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French 19th century green marble pedestal with columns should generally taper slightly towards the top. They may be plain or decorated with carving, fluting or reeding. Columns may be fully rounded or, more commonly, half-rounded and attached with glue, screws or pins to the outer stiles of doors, or the facing uprights on cabinets and bureaux.'>columns, chair frames, spindles and stretchers, are turned in fairly wide and deep spirals, usually slightly rounded. Also known as the &#39;Jacobean twist&#39; and common on the dark stained Jacobean Revival furniture of the 1930s and 40s.<br><br>As a rule, the twists on opposite uprights should move in a contrary direction. Thus, if the spiral on a right side is clockwise, that on the left side should move in a counter-clockwise direction.<br><br>This is also true of rope-twist or cable-twist turning, a nautical term that came into fashion after Nelson&#39;s victories over the French fleet. The essential difference is that with rope twists, the spirals are more finely turned on the lathe and placed closer together, than they are with barley-sugar turnings.'>spiral turned column

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