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Degue was the mark used by the Cristalleries de Compiegne (Glassworks of Compiegne), set up in Compiegne, a town about 50 km north of Paris. The business was established by David Guéron (1892 – 1950). to produce tableware and other functional glass, but after the 1925 Exposition des Arts Decoratifs in Paris the company began producing art glass. In order to promote the "Degue" name the company also set up a showroom and glassworks in Paris. The art glass range included vases, paper weights, bowls, lightshades, chandeliers, table lamps, shades. The company was involved in litigation for six years with Société Anonyme des Verreries Schneider, who produced glass under the "Le Verre Francais" name, accused of copying their designs, and when the case was settled in 1932, both companies were financially exhausted The company was further weakened by the general strikes in 1936 occasioned by the election of the Popular Front in May 1936, and it ceased production. The business was officially closed in 1939 at the beginning of World War II.
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French art deco frosted glass hanging light shade, with Degue mark to side, a brand name used by Cristalleries de Compiegne, 38 cm diameter

A decorative wrought iron and frosted glass chandelier by Degue, early 20th century, signed, a trio of square section stems with vegetal motifs to a boss decorated with trailing pierced vine leaves and supporting a frosted dish with a pleated or fan motif,

A Vibrant cased glass Art Deco vase by Degue, circa 1930s, the slender barrel shaped vase with a compressed rim, in molten mid green colours flowing to tangerine and deep orange, with a polished pontil, etched Degue to the lower body, height 36.5 cm

An Art Deco wrought iron and glass chandelier by Degue, circa 1920s, with a square floral decorated ceiling cup issuing a birdcage arrangement of four long rods to a floral and arched cage of similar floral design supporting a frosted dish and four pendant

An Art Deco wrought iron and glass Chandlier by Degue, circa 1920s, with three long arms with leaf decorations supporting an iron framed frosted glass dish of pleated and chevron design, having vine leaf and grape mounts issuing three scrolling arms with c

A Degue blue and orange acid etched glass vase, French, first half of the 20th century, cameo signature Degue to the base. 43 cm high

A large Degue cameo glass Poppy vase, French, 20th century, signed Degue. 40 cm approximately

A French 'Verrerie D'Art Degue' glass vase, acid etched trees and flowers in green and purple on a deep cream ground, signed 'Degue' (David Gueon) to the base, early 1900s, base broken and repaired. 18 cm x 32 cm

A large and highly decorative cameo glass floral glass vase by Degue, French, circa 1900, signed, 45 cm high

French Art Deco lamp,the frosted glass angular shade signed Degue. Approx 36 cm high

A Degue glass bowl in an iron basket, circa 1925, a mottled orange straight sided bowl set into an iron work basket with an arching handle, and decorated to handle and sides with foliate creeper designs; incised signature to side of bowl. Height 22 cm. Wid

A large and highly decorative cameo glass floral glass vase by Degue, French, circa 1920, signed. 45 cm high

A Le Verre Francais cameo glass vase, circa 1930 and a Rene Lalique 'Poissons' plate, designed 1931, the vase in tones of mottled green and orange with a flared rim signed 'Degue', the opalescent platter decorated with stylised swirling fish, stencilled ma

A Degue cameo glass poppy design spherical vase, French, circa 1920

A pair of Art Deco style degue opalescent glass plaffoniers, each circular, moulded with stylised floral and foliate decoration, moulded signature Degue. Diameter 35 cm .

An Art Deco style degue frosted glass wall sconce, moulded with stylised floral and foliate decoration, mounted in a faceted metal surround, moulded signature Degue. Width 36 cm.

A monumental cameo glass vase by Degue, the underlying layer of frosted bubble glass, the top layer forming a geometric pattern, from black, on the foot, to mottled blue and then mottled green towards the top. French, signed 'Degue' and 'Made in France', o

Art Deco glass vase signed Degue of globular form with overlaid brown leaves orange ground. Height 15 cm