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A pair of early Victorian stamped' data-content='A signed piece of furniture may mean that the maker has signed (and hopefully dated) the piece in the same way that we sign a cheque, but more likely, that it bears evidence of the name of the maker, wholesaler or retailer as a paper label, metal plaque, impressed into the timber or in later pieces after about 1880, stamped onto the timber with an ink stamp.<br><br>The &#39;signature&#39; or stamp will always be in an unobtrusive position: under the top of a table, on the underside of the rails of a chair, inside a drawer or on the back.<br><br>The fact that a piece is &#39;signed&#39; considerably enhances its value. Signed Australian furniture is extremely rare, and for imported furniture, it is a mark of quality of the item, as only the items by the top makers or retailers were &#39;signed&#39;'>signed are more a selling feature, rather than a true indication of the timber&#39;s origin.'>mahogany hall chairs, each with bobbinturned upright splats and wooden seat, stamped Gillows Lancaster.

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