidens, moulded factory mark, Etling France. Height 25.5 cm .