Learn about Burmese Glass

Burmese glass is an opaque art glass ranging in colour from pale yellow to a rich pink, due to the addition of gold and uranium oxides. The technique was patented by the Mount Washington Glass Company, USA, in 1885 and rapidly became one of the company's most popular lines. The company granted a licence to Thomas Webb of Stourbridge, England to produce the glass, and such pieces bear are often have an impressed mark on the base "Thos. Webb & Sons, Queen's Burmese Ware, Patented". The popularity of Burmese glass declined rapidly after 1900, but fine examples are now highly prized by collectors. Apart from table wares, small ornamental vases and dressing table accessories, it was a fashionable medium for lamps. In 1969 the Fenton Art Glass Company of Williamstown West Virginia was able to replicate the process and has been producing Fenton Burmese glass for collectors, but ceased their production of collectable glass items in 2011.
These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A set of four Burmese glass candle lights with cut glass stands, 19th century. 10 cm high

A pair of painted leaf decorated Burmese glass beakers, 19th century. 10.5 cm high

A large leaf decorated Burmese glass vase, Washington Glass Co., 19th century. 27 cm high

A small rose & butterfly painted Burmese glass vase, Washington Glass Co., 19th century. 18 cm high

A floral decorated Burmese glass bottle vase, 19th century. 30 cm high

A Thomas Webb Burmese Queensware fairy lamp and similar candle stick (2)

A Thomas Webb & Sons 'Queen's Burmese Ware' opaque glass bowl, early 20th century, circular with a crimped rim, pink at the rim fading to pale lemon yellow at the centre, etched mark underside. Height 6.5 cm. Diameter 12 cm

two Webb Burmese Ware glass vases with floral decoration. Webb mark to base. Large 15.5 cm high, small 7 cm high.

A French art glass night light with a Thomas Webb & Sons Queen's Burmese base, each painted with continuous landscape. Height 16 cm

A Thomas Webb & Sons Queen's Burmese cylindrical specimen vase painted with a bird in foliage with flared top on a domed foot. Height 16 cm

Victorian Queen's Burmese glass vase. Squat bulbous form with flared shaped rim. Gilt enamel floral overlay decoration. cm

Victorian Queen's Burmese glass vase. Slender form with bulbous top and out-turned rim. Subtle blush of pink on yellow ground. 21 cm

Pair of Queen's Burmese miniature vases. Bulbous shape with frilled rims. Hand painted with flowers and fruit on matt ground. 10 cm

Victorian Queen's Burmese glass vase, enamelled blossom and insect motif

Two (2) Fairy lamps. Different sizes. Queen's Burmese glass shades on Clarke's clear glass bases. 12.5 and 10 cm

Two (2) Fairy lamps. Queen's Burmese glass shades on Clarke's 'Cricklite' clear glass bases. 12.5 cm each

Fairy lamp, Queen's Burmese pink and yellow glass shade, the Clarke's clear glass base with well and original candle

'Clarke's Fairy lamp', Doulton Burslem floral patterned base with US patent number, in an unusual two tier design, complete with Queen's Burmese glass shade and original Clarke's pyramid candle