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Mementoes of luxury cruises can give modern collectors a fascinating insight into the golden age of sea travel.

The development of the steam engine influenced ships even more than trains. It led to an explosion in ship building in the mid-19th century, when ships were mainly used for transporting mail. By the turn of the century large, often opulent, cruise liners were being built by vast shipping companies such as the Cunard Line and its competitor, the White Star Line, owned from 1902 by J. Pierpont Morgan’s International Mercantile Marine company. Ships included the Olympic, Titanic, Lusitania and Mauretania.

Another surge occurred after the 1920s and 1930s, when the Normandie, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth were built. Used as hospitals during wartime, they played host to many of the wealthy and famous during peacetime.

The great ocean liners were matchless symbols of leisurely luxury. Their heyday was in the 1920s and 1930s, before World War II blighted international travel and before the increasing range, sophistication and affordability of air travel in the 1960s and 1970s virtually killed the passenger trade for ships. more...
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Orient line postcards framed display. Ormonde; Otranto; Orama; Orford; Oronsay; and Orontes. In gilt frame. 44 x 42 cm

Rms Queen Mary maiden voyage nickel plated souvenir ashtray, 27th May 1936, stamped on base 'This is a model of one of the propellers, made by the Manganese Bronze and Brass Co. Ltd. London, England, weight 35 tons', 9 cm high, 13 cm diameter

C.E. Turner, Cunard line, Queen Mary, a framed original poster, c. 1950s, Provenance: This original poster hung in the Cunard Southampton boardroom in the 1950s, 34 x 63 cm

The Queen Mary Leaving Sydney harbour, 1940, a framed Photographic print, with Copies of Crew & Officer Records, 39 x 48 cm [photograph]

The Famous Cunard Ocean Liners, a framed Jigsaw puzzle, 48 x 68 cm

Queen Mary 2 maiden voyage 2004 + Queen Mary 2 in Sydney harbour 2007 + Cunard Liner New York, framed Photographic prints (3), 58 x 41 cm [largest print]

Cunard Cruise Liners: Queen Mary Leaving New York + white star line Cherbourg-New York, framed prints (2), 41 x 29 cm [each]

The Queen Mary 2, two framed prints', marine Art posters, Hull, UK, no. 44 & 46, Limited edition no. 46/3000, 57 x 39 cm [each]

The Queen Mary on Course, a framed sepia print, 44 x 60 cm

Stephen J card, RMS Queen Mary, a framed print, published by Stephen J card, Bermuda, 1991, printed in the USA by Color service Inc, 41 x 66 cm

Jarvis, Cunard line, a framed print, 82 x 53 cm

Colin Verity, Cunard line, the Queen Mary, a framed print, published by marine Art posters, Hull, UK, 1996, no. 20, 49 x 79 cm

Odin Rosenvinge, Cunard line, Aquitania, a framed print, 82 x 58 cm

Tom Curr, Cunard white star, RMS Queen Mary, a framed print, published by marine Art posters, Hull, UK, 1995, no. 15, 79 x 53 cm

Charles Dickson, Cunard line, Royal Mail Steamers, a framed print, signed by artist 'Charles Dickson '07', marine Art posters, Hull, Uk, 1997, no. 23, 80 x 55 cm

Cunarder in Fishguard harbour, a framed print', marine Art posters Hull, UK, no. 37, 81 x 55 cm

The world's most Perfect Ship, French line, SS Normandie, a framed print, collection et marque, association French lines, 1999, editions clouet, 95 x 58 cm

Companie Generale Transatlantique French line, SS Normandie, a framed print, 97 x 68 cm

Cunard line New York -Liverpool, RMS Lusitania, a framed print, 45 x 63 cm

Cunard line, the largest passenger Fleet on the Atlantic, Caronia, a framed poster, printed marine Art posters, Hull, England, 43 x 61 cm

C E turner, Queen Elizabeth Cunard line, a framed print, Provenance: This original poster hung in the Cunard Southampton boardroom in the 1950s, 35 x 63 cm

Cunard line: the new QE2, a framed poster, designed & published by marine Art posters, Hull, UK, 1995, no. 18, condition: poster without glass, 79 x 54 cm

White star line, Southampton, a framed print, from an original in the Ropert Opie collection, Museum of advertising & packaging, Gloucester, 58 x 41 cm

Odin Rosenvinge, RMS Aquitania, a Cunard line Europe-American framed original AD, collection of Peter a brown, printer turner & Dunnett, Liverpool & London, signed by artist 'Odin Rosenvinge, 60 x 37 cm

A collection of maritime memorabilia, Cunard white star Bakelite ashtray, an unopened deck of 'Ocean Liners' cards, cruise ship literature including 'Great Ocean Liners from the Sunday Sun', a ship's wheel bottle opener & others

Cunard framed ocean liner poster, promoting Queen Mary, 102 cm x 75 cm (frame)

Vintage Cunard framed ocean liner poster, promoting the 1920's vessels Scythia and Laconia, 114 cm x 77 cm (frame)

French Art Deco Christofle champagne bucket. 'Ondulations' by Luc Lanel designed originally for Ocean Liner S.S Normandie. Approx 20 cm high, 19 cm diameter

Royal Doulton small plate with coat arms NSW with two rare Royal Union Steamship Company plates (3) measure 13 cm diameter and 21.5 cm diameter

Adelaide Steamship Co. Ltd oval serving plate A/F

Postcards of Orient Line S.S.Orford (that took 1934 team to UK) each signed on reverse by Ben Barnett (5), plus c1905 postcard of Warwickshire team

RMS Queen Mary small plate circa 1930s, 16 cm diameter

Postcards: Interesting group including 'Barb Cycles, Melbourne' advertising card, American Great White Fleet, 'Explosion Fitzroy' real photograph. Group of cards real photos of Yarram, Orient Line etc. 49 cards.

1938 Australian Tour to England: 'Australian XI, English Tour 1938', Orient Line brochure with pen-picture of each member of the touring party, and each nicely signed in ink by the player featured, a total of 17 signatures including Don Bradman, Stan McCab

Four English transfer printed steamship plates, 19th century, the largest 25 cm

Souvenir liferaft S.S Waikare, Dunedin-Union Steamship Company

Souvenir liferaft S.S Crantala, Adelaide Steamship Company

Four R.M.S. Queen Mary plates, approx 22cam diameter (4)

Three vintage volumes on architecture Fragments D'Architucture De La Renaissance Volume 1 and La Normandie 1 & 2