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A pair of impressive ruby glass Mary Gregory baluster vases, 37 cm high

A pair of 19th century Venetian ruby glass overlay lustres, 33 cm high

A single 19th century ruby and milk glass overlay lustre vase with hanging crystal prisms

Ruby glass wine barrel with bone handle top on brass ornate base together with six wine goblets

A Stourbridge cameo glass perfume bottle, in the manner of Thomas Webb, circa 1880, the Siros Collection, South Australia, the tapering ruby body overlaid in white, carved with palm leaves and a butterfly beneath one shoulder, rising to a silver plate cove

Early Mary Gregory cranberry glass jug, 21 cm high, chip to spout

Victorian Mary Gregory cranberry glass vase, 26 cm high, chips to rim

A fine Victorian ruby glass epergne, mid 19th century, a four trumpet epergne with three twist and scrolled canes supporting clear baskets, all well decorated with well crimped rims and trailing rigaree, supported upon a large circular bowl of conforming d

A cranberry glass jug & four ruby gilt rimmed sherry glasses, 19th to 20th century, the ovoid jug with an internal honeycomb decor and a clear handle, the glasses with clear twist stems and ruby bowls with deep gilt borders with trailing grapevine deco

19th century ruby glass enamelled and gilded decanter, height 18 cm

19th century ruby glass sugar bowl, diameter 15 cm, height 9 cm

19th century ruby and milk glass overlay, swirled rim posy vase with silver flecks, height 17 cm

Pair of 19th century lidded ruby glass jars (one lide chipped to rim), height 17 cm

19th century ruby glass dinner bell of large proportions, height 28 cm

Late 19th century ruby glass lidded jar with enamelled daffodil decoration, height 6 cm

Victorian ruby glass ewer decorated with an enamelled oval panel, hand painted depicting a woman with bird, with a gilded foliate field, height 29 cm

19th century ruby glass lidded bon bon jar with floral enamel decoration, height 18 cm

19th century ruby glass posy vase with spiral pinched glass decoration (minor chip to rim), height 17.5 cm

19th century ruby glass water jug of large proportions with dimpled body and frill rim, height 24 cm

Late 19th century ruby glass and enamelled posy vase, height 17 cm

Victorian ruby glass 'Mary Gregory' lidded biscuit barrel depicting a lady in a landscape, height 23 cm

Two various 19th century ruby glass 'Mary Gregory' glasses, height 11.5 cm

Victorian ruby glass 'Mary Gregory' alabaster shaped vase with enamel decoration depicting lady with umbrella, height 23 cm

19th century ruby glass and enamelled decanter with stopper, height 35 cm

Exquisite Victorian ruby glass three trumpet epergne with two spiral twist clear glass candy canes, height 53 cm

Victorian ruby glass vase with enamelled and gilt leaf decoration

Ruby glass comports with clear glass panels, with frosted etched detail & gilt highlight s. Condition: good, minor wear to the base, height 14.5 cm

Victorian ruby glass epergne, large central trumpet flanked by 2 smaller trumpets, 45 cm high

A cranberry and cased glass epergne, early 20th century, the epergne with five wavy edged trumpets and baskets, two spiral canes and trailing rigaree to a wavy edge squared base, height 53 cm

A fine Victorian cranberry glass epergne, 19th century, with a ruffle edged base supporting a tall central trumpet with fold over draped rims, three further trumpets and a trio of clear twist canes supporting baskets with applied spiral motifs, height 60 c

A fine Victorian cranberry and vaseline glass epergne, 19th century, a seven trumpet epergne with frilled trumpets and baskets with an optic rib decor and trailing vegetal rigaree, the baskets with distinctive finials, with glass canes and supported in a p

A Victorian vaseline glass epergne, 19th century, a small epergne with three frilled trumpets with cranberry edges above white and uranium colours, to a conforming undulating base, height 35 cm

Two Victorian vaseline glass epergnes, second half 19th century, a cranberry tipped epergne with a circular frilled base, a central stem issuing three spiral twist canes and supporting five frilled baskets with iris style undulating rims, as found; the oth

A ruby glass lustre, late 19th century, having a font with a scalloped rim above a knopped stem and a spreading base, with eight clear glass arrow point cut crystal prisms, height 32 cm