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NSWGR steam locomotive maker's plaque, cast bronze, 34.5 cm wide, 30 cm high approx

A Victorian Railways Lifetime Pass with a commemorative South Australia, Northern Territory plaque, the railway pass modelled in 18ct gold, having belonged to the Hon. Theodore Fink, Member of Victorian Parliament 1894-1904, with a commemorative 9ct gold p

Railway Signs, collection of Australian & world signs, noted various Toilet signs (12) with several versions of not using toilet whilst at station, Stop the Train/Alarm (6 types), 'Emergency Telephone...', 'Smoking Permitted In This Compart

SA & WA Railways: Signs, noted ' South Australia: 'S.A.R./ Locomotive, Carriage & Wagon Department. Builders - Islington', 'Car No.106/ W.A.G.R.', 'W.A.G.R./ Makers 1943/ Midland Junction', 'Mothers Travelling Thro A

Victorian Railways: Signs, noted 'VR. Manufactured Newport Workshops 1909', 'Warning - Do not Stand in Doorway or Lean Against Door', 'Penalty £20. Do Not Throw Anything Out of Windows...' (4).

Original NSW steam locomotive plaque, made from cast brass 'No 439 Built By the Clyde Engineering Co Ltd Granville NSW 1930' with brass locomotive number 5717, 100 cm x 92 cm

V.R Tram (St Kilda-Brighton) rotating, circular destination sign, showing: St Kilda, Dickens St, Vaultier St, Elwood Dpt, Md Brighton, Brighton Bch. This sign was in the driver's cab to indicate the position on the destination roll. Black on painted white

Residue of a large collection of rail builder's plates and railway signs. Includes some reproductions but also a lot of original material. Many pickings here! (22 plates & signs)

Sydney Tram sign: 'Do Not Spit in the Car Penalty £2'. Embossed red on silver aluminium, 3.5 x 74 cm. Minor paint scuffing but still good condition.

U.S.S.R. Locomotive head-plate showing a large 'Hammer & Sickle' logo and with the name C.C.C.P. (U.S.S.R.) to the top. Raw metal, oval, 32 x 27 cm. Needs a good clean but good condition. Also: U.S.S.R. Builder's plate, marked in part: 'No.5 1937', 22 x 29

Dubs & Co, Glasgow, locomotive plate 2803, 1891. Diamond-shaped, 14 x 34 cm.

New Zealand : plate from Ja.1259 (builder's no.382): 'New Zealand Government Railways. Built at the Hillside Workshops (Dunedin). No.382, 1952'. Ja.1259 was written-off in 1969.

Queensland Railways: plate from BB18¼ 4-6-2 loco no.1037 (builder's no.5963) built at Vulcan foundry, Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire, 1950. Plate is worn and repainted all over in red. Oval, 13 x 22.5 cm. Loco 1037 spent many years on a plinth in a Mackay p

Emu Bay Railway, Tasmania: plate for Garrat loco 13. Large, oval, 24.5 x 47 cm, made by Beyer, peacock & Co. Ltd, Manchester, 1929. Builder's number 6581 - ran as Ebr 13.

A New Zealand Railways leather satchel together with padlock. Plaque stamped 'Culverden'.

A wooden New Zealand Railways 'No Smoking' sign stating 'Smoking in all Shops Prohibited'. Length 91 cm

Boxed as new Williams O gauge BC-109 Canadian National – Budd car power and Dummy set, cab #520, #525, silver livery

Number Plate - Caminhos De Ferro Mocambique (Mozambique Railways). Large plate (52 x 36 cm) No.474. Quite spectacular. Some dirt but will clean up

Locomotives Builders, Class and Number plate; 'Railway Works No.153 Ipswich 1937 Queensland'. Heavy oval brass plaque with red painted finish. Serial number on reverse 'LZG46'

Replica brass engine plate, SAR 3040 15F, Suid Afrikaanse Spoorwee, 25.5 cm wide

Cambrian 16 ton 1956 railway wagon plate B213706, 27.5 cm wide

Number Plate For Victorian Railways Steam Locomotive N 458 cast iron with raised number 'N 458', paint loss and wear commensurate with age 27.5 cm x 81 cm

Victorian Railways: Recast Victorian Railways plate, metal, 45 x 26 cm

Builder's plate: 1950, North British Locomotive Co Ltd, No.26791. Minor pitting, needs a clean, but still good condition.

Victoria, R765 number plate, re-cast from original, 80 x 27 cm. Together with aluminium 'Railway X Crossing' sign, 127 x 84 cm.

Locomotive Builders, Class and Number Plates: Victoria: R701 number plate. appears to have recently had a re-paint - minor scuff marks but still very good condition. (R701 was the third R Class to enter service on 20-07-1951 and has subsequently been scrap

Trams - Brisbane: Metal Bell (10 cm diameter with 37 cm long bracket & gong); leather tramway straps (2); Tram stop sign, '1a/ Hail Trams Here /1a / Hail Trams Here', 61 x 46 cm; signs (5) - including 'Exhibition' & double sided: 'Special Fare 1/1 - Specia

Trams - Melbourne: the classic small tram stop sign: 'Hail Cars Here', black on white with red to top and base, fl at with right-angled protruberance which affixes onto pole, double-sided, 530 x 33mm. Plus the iconic sign: 'Warning - Do Not Stand in Doorwa

Victoria: number plate from steam loco J557. repainted, with minor scuff marks but excellent condition

Victoria: number plate from steam loco J555 (off register 3/07/1968). repainted, with minor scuff marks but excellent condition

NSW locomotive builders plate built by Mort's Dock and Engineering Co Ltd to accompany NSWGR locomotive 5702, which was built by Clyde Engineering

NSW locomotive builders plate, 'N.S.W.G.R., Designed and Built, Eveleigh Works, 1926', brass plate, 35 x 20 cm. From an early NSWGR C36 4-6-0 locomotive

Qgr: brass locomotive number plate: 'No.701', 46 x 18 cm. From a Queensland Government Railways 'C19' 4-8-0 steam loco

Qgr: brass locomotive builders plate: 'Walkers Limited, Engineers, Maryborough. No.358, 1923', oval plate 29 x 18 cm. Believed to have come from a Queensland Government Railways 'C17' 4-8-0 steam loco. Painted all-over red

VR locomotive 'A2' class builders plate, 'Manufactured, at The, V (Crown) R, Bendigo Workshops, 1920', oval cast metal plate, 30 x 18 cm

Brass locomotive builders plate, 'A.And G. Price. Ltd./ Thames N.Z./ No.88 1917' large oval plate 42 x 28 cm

Steam locomotive builders plate, 'Avonside Engine Co./Limited 1760 1917/ Bristol', oval brass plate, 28 x 17 cm

Brass locomotive builders plate, 'New Zealand Government Railways. Built at Addington Workshops. No, 130, 1913' large oval plate 28 x 45 cm

NSW brass steam locomotive builders plate, 'Beyer Peacock & Co.Ld/ 1908/ Manchester', oval plate, 25 x 15 cm, with '3315' chalked on back

Locomotive builders, Class and number plates: NSW locomotive builders plate, 'Beyer Peacock & Co. Ltd./ Gorton Foundry/ Manchester, 1899', oval brass plate, 42 x 20 cm, chalked on reverse '5021'