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1928 Kingsford Smith souvenir and other Australian Ephemera. Including 1927 2BL (Abc Radio) Personality postcard, 195; Olympic Games patches; TAA Convair postcard; signed Australian opera Elizabeth Connel programme; and 1940s '60 home Plans' stc.

1956 Melbourne Olympics, Greig's Honey glasses, with Olympic Pageant set of 6 different colours - showing Shirley Strickland (2), John Landy, Lorraine Crapp, Don Ma cmillan, Faith Leech and Jon Henricks, plus Souvenir glasses in yellow & green. (To

Official souvenir of the Wallabies British & American Tour, Season 1908-9', published by NSW Bookstall Co [Sydney, 1909], back cover affixed to album page. [in October, the 1908-09 first Wallabies touring team defeated England 32-3 to win Australia

'Broadbent's Official Map, Melbourne To and Fro, Olympic Special, Olympic Games, 22 Nov - 8 Dec 1956, Souvenir', fold-out paper map. [Metal versions of this map were put up around Melbourne].

1956 Melbourne Olympics: Ladies Souvenir Blazer, cream with Olympic Rings pattern, made by Reunion Fashions, Melbourne. Fair/Good condition. Wonderful!

Swimmimg/Diving: 1946-48 programmes (10) including '1948 Olympic Games London - Souvenir Programme of the Swim Swing Shows 1947, Olympic Pool, North Sydney' with 29 signatures including Fred Lane (Paris 1900). 1948 Australian Olympic Trials with 6

'Victorian Amateur Swimming Association. Souvenir Programme, Centenary Celebrations, Olympic Pool, Batman Avenue, Melbourne. Australian - National -Victorian - Centenary championships, Season 1935', with 22 signatures on front cover including Masaj

Olympic Clothing: Collection of official & souvenir clothing, noted t-shirts, singlets, jackets, windcheaters, raincoats, leotards, 1992 & 1996 clothing ex weightlifter Steven Kettner, mostly Australian, some other countries

2000 Sydney Olympics: 'The Australian Prime Minister's Olympic Dinner', carry boxes (2), each containing specially produced dinner plates (3), French crystal wine glasses (2) & champagne flute with unusual '2000' stems. Also small cases (2) containing rang

'the American Olympic Committee report. Games of the x Olympiad, Los Angeles, California. III Olympic Winter games, lake Placid New York, 1932'; plus 'The 1948 London Olympic Games' by Evelyn Thomas [London, 1948]; 'A pictorial souvenir of the Olympic Game

Olympics Collectables, noted 1956 Melbourne programmes (3), souvenir napkin & booklets (2); 1972 Munich tea towel & pennant; books (2); signed items (11) - Ron Clarke, Marjorie Jackson, John Landy, Kathy Watt, Simon Fairweather, Stuart Tinney, Wendy Sch'ff

1956 Melbourne Olympic Games vinyl record. Official souvenir recording. Opening ceremony as recorded by the ABC.

1911 Festival of Empire - Inter-Empire sports (regarded as the forerunner of the BEG), Participation Medal 'Festival of Empire/ Inter-Empire Sports 1911', engraved on reverse 'Souvenir Presented to J.G.Merrick, President, A.A.U.Of Canada', silver medal, 38

Group with Pam Kilborn-Ryan's Australian blazer, with Australian coat-of-arms and 'Olympic Games 1964' embroidered on pocket; official badge for competitor in original case; Participation medal in wooden box; scrapbook of press clippings; books and magazin

1964 Tokyo Olympics group, noted complete set of swimming programmes (13) with Konrads' personal notes; Olympic Appeals Fund luncheon menu (Sydney) ; various books (8) including 'Tokyo Olympics Official Souvenir' and 'Official Handbook to Tokyo Olympics';

1956 Olympics group, noted nice Colgate-Palmolive box; swimming and diving results (36 pages) ; letterhead (40 sheets) ; tele grams (11) ; postcard of swimming team; Olympic village Visitor's Pass and Visitor's dining Pass; souvenir programme; 'Map of Melb

1964 Tokyo Olympics: group with Pam Kilborn-Ryan's Australian blazer, with Australian coat-of-arms and 'Olympic Games 1964' embroidered on pocket; official badge for competitor in original case; Participation medal in wooden box; scrapbook of press clippin

1956 Olympics Souvenirs, noted bow ties (2 - one yellow, other blue, decorated with Olympic rings) ; attractive plastic pin on original card (made in Czechoslovakia) ; plus badge. (4 items)

1911 Festival of Empire - Inter-Empire sports (regarded as a forerunner of the Empire Games), Participation medal 'Festival of Empire/ Inter-Empire sports 1911', engraved on reverse 'Souvenir Presented to J.C. Hurd A.S.A., Inter Empire sports Committee', s

1956 Melbourne Olympics biscuit tin by M.A.Craven & Son Ltd (UK) ; rugby collectables with 'All Blacks souvenir - New Zealand 's Rugby Players' by J.C.Rich (London, 1935); programmes (5 with a few signatures) ; 1950s Tour Guides (2) ; 1978 Boxing-dinner ev

1932 Los Angeles, x Summer Olympics: 'Xth Olympiad, Los Angeles 1932, Olympic Stadium Pass', in original leather wallet; plus 'Xth Olympiad Los Angeles 1932, Olympic Games official pictorial souvenir' (Los Angeles, 1932), soft cover, in original postal env

Collectables: 1924 showing Olympic football Champions Uruguay, published by Bayer; 'IXth Olympiad - Amsterdam 1928, General Regulations & Programme of the Olympic Games' (A'dam, 1928); Newspaper 'El Diario' from Montevideo 13 June 1928 celebrating Uruguay'

India: blue folder 'Souvenir, Indian Olympic Contingent - 1956, Melbourne', containing 2 publications - 'Indian Contingent to XVI World Olympic Games, Melbourne, 1956' 52pp; 'Indian Contingent to XVI World Olympic Games, Melbourne, 1956, Hockey' (Indian Ol

'Olympic Games London 1948 Official Souvenir'; 'Games of the XXI Olympiad, Montreal 1976, Athletics'; 'Seoul Olympics, Official Guide and Souvenir Program to the Xxivth Olympiad'. (3 items)

Sport Collectables: Programmes (14) including 1960 'World Championship Tennis' (includes Lew Hoad & Ken Rosewall) ; 1958 British Empire & Commonwealth Games; football (Soccer - 2) 1984 Forest v Australia & 1992 Sheffield United v NZ; 1953-83 athletics prog

1964 Tokyo Olympics group, comprising programmes, (12) for Opening Ceremony, cycling and Closing Ceremony; Opening Ceremony photographs, (11 - including Australian team entering stadium); team booklets 'Australian Olympic Games Team, Tokyo 1964' (2); map;

Group with metal car badge - discus thrower between a pair of wings, above globe with text 'Olympic/ Los Angeles/ Games/ 1932'; book 'Xth Olympiad Los Angeles 1932, Olympic Games, Official Pictorial Souvenir' in original envelope; 18-view folder 'Official

1936 Australian Olympic Team: 'Souvenir, Australian Olympic Team 1936' (Sydney, 1936), 16pp, signed by the entire team, 34 athletes and 6 officials, including Jack Metcalfe (only medallist - bronze in triple jump), Gerald Backhouse, Dunc Gray, Cecil Pearce