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Popular because of its attractive colours and naïve charm, 'Mary Gregory' glass, in popular belief originated from a lady by that name in America who painted scenes of children on ruby (cranberry), blue or green glass using a white enamel paint mixed with ground glass.

The painted scenes usually depict a child in an outdoor setting, playing with butterfly nets, hoops, or blowing bubbles, and often trees and foliage are framed to one side of the composition acting.

However it actually originated from glassworks in Bohemia, part of Czechoslovakia from 1918, and from 1993, part of the Czech Republic and was a major export commodity for the region in the mid and latter quarter of the 19th century.

Research has established that although there was a lady by the name of Mary Gregory (1856 - 1908) who worked for the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company in Cape Cod, Massachusetts she did not paint children, but landscapes including winter scenes.

Of the range of Mary Gregory decorated items produced, over 90% coming onto the market are vases in a multitude of shapes and sizes. more...
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A pair of impressive ruby glass Mary Gregory baluster vases, 37 cm high

Victorian Mary Gregory glass centre bowl, c. 1880, the blue glass bowl overlaid with young boy stanging amongst leaves and flowers, on a silver-plated base with twin handles in the form of winged maidens, height 22 cm length 31 cm

Early Mary Gregory cranberry glass jug, 21 cm high, chip to spout

Victorian Mary Gregory cranberry glass vase, 26 cm high, chips to rim

19th century blue glass Mary Gregory enamelled water jug with frill rim

Early Mary Gregory cranberry glass vase, 21 cm high approx., crack to base

Early Mary Gregory glass vase. Embossed figure of woman in garden, on cranberry glass body.

A large pair of Mary Gregory vases on stands, with depictions of children and birds, 53 cm high (2)

Cranberry Mary Gregory ruby glass with girl and flower scene, slight A/F, approx 10 cm high

Mary Gregory jug, glass and decanter, approx 23 cm high and shorter (3)

Mary Gregory cranberry glass jug painted with a girl catching butterflies, with a clear glass molded handle. condition fair, early chip to the base. Height 18.5 cm

Antique Mary Gregory style cylinder vase with enamel lady playing a flute, 31.5 cm high approx

A group of six Mary Gregory cranberry glass vases, late 19th century, Bohemia, the tapering glasses, designed as three opposite pairs, each with an internal lobed decor and typically enamel decorated in white with boy and girl figures holding floral sprays

Pair of Victorian Mary Gregory glass vases height 30.5 cm approx

Very large Mary Gregory cranberry glass vase with enamelled decoration depicting a lady in a country setting, 43.5 cm high approx

A pair of Mary Gregory style green glass enameled vases together with a green glass lustre. English 19th century. The lustre 32 cm, the vases 28 cm

Pair of Mary Gregory vases (A/F), approx 34 cm high (2)

Pair of 19th century green glass vases with enamelled decoration of children in the style of Mary Gregory

Two 'Mary Gregory' vases 15 cm high (tallest) approx., together with a red glass mug